Part 8i

" . . . OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Tien finished screaming as he sat bolt upright, sweat covering his body.

"Tien! What's wrong?" Orin asked beside him, having been startled awake by his lover's outburst. Noticing Orin, alive and well, beside him, Tien hugged him fiercely, tears streaming down his face.

"Ack! Tien, I can't breathe!" Orin said, struggling in the large man's grip slightly.

"Sorry!" Tien said, loosening his hold. "I just . . . had a nightmare. You were . . . killed . . . right in front of me, and I . . . I couldn't stop them!" he choked out, before breaking down in tears. Orin held him in his arms, rocking him gently, caressing his back.

"It's alright, it was just a dream! I'm fine! Everything is going to be okay . . ." Orin comforted him, till he had cried himself to sleep again. Orin feel asleep soon after.

Morning . . .

"Are you all right?" Orin asked, placing a concerned hand on Tien's shoulder.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Tien gave him a weak smile. "That nightmare just shook me up a bit."

"A bit? You cried yourself to sleep in my arms! I'd say you were pretty shook up at the very least!" Orin waved his arms about to express his point. This caused Tien to chuckle. Orin smiled. "Your laughing? I'm being serious and your laughing?!?" he shouted, shaking Tien by the front of his shirt in an exaggerated manner. Tien only laughed more. Orin laughed with him.

"Come on." Tien said still chuckling. "Let's go before it gets any later. Or would you rather wait till tomorrow to cross the border?"

"Are you kidding me? Let's get going! Mush!" Orin pushed Tien down the road.

They had spent the night under the stars, on a grassy hill facing away from the road. When they awoke, Tien was still in Orin's arms. They stayed that way for a while just talking, the sun slowly climbing the horizon. Tien was reluctant to talk too much about his dream, but Orin insisted on hearing all about it. Tien still didn't divulge all the details, but enough to satisfy his lover's curiosity.

They were only a few miles from France's border. Orin had been wanting to see France, and especially Paris, for a long time, so that's where they decided to go.

Afternoon . . .

The sun was shining brightly, and it was quite a sight. And this was slightly odd because it was the middle of the night. Er . . .let's try this again! ^^;;

The late afternoon sun light filtered through the trees, shadows playing across the lover's faces as they traveled down a country road, seemingly devoid of any others. They strolled hand in hand down the middle of the road, enjoying the scenery. The trees began to thin as a clearing came in to view. Wildflowers grew in abundance, painting the landside with a variety of colors. Their scent permeating the air, mixing to create a beautiful perfume. A few scattered clouds cast their shadows across the low hills, slowly moving with a high wind. A gentle breeze stirred the flowers, causing them to sway back and forth in a wave like manner. All in all a lovely view.

'So why am I getting a bad feeling?' Tien thought, his stomach twisting in knots. His hand tightened around Orin's, bringing his attention to Tien's discomfort.

"Hey. You okay?" Orin asked, tugging Tien's hand and arm.

"Uh, yeah. I'm fine." he said, loosening his grip on Orin. Before Orin could mention something about deja vu, a car, or rather a van, came careening past them at break neck speed, narrowly avoiding them. It disappeared over the next hill, the sound fading into the background.

"Well, someone's in a hurry!" Orin commented.

"No kidding! They better slow down before they have an accident." Tien said.

"Oh, come on! Don't tell me you've never gone that fast before?"

"Sure I have! Just not in a car!" Tien smiled. The two continued on their journey, talking and laughing all the while.

Sunset . . .

As the sun dipped below the horizon, painting the sky with a rainbow of colors, Orin and Tien came across the van that had sped past them earlier. Five men stood outside of the vehicle, looking over what appeared to be a flat tire. As they neared the group, they could hear the men arguing, over what was still uncertain. One of them was seriously upset about something, for he was waving his arms about madly and shouting. The others tried to calm him down, but he just shoved them away, then took off into the field and disappeared over a hill. Two men went after him and the other two opened up the back of the van to get the spare out and the tools to change the tire. Tien and Orin exchanged looks, shrugged, then walked up to the two remaining men.

