Part 3

Warning: Lemonlemonlemoncherrylemon!!!! There, I said it. It’s also kinda my first, so don’t expect anything grand. Don’t read this if you shouldn’t be reading it or if your not mature enough to handle it!! Okay, I’m done now! ^_^

“That would have been faster and less painful, if we just filled a tub with calamine lotion and let everyone take a dip.” I exclaimed upon plopping onto a couch occupied with both Darien and Cathy.

“You said it!” Darien agreed.

“The problem would be getting them out of the tub.” Cathy stated.

“We got more stuff, right?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah, plenty. Why?” Cathy is exhausted, to say the least.

“Cause I still need some for my arms, remember?”

“Oh, that’s right! Did you pick someone yet?” Darien seemed to be trying to disappear into the couch and was failing miserably!

“Well, the only guy who isn’t poisoned, at the moment, is you, Darien!” I patted his leg. I swear I heard him whimper!

“Is that right? Well, lucky you, Darien! Looks like you get to have some fun after all!” She squeezed his shoulder before getting up.

“I’ll get you the stuff you’ll need to make the mix.” Cathy headed to the supply closet.

“I suggest we find someplace else to do this. Unless, you want to do it here. In front of everyone.” This got quite a reaction out of the few people who had been dropping. Darien didn’t notice this, however, as he was too busy blushing at my choice of words. Cathy returned with a bowl, a couple of bottles of calamine lotion, and a tongue depressor?

“It was all I could find. Hope the bowl’s big enough.” *winkwinknudgenudge*

“Thanks, I’m sure these’ll be fine.” I said, taking the stuff from Cathy. Standing, I took hold of Darien’s arm and pulled him up.

“Come on, lets find someplace a little less crowded. Grab that flashlight, would ya?” He picked it up without a word and blushing profusely. I lead him down a to the end of a hall, where we started checking doors. The first door led to a utility closet.

“I think not!” I said, closing the door. The second door opened up to room completely devoid of furniture.

“Let’s see if we can find one with furniture, shall we?” Darien nodded and shut the door. The third door opened up to a small room filled with knickknacks and what have ya’s, but it also had a couch in front of a fire place.

“How ‘bout this one?”

“O-kay.” he stammered. We walked in and Darien shut the door behind us. I walked over to the fireplace and there was still some wood in there.

“How ‘bout a fire? I can start one.”

“Sure.” I lit a fire in the fireplace, let’s just leave it at that, kay? Once the fire was going strong, I sat down on the couch. Darien was standing behind it at the other end.

“So . . . How should we do this? Why don’t we take care of my arms first?”

“Fine by me.” At least he’s stopped stuttering.

“Should I leave the room? Stay? Help?” I winked, he gulped.

“I-I don’t kn-know.” Dangit, he’s stuttering again!

“Relax, Darien! Come on, take off your jacket and sit down.” I patted the seat next to me.
He took off his jacket and laid it over the back of the couch. He then moved around the couch and sat down on at the end.

“You’re going to have to get closer than that! Now scoot!” And he did, about three inches. I gave him a look that said ‘do as I say, boy, or you will severely regret it!’ He moved to within half a foot from me.

“That’s better! Now sit back and relax!” I commanded, moving closer to him till we were touching. He sat back and tried to relax, but he still would not look at me. Hmm . . .

“Take off your shirt and lie on your stomach.”

“Wha . . . ?” Now he looks at me! He got this ‘deer in the headlights’ look on his face.

“I’m going to give you a massage. I figure if can get enough of your muscles to loosen, something else will tighten, like your pants. Now do as I say!” I’m not sure if it was just the firelight, but I swear his entire face was red! He complied, but he turned away from me when he did. He laid on the couch, using his jacket as a pillow. I straddled his hips and sat on his firm ass. I hope he was getting as much out of it as I was!

I started at his shoulders and worked my way down. I kneaded his tense muscles till they were putty in my hands. My effort was rewarded with moans and ‘mmmmmm’s as I felt him relaxing, with each encouraging sound. Finally, it was time.

“Unfasten you pants so I can get to the small of your back.” He reached beneath his belly and did just that. He even moved his pants down for me. ‘He really is relaxed!’ I thought. I worked from the spine outward, grazing his cheeks every now and then. When I reached his sides, I put m fingers around them, massaging both sides.

“Mmmm, that feels goooood!” he said softly.

“I can massage your chest, too, if you want.” I offered.

“M’kay.” He turned over underneath me. Methinks he’s half asleep. If I were to sit down in my current position, I would sit right on his crotch. And his pants were still undone.

“Mind if I move this? It’s kinda annoying to sit on.” I said, indicating the belt buckle.

“Go ahead.”

“I’ll have to remove your shoes, though.”

