The sandy beach
The salty breeze
The splashing waves
The blazing sun
The noisy kids
The beach bunnies
The people laugh
The happy smiles
The fun and games

The lonely man
The coming storm
The blowing wind
The chilly air
The cold water
The shouts and yells
The rushing feet
The fleeing people
The deserted shore

The broken soul
The lonely cliff
The crashing waves
The icey rain
The hidden tears
The faith-less leap
The silent cry
The unseen splash
The needless death

The breaking news
The shock and woe
The funeral
The mourning kin
The grief-stricken
The left behind
The unknown love
The love now lost
The same steep cliff . . .

The tear-stained note:

"I should have told him . . .
I loved him, too . . .
Wait for me, my love . . .
I'll join you soon . . ."

A Story of Love Left Dying

Copyrighted ©2003 P.A.N. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution is strickly prohibited.