Please read the warnings carefully and completely. Not doing so could cause complications later.

This site contains YAOI. In other words male/male couples. Other words used to refer to such couplings are SHOUNEN AI and SLASH. Yaoi is in fact an acronym for YAma nashi Ochi nashi Imi nashi, which translates to (roughly) no climax, no resolve, no meaning. It is actually used to refer to male/male sex. No love, no romance, no plot, just sex. ^^;; Any love or romance is incidental. I use it with a broader meaning, to include all ranges of male/male relationships, however, if sex isn't involved in a story I just use shounen ai. Shounen ai literally means boy love and is used to refer to male/male romance, up to but not including sex. It's the sweeter, sappy, and even angstier version. ^^ Now, slash is a western term and refers to all same gender relationships, from a little more than friends to lovers, hand holding to hot monkey sex. Femslash is often used to differentiate female/female relationships from male/male. The Japanese version of this is YURI for hardcore (literally means lily) and SHOUJO AI for everything else. There is, to be specific, shoujo ai here, as well as het, but mostly yaoi/shounen ai.

Most of my pics are of one person, so those are generally safe. Some do have ratings on them and you'd best head them. The yaoi art page is where my yaoi/shounen ai pics can be found. There aren't alot there, though. There is a seperate warning page with a hidden link to go through before you can get there. I do this to disuade the wrong people from going any further.

My fics are . . . well . . . they may contain death, rape, lemons (sex scenes), foul language, child abuse, murder, incest, sorrow, and a whole slew of other unpleasant and inappropriate subject matter. Now, just because I write about it does not mean I condone it. Far from it, actually. Well, the bad things, anyway. I'm not against love, of course. ^_~ One must tread carefully where my fics are concerned, though. Why do I write such dark and terrible things? Because, as Jane Eyre once said, "you cannot have light without shadow," and this world is full of shadow. The darker the shadow, the brighter the light. ^_~

Kids should definitely not be here without parental consent. As I cannot ascertain who visits my site nor their age, I cannot, nor will I, be held responsible for minors viewing my site. All as I can do is ask you to leave if you are underage or not appreciative of this site's contents, and hope you do just that.