A group of people sit in a circle in a large room, chatting amongst themselves. Suddenly, a man clears his throat, gaining their attention.

"Everyone, settle down. I would like to start tonight's meeting by introducing our new member." Everyone starts clapping. The man, obviously the one in charge, held up a hand to quiet them once again.

"He had been coming to our meetings for awhile, staying in the background. But tonight, he has decided to join us." The crowd began clapping again. "Duo, will you please come forward and introduce yourself!" the man said, himself clapping. Duo walked up to where the 'leader' had been standing.

"Hi, my name is Duo Maxwell." he started.

"Hi, Duo!" the group responded.

"And I . . . have a problem." Everyone clapped again. "How should I put this . . ."

"It's alright, Duo. Just take your time and it will come to you." Duo smiled inwardly by the man's choice of words. He took a deep breath, then began again.

"It all started a few years ago. I had just transferred to a new school, only to find someone I knew already there. And we were sharing a room. The guy hated me, or so I thought. He always ignored me, giving me the cold shoulder bit, and everything. And when he was forced to acknowledge my existence, he was cruel, frigid, distant . . . and his eyes . . . they were so cold and dark . . . Every time I looked into them, shivers would run up and down my spine! I felt they could see right through me, like I could hide nothing from him, no matter how I tried. But then, what did I have to hide from him, right? Nothing! That's what I thought. The thing is, I was hiding something from myself, and he saw it. I didn't know what it was, but I knew he saw something in me that I refused to see. And that scared me. I don't like being scared." Duo paused, regaining his strength to go on. "Then one night, I realized what it was. I was lying on my stomach, on the floor of our room, reading homework, when he came out of the bathroom in nothing but a short towel. I didn't look up at first, determined to ignore him like he had been ignoring me. But he spoke to me, willingly. 'What are you doing' he said. 'Homework.' I replied. He walked right in front of me, his feet nearly touching my book, and just stood there. I looked up. His towel fell. I looked away, though not quite quickly enough. I could just hear him smirk above me. I could feel my face burning. I was already painfully hard. 'What do you want?' I asked him, staring at my book. He knelt down, and lifted my head. 'The same thing you do.' he said rather . . . seductively. Then he kissed me. And I pounced him." Duo blushed. "I knocked him onto his back, my hands determined to feel every inch of his skin, as his removed my clothes. Then he rolled me onto my back and . . ."

"Hold on a second here! What exactly is your problem?" the man in charge interrupted.

"Eh?" It was taking a while for Duo to switch tracks.

"Why are you here? What is the problem that is the reason you came here? That you mentioned earlier?"

"Oh, that! I have a horrible problem of wandering into large crowds and telling them all about my sex life!"

*coughcough* Er, I have no idea where that came from! ^^;;