"Need a hand?" Tien offered. The two men seemed to be having trouble getting the tire out, neither seemed in particularly good shape.

"Sure! We could always use a hand! The name's Gus and this is Pierre." the shorter of the two said, indicating his companion. They shook hands as Tien and Orin introduced themselves. Just then, one of the others came running over the hill, stopping just on the other side.

"Gus! Pierre! We could use a little help here!" he shouted.

"Damn! Just a sec, Tom!" Gus shouted back.

"I'll give you a hand." Orin offered. "It's not like it will take all four of us to change one tire!"

"Great! Pierre, you go with him, and we'll change the flat." Gus said, indicating that he'll stay with Tien.

"Why do I have to . . ." Pierre began, but stopped when Gus gave him a glare that said 'go or I'll cut your nuts off!' "Er, let's go!" he said to Orin, and they ran to where Tom was still waiting.

"Well, I certainly hope you know how to change a tire. We better hurry, the light is fading fast." Gus stated.

"I certainly do. A friend of mine has a thing for classic cars. He managed to get one, but the darn thing would get a flat just about every time he took it out." Tien explained as he quickly jacked up the van. "In fact, his tires have more patches than a quilt!" he joked as he began removing the bolts from the hub. "I've changed those tires so many times, my friends started calling me 'the quickest jack in the Far East!'" He finished, removing the flat and placing it in the back of the van where Gus directed. He put the spare into place, then put the bolts on, tightening them after each one was in place.

"I can see why! I've never seen someone change a tire so quickly before!" Gus said in awe.

Meanwhile . . .

Tom, Pierre, and Orin came down the other side of the hill, where the others were waiting for them. It was dark, for the hill hid the remaining sun light. Orin could barely make out three figures standing in the darkness. He didn't notice Tom and Pierre slowing their pace so that he was slightly in front of them.

"So what do you need help with?" he asked, slowing his pace as they got closer to the others.

"You'll see." Tom said as he and Pierre took hold of Orin's arms and brought him over to the others. They stopped right in front of the man who had run off in the first place, who was evidently the leader. They kept a firm hold of Orin to make sure he didn't get away.

"Why, Grandma! What big, strong men you have!" Orin joked. The leader slapped him hard, blood spilling from Orin's mouth.

"Quiet, Fag! We have ways of dealing with your type of scum!" the leader said. To his men, he said "Let's take this faggot someplace where his lover won't hear him scream!" Orin's eyes grew wide. As he was about to yell for help, when one of the other men shoved a rag in his mouth, muffling any sound he'd make. Orin growled in frustration.

"You hear that? The bitch is growling at us! Let's teach it some manners!" the leader, Rudy, said, then punched Orin in the stomach. Orin bent over in pain, but not very far. The goons still holding his arms kept him from doubling over. Orin tried hard not to cry. That's what they wanted him to do, and it would never reach Tien's ears anyway. But his eyes did water slightly.

"Look at him! Crying like a baby." one of them said.

"Don't you know, Cid? All fags cry! I bet he's crying for his mommy!" Tom taunted.

"Let's go! It's already dark, and we don't have all night." Rudy said. They took him into the nearby woods, and into a small clearing with a large boulder near the center of it.

****WARNING: The following scene is rated NC-17!!!****
For violence and *cough* rape. Scroll down till you see the 'end' to skip.

"Cid, got the rope?" Rudy asked.

"Of course!"

"Good. Tie him to that rock." he instructed. They tied him facing the boulder, with his hands tied together around it. The boulder came up to his chin, and the rope was tied too tight to slip over the top. When they were done, Rudy walked up to Orin and removed the rag.

"Tell me, faggot. Do you like giving it? Or taking it?" he asked as Orin coughed from the foulness of the rag.

"What's on that thing?" Orin asked, avoiding the question. Rudy punched him in the side, directly in the kidney.

"Answer the question!!" Rudy yelled, as Orin moaned in pain, a few tears falling down his cheek.