“S’kay.” I feel like I’m taking advantage of him, dangit! I remove his shoes, then his pants. He is now wearing only socks and pale blue boxer shorts. I sit on his crotch, gently, and start working on his chest. At first, I avoid his nipples, but every time I get near them, he squirms towards my fingers. I’m thinking he’s ready now. Time to play! I moved my hands down to his abs and leaned forward. I played my breath against his left nipple, teasing it. Little pleading sounds emanated from his lips, so I flicked his nipple with my tongue. He gasped and his hands clawed at the couch. I could feel his heat rising beneath me. I took his nipple into my warm, wet mouth, sucking it, nipping it, and playing with it with my tongue. My left hand moved to his right nipple and squeezed, pinched, and flicked it. My other hand played with the waist band to his boxers. Oh, he was writhing now! I could feel him hardening beneath me, throbbing, aching with desire. Well, lust, need, blood, whatever!

I moved over to the other nipple, covering it with my mouth, and played with it in same fashion as I did the other. He’s moaning and squirming, so I don’t stay there long. I kiss my way down his chest and abs, stopping at his boxers. I look up at him. He has his arm covering his eyes, clearly having a war with his emotions.

I slooooooowly pull his boxers off, revealing inch by glorious inch of his stunning erection, setting it free to stand tall, uh, lean tall. (Corny, I know. What can I say?) Okay, after I got past his erection, I quickly got rid of the garment. Wouldn’t you?

He moans loudly and his erection quivers as I played my breath across his hot, sensitive skin. His hips buck, but I’m holding him down. I cup his balls and roll them in my hand, squeezing gently, but I don’t touch his cock. He arches his back slightly and whimpers pleadingly.

“Please!” I pick the bowl up from off the floor and place it on his belly. With my free hand, I pinch the base of his cock, circling it. His hips buck some more and I move my fingers up his shaft, squeezing all the while. At the top, I pass my hand over the tip, wiping pre-cum onto my palm. I grab hold of his shaft and move back down, squeezing gently. His moaning and bucking urges me on. I quicken my pace, squeezing and pumping his shaft. He’s getting close. I use both hands, grazing my nails lightly against his skin.

“I’m gonna . . .” I quickly move the bowl, hopefully to the right place. And continue pumping him hard and fast. His muscles clench and . . .

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!” Bull’s eye! Right into the bowl, and it’s about to spill from the angle. Ack! I grab the bowl to steady it and urge Darien to lay back to adjust the angle. When he finally stops, the bowl is about a third full, leaving just enough room for the calamine lotion.

“Perfect!” I look at Darien and he’s fallen asleep. “Don’t sleep too long, I’ll need your help in a minute!” He turned over onto his side. I gave him a playful raspberry. I sat on the floor with the bowl in front of me and I reached behind me to get the lotion and tongue depressor. I end up using both bottles to make the mix, filling the bowl to the brim. I stir slowly so as not to spill. It worked, in that I spilt less than I would have otherwise. Didn’t matter, though. I only need about a cup and a half, two at the most, of this strange concoction. And I had about a quart and a half of the stuff. Oh, well!

I was contemplating on how to apply the stuff, when a log in the fire broke, waking Darien.

“Huh?” he looked about him, then at himself, wondering what the hell was going on and where the hell was he?

“Oh, good! You’re awake! Now you can help me put this stuff on.” I don’t think he noticed me when he looked around, for he grabbed his jacket and quickly covered himself with it while I spoke.

“Wha . . . ?”

“My your coherent when you first wake up! I said get your sexy ass down here, and help me put this sperm filled gunk onto my arms and wrap ‘em, before I rip the skin off from the itching and burning! What part of that don’tcha understand?” He sat down beside me with his jacket still covering him, just from the tone of my voice. He still had a confused look on his face, but seeing the blue and pink neon spots on my arms brought back his memory.

“Got anything to wrap your arms with?”

“Yeah. I’ve got some gauze in my pocket. Here.” I hand him the bowl and the tongue depressor before fishing the gauze out of my pocket, and handing it to him as well.

“You carry gauze with you?” He quirked an eyebrow.
“You never know when it’ll be handy to have.” I hold my arm out to him indicating that he should start applying the stuff.

“Should I use the tongue depressor or my hands?”
“I don’t care, it’s your sperm.” he nods, puts the tongue depressor aside, and sticks his fingers into the goo. He brings a handful of the stuff out and places it on my out stretched arm.

“Iya! That’s cold! And so soothing! Aaaaaaah!” He begins to work the ‘medicine’ into my arms.

“Ooh, that feels goooood!” I would be melting if my other arm wasn’t killing me. Talk about being stuck between heaven and hell! Darien added some more goo and smoothed it over the top. He then opened the gauze and wrapped my arm. When he finished, I turned, facing him, so could reached my other arm. He repeated the process and soon I was in heaven, no doubt about it. I was melting so bad, I had to lean on the couch for support.

“There, all done.” He said, after he finished wrapping my other arm.

“You’re an angel!” I said, wrapping my arms around his neck, and then I kissed him full on the lips! Heh, first kisses usually come before the hand job, but why be picky! He kissed back, which surprised me, wrapping his arms around my waist. Pulling me closer, he opens his mouth, his tongue teasing my lips. They part, allowing him entrance and deepening the kiss. Our tongues clash briefly, before moving deeper to explore the moist, velvet-lined cavern of each other’s mouth. We kiss like there’s no tomorrow, and time seems to stand still as we are fully enveloped by each other’s essence.