Incident at the Neko Hanten

A Lyrics Wheel submission

By: Vegetaslovergirl ^_~

Ryoga walked determinedly down the crowded streets of Nerima, with one destination in mind. The Tendo Dojo. He never made it. However, this was not because he got lost, but because he happened to see his quarry sitting in the Neko Hanten.

Ranma . . .

He ran across the street, oblivious to the screeching tires, squealing brakes, and honking horns. He slipped inside quietly, not wanting to be spotted yet. He looked around and spotted Ranma within seconds. As usual, Shampoo was fusing over him, even as Akane glowered at the two. They didn't see him coming.

This is it! It's that pivotal moment where anything can happen . . . Ryoga thought as he walked closer to the table where the trio sat. He was three feet away when Ranma turned towards him.

"Hey, P-chan! What'cha doing here? Get lost?" Ranma teased. Ryoga grabbed him by the front of his shirt, and pulled him close.

All of my life has come down to this moment . . .

"Ryoga, ol' buddy, ol' pal! You're not still upset about . . . mphf!"

. . . this kiss . . .

Jaws dropped all around and gasps filled the air. Shampoo was the first to regain her voice.

"What pig-boy doing to Shampoo's husband?!?"* At this point, Ryoga pulled away and let go of Ranma. He looked into Ranma's wide, shock-filled eyes briefly, before making a bee-line for the door. He was out within seconds. The restaurant was a buzz with scandalous gossip the second the door was shut.

"Is it just me, or did Ryoga just come in here, kiss Ranma, then walk out the door without getting lost?" Akane finally spoke. Ranma nodded, still at a loss for words, staring at the door.

"You just going to sit there and let pig-boy get away with that?!?" Shampoo was quite perturbed by what just occurred, and was just about ready to go after pig-b . . . er, Ryoga herself and beat the crap out of him.** Ranma just sat there.

"Ranma! What's with you?" Akane shouted at the back of Ranma's head, disturbed by his inaction. He looked at the girls, an strange look in his eyes.

Is that . . . uncertainty? But Ranma's always sure of himself! That kiss must have really knocked him for a loop! Akane thought, but before she say a word, Ranma was out of his chair and out the door in flash.


Ryoga was headed to no place in particular, as he tread the sidewalk with his head hung low. He managed to walk in a straight line, even whilst his mind wandered all over the place. He remembered seeing Ranma for the first time, and each subsequent time. Mostly, however, he remembered the last time he was in Nerima, three weeks ago, and what had made him leave.


"Where do you think you're going?" Ranma demanded, not quite finished with him.

"To jump off the grand canyon!" Ryoga shouted over his shoulder as he walked away.

"Well, I hope you make it!" Ranma shouted back, turning away and walking back into the dojo. Ryoga ran blindly down the street, tears filling his eyes. He didn't let them fall until he was alone on a ship heading for America.


It wasn't long before Ranma spotted Ryoga a little ways down the street. He was surprised Ryoga was still on the same street. He quickened his pace, keeping Ryoga within his sights.

"Ryoga! Hey, wait up!" He called out, hoping that he'd hear him above the usual city noise. "Ry-o-ga!!! Stooooooop!!!" Nothing. Either Ryoga could not hear him, or he was ignoring Ranma's calls. Within a minute, Ranma was just a few feet behind him.

"Ryoga!"Still nothing. "Hey, P-chan!" Ryoga stopped, snapped out of his reverie. He lifted his head, wondering if he was hearing things, when Ranma ran into him. The two stumbled down some steps that Ryoga had stopped right in front of, and landed with an 'Oof!' and a thud.


"So, how you think husband going to kill pig-boy?" Shampoo asked Akane casually. Akane gave her a dirty look.

"Oh, he'll probably just run into him, knocking the both of them down a flight of stairs, breaking both their necks in the process. You?" she said sarcastically.


The two, sprawled at the bottom of the steps, laid there motionless. Ranma landed on his back, one foot on the last step, and his hands above his head. Ryoga landed on his stomach, his head atop Ranma's chest, and one arm lying across his belly.

"Itai." Ranma said bluntly. He began to sit up, when he realized that 'someone' was lying on top of him. Somewhat. He looked at his chest to see Ryoga there, and he wasn't moving.

"Ryoga?" Ranma shook his shoulder gently.

"Ermph . . ." Ryoga groaned as he rolled off of Ranma.

"Oh, good! You're not dead!" Ranma sighed with relief.

"Why? So you can kill me yourself?" Ryoga groaned again as he stood up.

