The X Factor

Here there be women! What can I say? No, really, what CAN I say?!? I haven't a clue. ^^;;
Newer pics at top. Start at the bottom

Faery 1


Whoops! Almost forgot this one. ^^;; Just a crazy sketch of a female vampire.

Faery 1 Faery 2


Those wings took *forever* to do! Gah! Anyway, I kept the body simple (note the hands and feet ^^;;) so as to not detract from the wings. It also makes her stand out more. ^^ Btw, this faery is au naturale, if ya get my meaning. ^_~



A little something I drew while watching the X-Files series finale. *cough, cough* Anyway, I thought it kinda looked like what Wufei's mom might look like when pregnant with him. Either that, or a preggers Wufei! ^^;; *Nipple warning!* ^^;

Who? 1 Who? 2


I was just doing a rough sketch of a head, it didn't even have hair yet, but Mandy said it reminded her of someone but couldn't remember who. So, she gave me a description for the hair and I added a body just for the hell of it and this is the result. Btw, I was just having some fun with the neg ^^

Patty 1 (old)> Patty 2 (new)


From 'My Dream' ^^;; I'm *really* not good at profiles! ^^;; The second pic is a revision done at a later date. Check out the better profile and diff hair! ^^ You can really see how I've progressed. ^^ (Arms still look like crap, though ^^;;)

Otome 2 Otome 3

Otome 2

One of my best pics, I think ^^ It looks better on paper, tho Oo;;



That means 'maiden', dontcha know ^_~

Neko-Jen 3 Neko-Jen 4

Neko-Jen 2

Sittin' pretty ^^

Neko-Jen 1 Neko-Jen 2 Neko-Jen 5


A little play on words there ^^;; Female neko-jin 'cause someone asked ^_~ Okay, numer five there is a colored pencil version of the first one. It's numbered five because the two above *points up* were done before I did the color job. ^^;;

Kit Back 1 Kit Back 2

Kit Back

Kit viewed from back



Fox-like woman



Younger sister of Julianna and main character in said fic rolling around in my head.



A character from an original fic that's rolling around in my head ^^;; She's the eldest of two sisters and a total bitch.