Part 2

Wufei quickly pulled on a pair of blue jeans and slipped on his shoes as he ran through the house, sliding to a stop in the foyer. He grabbed his leather jacket and his keys from the hook beside the door. He raced into the garage, not waiting for the door to finish rising. He hopped onto his motorcycle, slipping on his jacket as he did so. The bike started quickly, roaring to life. Wufei shot out of the garage, his head just barely clearing the garage door as it continued to climb. Taking a right at the end of the driveway, Wufei headed in the direction Duo had left.

Duo wiped at his tears as he drove down the empty street, his vision blurring. He sniffed as his nose ran with his tears. His sobs echoed in his ears, so he turned on the radio, setting it to a random station. He turned the sound up as high as he could stand it, blocking all other sounds from reaching his ears. The wind whipped some loose strands of his hair about his head, his bangs fluttering in his face. Despite his near blindness, Duo laid on the gas, his car barreling down the near empty street.

It wasn't long before Wufei spotted him. He increased his speed, anxious to catch up to him. His loose leather jacket flapped in the breeze, his hair whipping about his head. The wind stole his tears nearly as fast as he shed them.

"Duo!" He yelled, hoping against hope that he'd hear him.

"Duo!" He shouted, praying that he'd listen.

"Duo!" He hollered, desiring more than anything Duo's forgiveness.

"Duo! Please stop!" Wufei cried with all his worth, risking life and limb as he drove recklessly after Duo. Snot streaked across his face, his eyes red from the wind and tears. Wufei kept calling, closing the distance.

By chance, Duo happened to look in the rearview window and spotted him. He was so shocked, he hadn't noticed the truck crossing the intersection, didn't hear the horns blare. He slammed on the brakes and turned the wheel sharply mere moments before reaching the interstate. He missed hitting the truck, mainly because the truck driver had enough sense to hit the gas instead of the brake to try to get out of the way. Instead, Duo hit a lamp post. The car turned nearly 180 degrees before stopping, hitting the pole with a resounding crash.

Wufei lost control of his bike as he turned. He jumped off as the bike spun rapidly, rolling across the asphalt, coming to a stop in the middle of the street. The bike spun into the lamp post directly across from the one Duo hit. Wufei quickly got up, ignoring the pain in his side, arm, and leg. Blood ran down his face from his forehead, as well as from other places. He ran to the car, praying that Duo was still alive.

It wasn't a pretty site. The passenger side of the car was caved in, broken glass was strewn everywhere. There was blood on the window, the site chilling Wufei to the bone. He flung open the door, catching Duo as he fell out, sinking down to the ground. Blood covered Duo's hair and face, a large bruise already covering his left shoulder, and his eyes where closed.

"No! Duo! Please wake up! Don't die on me, please!" Wufei pleaded, cradling Duo in his arms. He pushed the hair out of Duo's face, wiping away blood and tears. Duo blinked and moaned, stirring slightly. It was all Wufei needed.

"Duo! Thank God, you're alive!" Wufei clutched Duo to his chest, overwhelmed with joy.

"I'm alive, now let me breath!" Duo gasped. Wufei loosened his grip, even as Duo held on to him.

"Sorry! I thought I'd lost you again! Oh, Duo!" Wufei rained kisses over Duo's face. In the distance, the sounds of sirens approached, as the truck driver had stopped after clearing the intersection and called 911.

"You're bleeding, Wufei."

"So are you." Wufei said between kisses. "We'll have to fix that."

"Well, you caught me. What are you going to do with me? Besides smothering me with kisses, I mean." Duo smiled.

"What ever you want me too! Know why?"

"Why?" Duo played along.

"Because I love you! I always have and I always will! And don't you forget it!" Wufei proclaimed. He then kissed Duo with all his being, their tongues engaging in a lurid dance filled with angst, passion, lust, and, most importantly, love.

"Hey, you kids alri-whoa!" The truck driver was quite startled when he came around the car to check on the welfare of the passengers. "I guess that'd be a yes." He said, more to himself than anyone else, as he walked away. The ambulance and police cars arrived at that moment, with news crews close behind.