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Hanamichi drawn as a kitten, but not a neko-jin. Uh, yeah. ^_^;;;

Rei 1 Rei 2 Rei 3


Talk about old. ^^;; Yeah, it's suppose to be Rei from NGE. My sis had/has this NGE music vid and she wanted me to draw Rei for her. This was before either of us had seen NGE, so it has no basis on the series. She just wanted a pic of Rei (I had only seen her pic a few times, I could only remember she had short hair. ^^;;) laying on the ground with wings torn from her back. (It must run in the family ^^;;) This was all I could come up with at the time. She's suppose to be cringing in pain, btw. First sketch, second negative, third in red. Oh, and she's nude. ^^;; I think I'll try her request again, now that I know who Rei is. ^_~

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