Part 8h

Tien and Orin made it to Tull, a small town at the bottom of the mountain, in an hour. They would have gone farther, a lot farther, but they stopped there for two reasons. One was that they had no idea where to go from there, and the other was because they were horny as hell. The flight down didn't help any, for it only excited them further.

They landed outside of the town, Tien's ki melting the snow around them. They ran the rest of the way hand in hand, much like teenage sweethearts. It didn't take them long to find the only room and board the small town had to offer. It was shabby, run-down, and filthy looking, and that's putting it nicely.

"Charming little place, isn't it?" Orin stated sarcastically.

"Yes, well, it will do for now, until we figure out where we go from here." Tien said, putting his arm around his shoulders.

"How about to the nearest Hilton?" Tien laughed at the suggestion.

"Even if we could afford that, could you really wait that long?" he said, nuzzling Orin's neck.

"Aaaah, good point! What are we waiting for? Let's check into this lovely little establishment so we can . . ." the rest he whispered in Tien's ear. Tien grew a bright shade of red. He then grabbed Orin's hand and hauled him inside the inn.

The interior was not much better than the exterior, but it was warm, even if not well lit. The first floor served as a tavern of sorts. Apparently, the inn was also the only dinning establishment.

"Cozy. Should we eat first or . . ." he left off there, letting Tien imagine the other option.

"Let's get a room first, freshen up a bit, then eat. Or get a room, screw around, and then eat, then screw some more?" Tien suggested.

"Hmm, I like the second option better!" Orin smiled.

"Me, too!" Tien winked.

"Can I help you fellas?" the proprietress, or possibly just the waitress, or both, asked them, once she took notice of them.

"We certainly hope so! We'd like a room, please." Orin stated.

"Can ya pay?" she asked skeptically.

"You did bring the credit cards, right?" Orin asked, turning to Tien.

"I thought you did?" Tien played along.

"Uh, we don't take credit cards." she said, sweat-dropping.

"That's okay. We only brought cash anyway!" Orin said, smiling sweetly.

"One room for the both of ya? There's only one bed to a room." she warned.

"That's fine." Tien said.

"Come with me." she motioned for them to follow. "How long you boys planning to stay in these parts?"

"We're not sure." Tien said as they walked up the stairs to the second floor where the rooms were.

"That's fine, as long as you pay, you can stay as long as ya like." She lead them to the last room on the left, taking a key out of her apron and unlocking the door. "This here'll be your room. It's the warmest on this side, seeing as how close it is to the chimney. The bathroom's at the top of the stairs and there ain't no lock on it so be prepared. Here's your key, don't loose it, we only have one other. There's a 50 yen prepay, so pay up." she held out her hand for the money, which Tien gave to her as Orin looked around the small room.

"Thank you." Tien said after the woman proclaim the money he had given her 'good'.

"No, thank you, sweet cheeks! We don't get much business this time of year, and paying customers are rare! If ya want breakfast, you'll have to wait about an hour. Cook ain't up yet."

"That's alright, I'm sure we can entertain ourselves till then!" Orin said with a wicked grin on his face that the 'lady' thankfully didn't see.

"One more thing. There ain't much hot water in the bathroom. Ya might want to share bath water."

"Thank you, we'll certainly keep that in mind." Tien said as Orin waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

"If you, uh, men need anything else, be sure to let me know. I'll be downstairs and if a need ever arises in the night, my room is the last at the other end of the hall." she winked subtlety. "If ya catch my drift."

"Uh, yes. Thank you, we'll remember that." Tien said, sweat-dropping. Orin was no help, as he only smiled charmingly.

"I'll see you boys later." she said, giving Orin another wink before leaving. Tien closed the door a moment later.

"Great, she thinks you were hitting on her!" Tien said as he slipped off his pack and placed the grimy corner where Orin's was.

"I wouldn't talk, 'sweet cheeks', she has the hots for you, too! And here you were being polite! And nice! She's probably not used to such treatment from such a good looking man as yourself! You probably made her quiver just from your sexy 'please' and 'thank you's!" Orin teased from atop the double bed. "That offer extended to both of us and you know it!"

"Yes, I do." Tien sat on the bed next to Orin, "Should we tell her?"

"Why embarrass her? What she doesn't know, won't hurt. Unless she finds out. Let's not stay here to long and hopefully, we won't have to tell her." Orin suggested. Tien nodded in agreement. "Now, what should we do until breakfast?" Orin asked, with a feral grin.

"Oh, I can think of something!" Tien said before pouncing Orin.

Downstairs . . .

The proprietress, Sali, and her two brothers, Crotix and Bubba, heard some strange noises coming from the fireplace.

"What is that noise?" Sali asked perplexed.