"What? Why would I want to do that?" Ranma shot him a puzzled look as he, too, stood up, dusting off his clothes. Ryoga shot him a look that said 'I can't believe you forgot already.'

"Oh, that! Listen, we need to talk about that, but not here. Come with me." Ranma said, holding out his hand. Ryoga looked at it timidly, almost as if it would bite. He looked back at Ranma, judging the sincerity in his face. The look in his eyes was almost pleading, begging for a chance. Ryoga took his hand.


The sun was setting as Akane walked home, wondering what had happened between the boys. Ranma hadn't seemed mad when he left the Neko Hanten. This confused her even more. She knew that the last time Ryoga had been in town, he didn't leave on good terms. He had a big fight with Ranma that night, nearly three weeks ago. She didn't know what it was about, but she did know that they only yelled at each other. It never came to blows, at least, not then. She was suddenly worried.


They leapt over rooftop, after rooftop, covering a great deal of the city skyline. Even in the waning light, Ranma never missed a step as he pulled Ryoga after him.

"Ranma, where are we going?" Ryoga asked as the last rays of sunlight began fading in the evening sky.

"Your house. We'll be there in a minute."

"Why my house?"

"Ever try to have a private conversation at the Tendo Dojo?" Ranma stated, leaping to the next building, Ryoga right behind him.

"Good point." His house soon came into view. It was the only building within blocks that didn't have any lights on. There appeared to be some kind of mist emitting from the basement. The whole house had a 'haunted' look about it.

"Forget to pay the bills?" Ranma joked.

"Nah. Mom's going for the 'haunted house' security system. There's a fog machine in the basement, among other things. She even paid one of the neighborhood kids to spread rumors about the place!"

"Is it working?" Ranma chuckled.

"We'll find out, now, won't we?" Ryoga said as they landed on the roof of his house. "Shall we go in?"

"Let's stay up here for a while. It's a nice night." Ranma sat down and leaned back, looking up at the barely visible stars above.

"It sure is." Ryoga leaned against a chimney, a breeze lifting his bangs as he contemplated the heavens above. They stayed that way for a while, watching the full moon rise.

"Full moon. You know what that means." Ranma said after the moon clear of the skyline.

"All the crazies are out."

"And where are we?" Ranma smiled.

"Outside!" Ryoga began chuckling.

"So, we must be crazies, then!" Ranma laughed with Ryoga, who slid down to the roof, right beside Ranma, winded from laughing so hard.

"When was the last time you laughed?" Ranma asked between chuckles.

"I . . . don't remember!" Ryoga managed to say between gasps, wiping a tear from his eye. "I don't think I've laughed that hard before! That was great! I needed that!" Ryoga managed to settle down, but he still had a smile plastered to his face.

"Just returning the favor." Ranma stated, returning his gazed skyward. Ryoga blinked and his smile began to fade as confusion took over his features.

"What do you mean?" Ryoga asked, turning to face Ranma. He couldn't help but notice how the moonlight shone in his eyes and caress his skin almost lovingly. His heart began to beat faster just from the sight.

"Well, today you gave me something I needed. I just wanted to pay you back." Ranma said simply, his eyes half closed so as to avoid Ryoga's eyes. Ryoga felt like was running a marathon at full hilt, his heart was beating so fast. Beads of sweat seemed to pop up everywhere and his hands were incredibly clammy.

"I don't understand. What was it that I gave you?" Ryoga silently prayed that it was what he thought it was.

"Well, actually, it was two things, so I still owe you for one." Ranma took a deep breathe before continuing. "First, you came back. Alive."

Close enough. Ryoga thought.

"And second, which I guess I still owe you for, is . . . " Ranma paused and looked away. "You kissed me." Silence. Ryoga didn't know if his heart just stopped or burst, but he could no longer hear it pounding in his ears. Ranma waited patiently for him to speak. Or kill him. Or . . .

"You . . . needed me . . . to kiss you?" Ryoga spoke softly, not quite believing what he heard. Ranma nodded. "Ranma . . . are you going to pay me back now?" Ranma lifted his head and blinked. Ryoga placed his hand on Ranma's shoulder. Ranma turned to him and placed a hand behind Ryoga's neck. He pulled him close, their faces not even an inch apart.

"If you insist." They kissed, in the moonlight, on the rooftop, under the sky.***

This kiss . . . Ryoga thought. . . . is definitely what I've been waiting for!


Back at the Tendo Dojo, Akane fainted.

*Would Shampoo say something like this? Is the phrasing alright?

**Wouldn't Shampoo just go after him herself anyway?

***Well, I had to get it in there somehow! ^^;;

Itai=ouch for those that don't know ^^