Love Thy Enemy

Part 1

The graveyard was dark and gray. The sky was filled with clouds and was threatening to snow. The wind blew, shaking bare branches. Une stood alone at Treize's grave, holding a bouquet of fresh, blood-red roses. Her loose hair flew about her head with the wind. She wore a black dress suit, the one Treize once said she looked nice in. She knelt down and placed the roses in front of the headstone. She sat there, staring at the delicately carved words on the stone. Treize Khushranada . . . tears welled in her eyes as she read those words, unable to continue.

"Go ahead . . ." a voice said from behind her. She turned around to see a young man with pitch black hair tied back in a small ponytail, standing there. ". . . cry. It helps." he finished.

"Wufei! What are you doing here?" she asked, slightly confused.

"The same thing you are. To pay respect to a dearly departed . . . friend." he said, placing a single red rose with the others. Silently, Une thanked him for his tact. Wufei sat beside her. She shivered, the cold finally sinking in. Wufei took off his coat, put it around her shoulders, and rubbed her arms.

"Thanks." she said, sheepishly. She mentally berated herself for forgetting to bring a coat.

"Your welcome."

"But aren't you cold?" she asked, concerned for him.

"I'm fine." he said, though a tank top was hardly enough protection against the elements. The wind picked up, causing him to visibly shiver and his teeth to chatter.

"Sure you are, that's why you're turning blue! Why don't we share? Your coat's big enough and we can share body heat." she said last with a blush on her cheeks, though whether from the weather or the proposition, was hard to tell.

"Well . . ." he hesitated. The wind picked up. "If you insist!" he said, scrambling under his coat.

"You're freezing!" Une said, as she began rubbing his arms. Wufei shivered until he warmed under her touch.

"Thank you." he said when she stopped, though he wished she hadn't.

"I see why he liked you so much." Une said after studying his face for a bit. Wufei blushed and looked at his hands in his lap.

"I'm sorry! I shouldn't have said that!" she said quickly, cursing herself for being so insensitive.

"No, that's alright. I was . . . thinking the same thing. About you." he said, blushing a deeper shade of red that had nothing to do with the cold. Une blushed and looked away. An awkward silence stretched between the two. Her gaze fell upon the headstone.

Treize . . . you always did have great taste in men! If I didn't know better, I'd say you had this whole thing planned, right down to the wind! You always did know how to get to me . . . she thought, as tears welled up in her eyes once again, but this time, were released from their restraints and flowed down her cheeks. Wufei put a comforting arm around her shoulders, concern in his eyes, as well as understanding. She turned to him and cried on his shoulder. He held her, and rubbed her back, as the wind died. Tears came to his eyes as well, and this time, he didn't hold them back. As the two held onto each other and cried, it began to snow softly.

Unbeknownst to both of them, a pair of ice blue eyes watched them from afar.