"Don't know. Maybe an animal, or two, got stuck in the chimney again." Bubba suggested.

"Naw, if that were so, smoke would be backing up in here." Crotix said. "Besides, I never heard any animal make noises like that. Sounds kinda like . . . moaning."

"Didya hear that? That sounded like a word!" Sali said, now spooked. Just then, the 'noise' increased in volume and intensity, then two distinct words could be heard every know and then. The three moved away from the fireplace.

"Ghosts!" Sali exclaimed.

"What do they want with us? We ain't done nothing to them!" Bubba complained. The moaning grew louder.

"Quiet! We don't want them to get mad at us! Who knows what they might do!" Crotix hushed his brother. The three sat at the fireplace quietly, as the moaning grew louder and more hurried, seeming to reach a crescendo, then began tapering off, quite some time after it had started.

"What the hell is all that racket?" a portly man, hastenly dressed, walked down the stairs and into the main room of the tavern.

"Papa! We're being haunted!" Sali ran to her father.

"Ghosts are in the chimney!" Bubba exclaimed.

"Ghosts? In the chimney, you say? Well if they are in the chimney, then how come I could hear them all the way in my room?" He hobbled over to the fireplace, much to the dismay of his children, and threw another log on the fire. "They seem to have gone now. But ghosts or no ghosts, don't let the fire die. You want us to freeze to death?" He stoked the fire.

"Oh, Pa. We've got customers! Two fellers and they'll be wanting some breakfast right soon." Sali told him.

"They's got money?" Pa asked. Sali tossed him the 50 yen piece.

"And I know there's more of it, too!" she said. Pa shifted the coin in his hand, feeling the weight, then bit it.

"That's real alright! And there's more? Then let's hope they stay long! I'll fire up the stove, one of ya find out what they want to eat." he said, heading towards the kitchen.

"I'll go." Sali said, heading for the stairs. The two brothers exchanged a look, knowing exactly why Sali was so eager to see their new customers.

Upstairs . . .

Tien and Orin lay in each other's arms in post sex ecstasy, sweat and semen drying to their exposed skin. Tien caressed Orin's hair. They didn't speak, there wasn't any reason to.


"The cook's up, he wants to know what you boys want for breakfast." Sali called through the door.

"Aw, phooey! So soon?" Orin smiled at Tien.

"Alright, we'll be down in a minute!" Tien hollered out to Sali.

"Alright." Sali walked back downstairs, wondering if she should have told them about the ghosts or not. They dressed quickly, though reluctantly, and headed downstairs smiling.

They stayed at the Tull Inn for two weeks, raising hell and 'ghosts' whenever they made love, which was often. During their stay, Sali made passes at them everyday, and everyday they pretended to be oblivious, even when Orin flirted with her occasionally. They helped out when they could, doing odd, and even dangerous, jobs to help pay for there room. They often participated in snowball fights with the locals, Tien being the only one who didn't get hit, much to everyone's bewilderment, and Orin's amusement. He constantly tried to get the drop on him, but he always ended up being the one pelted with snow. They had a blast.

They never did decide where to head to next, but rather go where their feet lead them, so they picked a vague direction and set off one day. They traveled all over the continent, seeing many sights and meeting many new people. Months passed and winter gave way to spring, and they found themselves in a meadow full of wild flowers along the border of France.

Orin danced about the flowers, picking some every now and then. Tien sat on a boulder near the middle of the field, watching his lover frolic. He smiled as Orin laughed and sang, doing cartwheels and tricks for his beloved. Tien laughed at his capering about, enjoying the show. Orin danced up to Tien and handed him the flowers he picked with flourish. Tien smelled the flowers, then pulled Orin close, and kissed him.

"The flowers are pretty, but they are nothing compared to you!" Tien said.

"And their nectar could never be as sweet as you!" Orin said, wrapping his arms around Tien.

Suddenly, thunder cracked and the skies let loose with a torrent of rain, soaking the two lovebirds from head to toe.

'That's strange. It was clear just a moment ago.' Tien thought. Orin pulled away from him and danced in the rain, whooping and hollering. Tien chuckled, though he was a bit surprised when Orin stripped off his robe and swung it over his head, then let it fly, landing a few feet away. Orin kept dancing in his boxers, which clung to his body and, being soaked, didn't leave much to the imagination. Not that Tien minded, he rather enjoyed the view. Orin turned towards him, giving him an eyeful of his favorite 'toy'.

"Come on! You've got to try this! It's great!" Orin motioned for Tien to join him. Tien jumped off the boulder, which seemed to be larger than Tien remembered. When he looked up, Orin was farther away then he had been, and a group of men had come out of nowhere and they had a hold of him. Tien watched in horror as one of them slit Orin's throat from ear to ear, blood gushing everywhere.


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