"Why . . . the hell . . . should I tell you . . . anything?" Orin coughed out. Rudy brought down his elbow on Orin's back, causing him to cry out briefly, cry profusely, and cuss profanely. His knees slightly buckled and shook slightly. Rudy reached behind him and got a hunting knife with a six inch blade. He brought the blade up to Orin's neck, causing him to stand up as straight as he could to avoid being cut.

"There's more than one way to skin a fag! Now, I suggest you hold still, less you get cut." Rudy said, then used the knife to cut off Orin's belt, pants, and boxers. The fabric pooled around Orin's feet, the feel of the rough texture of the boulder against Orin's bare cock and balls was painful, even without added pressure from behind. Rudy put the knife back at Orin's throat.

"Now, I'm going to shove my finger up your ass. If it feels loose, I'll know you like to take it." he said.

"What if I like it both ways? You wouldn't be able to find that out with a simple rectal exam!" Orin said. Rudy scowled, then shoved his finger up Orin's ass rough and dry. Orin cried out, but it was short. He was indeed loose, more so than Rudy had been expecting. Rudy pulled his finger out and examined it.

"No blood. How is that?" he asked, baffled.

"Well, no offense, but my lover's cock is way bigger than your little finger. So I'm used to a larger size." Orin explained, as if to an idiot. This enraged Rudy and he hit the spot on his back as he did earlier, hard. Orin cried out in pain, both from his back and his crotch. His knees wanted to buckle, but didn't dare let them, for the blade was still at his neck.

"I know for a fact that all fags have small dicks!" Rudy said vehemently.

"What'd you do? Go out and measured them all?" Orin said, earning him another hit to the back. Now he was seeing spots, but he wasn't going to give up, wasn't going to beg. Blood dripped down his throat from a small cut. Rudy slowly removed the knife from his neck, then licked the blood from the blade.

"I bet I'm larger than your boyfriend back there. Let's find out, shall we?" Rudy said with an evil glint in his eyes. Orin shut his eyes and cursed him under his breath as he clamped his legs shut.

"Tom, Pierre. Spread 'em." Rudy instructed them. Pierre took hold of Orin's left leg, and Tom got his right, and they pulled them apart, holding them in place. Rudy unfastened his belt and pants, dropping them and his underwear to the ground. He grabbed his already stiffening cock and began stoking himself. It was only a moment till he was rock hard. He spread Orin's cheeks apart and positioned himself at his opening.

"Don't . . ." Orin whispered, tears streaming down his face. His voice fell on deaf ears, however, as Rudy thrust hard into Orin's ass. Orin's cry was deafening, as tissue tore within him and his crotch was ground against the corse surface of the boulder. Blood poured from his ass, covering Rudy's dick. This made him happy.

"See? I am bigger!" he gloated in Orin's ear.

"You idiot! He's still bigger than you, he just stretches me first and uses lubrication, you bastard!" Orin shouted.

"You want me to use lubrication?" Rudy snorted. "Why don't we just use your blood!" Rudy thrust again, getting a rhythm going, each thrust grounding Orin's crotch into the rock, turning it into a bloody mass of damaged tissue. With each thrust, Orin screamed, cursing and yelling for them to stop. Rudy only moved faster. The others laughed and cracked jokes. After an eternity of five minutes, Rudy finished, spilling his cursed seed within Orin. Rudy put his pants back on as the others cheered.

****END of Scene****
It's (relatively) safe to continue

"Now, what do you say to that, fag?" Rudy asked him.

"Two things."Orin said between sobs. "First, thank God you don't last long!" Everyone was quiet.

"And the other?" Rudy asked, seriously pissed and ready to strangle him.

"And the other is . . . why is it that homophobic pricks always want to shove their dicks up my ass?" Orin said through clenched teeth. All was quiet. The guys didn't know how Rudy was going to react to that, and they didn't want to know. Then, he spoke.

"Cut him down." his said way too calmly.

"But . . ." Cid started.

"DO IT!" Rudy shouted. They cut him down. Orin slumped to the ground, a heap of pain. Rudy walked behind him, then pulled his head back by his hair.

"You know, I've always wanted to cut the throat of a fag, and now I have my chance!" he said, bringing the blade of his knife to one side of Orin's throat, right near his ear.

