Part 8e

As Tien and Orin laid there in a messy heap, neither noticed the door close quietly.

'This is not good!' Brother Clay thought on the other side of the door. He had been searching for the two to tell them that dinner was almost ready, when he found them. Now he wished he hadn't. Clay walked slowly back to the big room, images of what he had seen flashing through his mind. He seriously debated with himself on whether or not to say anything, but once Bob saw his face, he had no choice.

"Clay, what is it?" Bob asked, noticing the strange look on his face.

"I need to talk to you in private." he motioned for Bob to follow him. They walked out of the big room and into a supply closet near by.

"Tien . . . has broken a rule." he started.

"Which one?" Bob asked.

"THE rule."

"Oh, no! With who? Surely not . . ."

"Orin." Bob shook his head.

"He knew the rule, why would he do this?" Bob was confused by Orin's actions more so than Tien's.

"I don't know. I only know what I saw." Clay stared at his feet.

"We'll talk to them after dinner. We do not need to make this public. Come on, let's go eat."

Back to Tien and Orin . . .

They laid there, with Orin sprawled on top of Tien, his head resting on his chest. Tien held him in his arms, and his ki keeping the cold at bay.

"Mmmm, that was wonderful!" Orin said, tracing an obscure pattern on Tien's chest.

"Mmm-hmm! Want to go again?" Tien asked with a wolfish grin.

"I would, but I'm exhausted! Besides, dinner should be ready soon, if not already! The others will wonder what happened to us! We should get cleaned up, we're all sticky!" Orin grinned. "But maybe we could have an encore later tonight, if your still up to it!"

"You're on!" Tien captured Orin's lips for a quick kiss, before lifting him up and carrying him into the water.

"Ooh, how romantic!" Orin said, his arm draped over Tien's shoulder. When they had reached waist-deep water, Tien smiled at Orin, then . . .


. . . dropped him into the water.

"Hey!" Orin said after resurfacing, then promptly pushed Tien further into the water. Thus began their little 'water war', during which they managed to wash away the sweat and semen from their bodies. During a reprieve from their splashing, they heard the dinner bell sound.

"Kuso! We're late! Let's go!" Orin exclaimed. They swam to the side of the pool that was the closest to their clothes and climbed out. They grabbed their towels and began frantically drying off. Suddenly, Tien was struck with an idea. He took hold of Orin and held him close.

"Tien, we don't have time!"

"Hold still." Tien instructed. And he did, but more out of confusion than anything else. Tien raised his ki slowly, drying them both off in a matter of seconds, even Orin's hair.

"There. All done." Tien let go, albeit reluctantly. Orin blinked.

'What the hell did he just do?' Orin scratched his head in confusion, and as he did, he noticed his hair was dry. He then realized that he was completely dry.

"What the hell . . .?!?" Tien laughed, then tossed Orin's robe to him.

"Here, get dressed!" he said, as he put on his sweats. Orin shrugged, then pulled on his robe, sans boxers. He put his boxers in an inside pocket in his robe. This got him a strange look from Tien.

"Why bother?" he explained. Tien grinned, understanding what he meant. The two then rushed to the dining hall, where everyone else were already eating. They sat down at the last two places, and dug in. Neither noticed Bob's attentions, nor Clay's avoidance.

Chaotzu was the only one, besides Bob and occasionally Clay, who noticed Tien's happier than usual grin. Chaotzu had never seen him like that. He'd seen him happy plenty of times, but not like this. He looked . . . fulfilled. Satisfied. He was also eating like Goku. Chaotzu paused.

"Oh, my!" he said under his breath, his eyes wide in shock. He was not as innocent as some, okay most, people thought. He knew more than people give him credit for.

"What is it, Chaotzu?" Joe asked beside him.

"Oh, nothing really! I was just noticing how happy Tien is tonight!" Chaotzu said quickly. Joe looked over at Tien, who was laughing at something Orin said.

"Yes, he does look happy! So does Orin!" Joe commented. Chaotzu looked at Orin. Indeed he had the same type of look on his face.

'So it was Orin! Can't say I'm too surprised, but I know someone who would be!' Chaotzu thought. He smiled. He was glad he was finally happy and had someone to love.

