Love Goes Without Saying

Song by: Doug Crider and Tony Haselden

Lyrics in italics, but not all italics are lyrics.

Wufei lay in bed with his arms wrapped around Duo. The early morning sunlight filtering through the curtains play across their features.

He knows each time that he holds her (him)

Duo disentangles himself from Wufei's arms and gets up. He runs his fingers through his hair as he heads for the bathroom for a quick shower. Sweat and other fluids still clung to his naked body. Wufei turns onto his stomach, facing away from the light, still asleep, with a smile on his face.

It's love, but he's never told her (him)

The water from the shower masks Duos tears as he cleans himself of the previous night's activities. He wonders if sex is all Wufei wants from him. If that was all it ever was. But none of these thoughts are new. He's thought these things since the beginning of their relationship.

He thinks that s(he) knows

He thinks that it goes without saying

Duo washes his hair quickly and quietly. He doesn't want to wake Wufei. He tries not to think as he climbs out of the shower, wringing the excess water out of his hair. As he towel dries his hair, his thoughts wander back to Wufei. Damn you, Wufei! Why can't you just say it? Even once? He thinks as he braids his damp hair quickly and sloppily.

That's not the way that s(he) planned it

Duo had imagined a better life than this. He had expected they'd have their ups and downs, ad they have. But this . . . At first he had thought that Wufei was just uncomfortable say the words he longed to hear, and that he'd warm up to it eventually. But it's been so long since then.

S(he) needs to have a man that can call it by name

Duo tried hard to pry the words out of him, put to no avail. Everyday he told Wufei he loved him, hoping against hope he say the same. He was always disappointed. Wufei always managed to find a way to keep from saying it.

Or it's only a game that they're playing

Duo finishes drying off and gets dressed, choosing a pair of black jeans and a denim shirt that he had picked out te day before. Everything else was packed.

Unless s(he) knows

The distance grows

Because love goes without saying

Duo takes a suitcase out of the closet and sets it at the door. He grabs a few things on the dresser and puts them in his pockets. He reaches into his left breast pocket and brings out a folded piece of paper.

Tears fall on the note that s(he)'s leaving

Duo wiped the tears from his cheeks. He hadn't realized that he was crying till a few drops hit the paper. Giving Wufei one last look, he leaves the note beside the alarm clock.

S(he) can't go on believing an unspoken love

Duo moves a few strands of hair from Wufei's face, second thoughts welling up in his mind. He turns away, determined not to cave in. Reminding himself that he can't live like this, he picks up his suitcase and leaves the room.

It's just not enough, s(he)'s not staying

Duo walks through the kitchen, noticing that the coffee maker had started, right on time. He pauses at the fridge door and removes a photo. It was of him and Wufei. They were at the circus, Trowa took the picture. Duo had his arms draped around Wufei's shoulders, smiling wickedly at the camera. Wufei had his arms around Duo's waist, but he was looking serenely at Duo. It was Duo's favorite picture. He put it in his pocket.

He wakes and smells the coffee

The smell of hot, fresh brewed coffee wafts through the house, waking Wufei. He turns over onto his back and rubs the sleep out of his eyes. He groggily wonders what Duo's fixing for breakfast.

The clock alarm goes off, he doesn't hear the door close

Doesn't hear as love goes without saying

Duo walks out the front door as he hears the alarm go off in the bedroom. He pauses outside, taking a deep breath of the crisp morning air. Then walks over to his car. A red convertible. He tosses the suitcase into the back, then starts the car. He puts the top down and waits for the car to warm up.

Unless s(he) knows

The distance grows

Because love goes without saying

Wufei hits the alarm, turning it off. His hand knocks the note off the night stand. He sits up, swinging his legs over the edge of the bed. He sees the paper between his feet and picks it up. He opens it up and reads the words so carefully written by the man he loves.

"Dear Wufei,

I run, I hide, but I never lie. I can't live like this, Wufei.

I need to know you love me, but you never say you do. I don't

even know if you do. They say love goes without saying. Here's

proof. Goodbye, Wufei. I wish you the best.


P.s. I still love.

Catch me if you can!"

He reads the words of the letter

But just can't believe what they say

Wufei hears the car rev outside and runs to the window. He leans out the window to see Duo backing out of the driveway.

He cries out "I love you, don't do this!"

But it's too late s(he)'s pulling away

"Duo!" Wufei calls. "I love you! Please, don't do this!" Tears stream down his face as he watches Duo pull away with out hearing his words.

Unless s(he) knows

The distance grows

Because love goes without saying