Big update! Every page is now formatted to match the new design and the galleries now have thumbnails! :D Some "new" pics added as well as a commissions page! :D (pics I've done for people, not the other way around) I still need to add info on how to commission work from me and such, but there's at least a couple of pics to ogle--er look at. ^^;; There's also a new section on the index page listing (some of) the places where I'm archived.

Ps. The whole might be moving thing I mentioned before? It fell through. We're not moving. I will, however, be moving back into my roomafter Mandy and Clay move into their dorm at NAU. :D I will also be working at H&R Block this next tax season. ^^ I hope I can get settled into my room before I start work . . .
Originals page re-vamped! I figured I might as well while I was there. ^^ In other news, we may be moving soon. When I say "we" I mean my family and I, and when I say "moving" I mean to another town. Like, say . . . just south of Pheonix. During summer. *whimper*
New fic up! Well, poem, actually. Hey, it's something new to read, at least! ^_~ "A Story of Love Left Dying" is in the originals section. This one's actually been waiting to be put on-line since last October! XD
Fanfics page re-vamped! Now with V. 2.0 exclusive summaries and quick reference menu! :D Why am I working on this when I should be working on TU? ^^;;
Added links page, which has links to the free links page (same as on the other site), the web comics of dooooom page (*cough*), and the other links page (not up yet). The other links page will use banners and will be personal as they will be links to my other sites, friend's sites, and sites that I find interesting. Could be a while before anything's up, though. ^^;; What with me being to busy and all. I'm just making quick changes to the sites formatting right now. Nothing much. ^_~
So, how do you like the new look? ^^ I'm still working on the other pages, but I'll get to 'em eventually. Since scribble.nu is giving me problems I decided to just link my new blog instead of my scribble journal. I need to make a new template to fit this site's style, though. ^^;; I also still need to set up a guest book. Not that anyone's been signing the other one, but I like to be consistent. :P