"Say your prayers, faggot!" Rudy said as began cutting Orin's throat.

Elsewhere . . .

Tien was worried. Orin and the others had been gone for a while now and it was getting darker by the minute. He and Gus had been making small talk to pass the time. For some reason, he didn't want to be alone, and wanted Tien to stay with him till the others got back. Tien didn't see a problem with this since he wouldn't be going anywhere without Orin anyhow. But it had been over thirty minutes since they had left and Tien still didn't know what it was they were doing. Gus seemed to know, but was claiming ignorance. Tien had suggested that they both go and help, but Gus insisted on not leaving the van alone. So they stayed. And waited.

"What could be keeping them?" Tien asked. The bad feeling he had earlier returned with his worry, he could feel it in the pit of his stomach.

"Don't know."

"What could they be doing, anyway?" Tien didn't like this one bit. Something just didn't seem right.

"I don't know, but whatever it is, it takes time, apparently."

'That's a lot of help!' Tien thought, bitter with apprehension. The two were leaning against the van and were now contemplating the stars in silence, having run out of small talk. Tien tried not to think of what could be happening, but he wasn't succeeding. After a while, that bad feeling erupted with the force of a kamehameha wave, tying his stomach in impossible knots, goose bumps and sweat covering his flesh. He couldn't take it any longer. He just knew he had to get to Orin NOW!

"That's it! I'm going to go see if they could use some more help." Tien said, and started walking toward the hill.

"Wait a minute! Before you go, uh, could you help me with something?" Gus called after him. "It'll only take a moment!" Tien stopped. Then turned back quickly.

"What is it?" he asked a little impatiently.

"Could you move the tire so I can get my jacket? It kinda fell on it when we put it in there." Gus said sheepishly.

"Alright." Tien agreed. They opened the doors and Tien reached in to move the flat tire. As he did this, Gus reached beside the van and picked up a crowbar that was hidden there. He raised it over his head and waited for a clear shot at Tien's head.

"Wait a minute, I don't see anything under here! Are you sure . . . ?' Tien said as he came back out, bringing his head into range for Gus. Gus swung the crowbar down, closing his eyes as he did so.


"Thud?" Gus opened his eyes to see that Tien had caught the crowbar.

"Oh, sh*t!" he exclaimed as Tien crushed the bar into dust. Tien's eyes practically glowed with anger. Tien powered up, ki flames flowing all around him. Tien's ki caused Gus to be thrown several feet back. He landed with a thud, his head hitting a rock, blood gushing from the wound. Tien didn't bother checking to see if he was dead or just unconscious, he just took off in the direction Orin had left. He flew past the hill and remaining meadow, then over the trees of the woods. When he was closing in on the clearing where Orin was, he felt his incredibly low ki, getting lower by the second. His heart sank when he finally saw Orin. Faster than lightening, he flew over and landed right beside Rudy, then blasted his head into oblivion. He tossed the knife away and Orin fell into his arms. Tien fell to his knees as he held Orin in his arms and held a hand to the cut at his throat. Tears streamed down his face, horrified at what had been done to his beloved.

"Orin! What have they done to you? I'll make them pay, I swear!" Tien swore.

"Tien . . . my love . . . promise me . . ." Orin whispered hoarsely. His vocal cords had been damaged and it hurt to talk. His blood was quickly soaking Tien's clothes, he had to hurry.

"Anything! " Tien said.

"Let me die." Orin said. "And don't bring me back."

"What? Why?" Tien asked, not wanting to make this particular promise.

"It hurts too much . . . living. I'll meet you . . . on the other side. Please . . ." he pleaded. Tien held him tight and kissed his forehead.

"It's a date. I promise!" Tien swore, but just barely able to.

"One more kiss?" Orin asked, his now pale blue lips curling to a small smile. Tien didn't waste time, he bent down and placed his lips on Orin's, one last sweet kiss till they meet again. Orin died before Tien pulled away, his last breath on Tien's lips. Tien brush some hair out of his face, stroking his hair. He hugged his body close, crying into his hair, and rocking back and forth.


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