Unfortunately, Chaotzu did not guess the full extent of why they were so happy.

Later that evening . . .

After the dishes were cleared and taken car of, Bob made an announcement.

"Alright, peeps! Tonight, we are going to spend the next few hours in the library! Read, play games, take a nap, I don't care! Just go into the library and have fun! Besides, it's warmer in there! Let's go!" he said, shooing everyone out of the dining hall. "Clay, go catch them before they get to far." Clay worked his way over to the two lovebirds and stopped them.

"Bob would like to talk to you for a minute." he said. Chaotzu overheard this and decided to stay as well. He told Joe he would meet up with him a little later.

By the time the majority of the brothers had left and were well on their way to the library, only five remained. Bob sat at the head of the table, which was his customary spot, Chaotzu stood in the kitchen doorway, so far unnoticed, Clay sat near Bob, on his right, Orin sat on the edge of the table near the middle, and Tien stood by him.

"So, Bobby! What can we do for you?" Orin asked after a moment of silence.

"Clay, shut the door, would you? No one else needs to here this." Bob said. Clay did as he was asked, and leaned against the door, his head bowed.

"Thank you, Clay. You two might want to sit down." Bob directed towards Tien and Orin. They sat down with an uneasy feeling in their stomachs. "It has come to my attention that you have broken a rule. THE rule. Tien, you didn't know the rule, so we'll be lenient, but Orin . . . You knew the rule, and yet you broke it anyway, knowing the consequences." Bob paused. "The rule you broke was the 'no sex' rule. Tien, you have the choice of leaving or staying and taking over the worst jobs for a month. Orin, you will leave tomorrow morning." They sat there in stunned silence. The tears that had been welling up in Orin's eyes began streaming down his face, not wanting to leave, but praying Tien would go with him. Chaotzu was shocked more so than any of them.

"Wait a minute!" Tien stood quickly, knocking over his chair. "Orin shouldn't be punished for something that is my fault! If I hadn't come here, this wouldn't have happened! Let him stay, I'll leave." he said firmly, his mind made up.

"Tien! No!" Chaotzu ran to him, tears running down his face. Tien knelt down to catch him. "Why? Why did you have to do this, Tien?" Chaotzu sobbed in his arms.

"Some things can't be explained, Chaotzu. But I can't let Orin take the blame!" Tien said.

"But I don't want to leave! I like it here!"

"Chaotzu, you're not leaving, I am! You know I didn't want to come here in the first place, and know it's time I moved on. Frankly, I would have sooner if it weren't for Orin. You don't need me anymore, Chaotzu. You've found your home, but it's not for me. Let me find my home now!" Tien explained. Chaotzu knew he was right. He had selfishly dragged Tien all across the world for his own purpose, and now it was time to let go.

"I'll miss you!" Chaotzu said as he flung his arms around Tien's neck, hugging him.

"I know, and I'll miss you!" Tien hugged back. "But you'll have Joe and the others to keep you company."

"When will you be leaving?" Chaotzu asked, releasing his death like grip on Tien's neck.

"First thing in the morning. Now, you should go. We still have to settle things. Go see Joe, but don't tell anyone of my leaving until after I leave, and nothing of any of this, alright?" Chaotzu nodded. "Good. I'll see you before I leave." Chaotzu left through the kitchen, still crying.

"Alright. He can stay. I hate to see you leave, Tien. But if that's the way you want it, who am I to stop you?" Bob said, understanding Tien's reasons for his request.

"Tien, you shouldn't have!" Orin finally spoke, the shock having worn off. He stood up and faced Tien. "Don't do this! Not for me!" he cried.

"It's alright, Orin!" he placed his hands on Orin's shoulders. They stood there for a moment, their eyes interlocked. "I better pack." Tien said, tearing his gaze away from Orin's, his own tears starting to fall. Orin just stood there and watched him go, frozen to the spot. He couldn't believe this was happening. After Clay let Tien out the door and his footsteps began to fade, Orin broke down, crying for all that he was worth, sinking to his knees. Bob and Clay left discretely, leaving him to his misery.

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