Part 8d

Tien's eyes flew open. 'Did I really hear what I thought I just heard? What should I do?' A million other questions ran through his mind at Orin's proposition. Orin waited patiently for an answer, he didn't want to push it. Tien might not be interested, after all, even though Orin was sure that he was. He had been sensing Tien's attraction to him since the first night. All of a sudden . . .


"Tien? Are you in there?" It was Chaotzu. Both men cussed under their breath.

"What is it, Chaotzu?" Tien called out as Orin got up and put his robe back on.

"Well, Joe and I found this old game in the library and we wanted to know if you and Orin would like to play with us." he said, fidgeting outside the door. Tien looked over at Orin.

"You want to?" Tien asked in a low voice.

"Uh, sure, but what about . . . you know! What if someone sees?" Orin whispered, indicating their, uh, inflictions.

"There's nothing like Chaotzu to kill a hard on. Trust me!" Tien whispered with a smile as he got up, his own, uh . . . aw hell! His own erection diminishing already.

"We'll meet you there!" Orin told Chaotzu.

"Oh, great!" Chaotzu beamed. "We'll get the board ready!" He ran off to the library, not waiting for a reply.

"Boy, you weren't kidding!" Orin commented, noticing his erection fading fast.

"Told you. Are you about ready?" Tien asked.

"Yeah, but you might want to put your shirt back on!" Orin tossed him his shirt. Tien put it on quickly and they left for the library.

The library was a vast area, comprising of more than one room. The walls were covered with books of all sorts, ladders reaching to the top shelves. Tables and couches were placed strategically around the rooms. There were game tables, reading tables, coffee tables, and end tables. There were couches, overstuffed sofas, love-seats, and loungers. There were wooden chairs of all sorts of designs and styles. Sounds of a ping-pong game drifted from one of the other rooms, and a heated poker game in another. Brothers lounged here and there reading, some snoring, having fallen asleep while reading. In the middle of the room, Joe and Chaotzu had set up the game they found on one of the empty tables. Orin and Tien walked over to them.

"So, what's the object of this game?" Orin asked.

"Well, basically, you have to get all four of your pieces form this circle to this one, of the same color of course." Chaotzu explained, pointing to the board as he did. "What color do you want, Tien?"

"Um, green, I guess."

"Ooh, can I have red? It's my favorite!" Orin asked.

"Sure! What about you, Joe? What color do you want?" Chaotzu asked.

"Blue. I like blue." he replied. Chaotzu smiled.

"Then that makes me yellow!"

"How fitting!" Orin teased. They sat at their respective colors, Tien at green, Orin to his right at red, Joe to his right at blue, and Chaotzu between Joe and Tien at yellow. They went over the rules, making sure that they were understood by all of them, then started playing. They had a blast, laughing even to the point of tears at times. They played several games till it was time for Chaotzu to start dinner, and, as always, Joe went with him. Tien and Orin put the game back in it's box.

"Now what?" Orin asked, already having something in mind. Tien shrugged, his own thoughts geared in the same direction.

"Well, I don't know about you, but I could use a nice soak in the hot spring. My muscles are a little soar from sitting here so long." Orin said as he stretched.

"Yeah, me too." Tien agreed.

"Let's go then!" They headed to the spring, stopping momentarily to retrieve their towels. When they got there, it was empty, the heavy curtain put up over the 'window' since mid-fall shifted with a breeze. The room was chilly, the hot spring no longer able to fill the room with it's heat.

"Guess no one else wants to come in here more than necessary." Tien observed.

"Good! We'll have the place to ourselves, then! Race ya!" Orin began stripping, dropping his clothes here and there as he made his way to the pool. Tien did likewise, but at the same pace as Orin. They both jumped in at about the same time, swimming out to the middle, where it was the warmest.

"Aaaaah, this feels good! Mmm!" Orin said as he and Tien floated beside each other. "Hey, Tien."


"Want to pick up where we left off?" he asked hopefully. Tien opened his eyes.


"Why not? No one comes in here after dark, not in the winter. It's too cold outside of the pool. So how bout it? You game?" Rather than answer him, Tien sank below the water.

****Warning: Lemon scene starting!!****
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"Eh? Tien, where'd you go?" Orin looked about in search of him. Tien circled around him, then came up from behind, wrapping his arms around the smaller man's waist.

"Nope! You are!" Tien said into his ear, then began kissing his neck.

"Ah, but you've got to catch me first!" Orin joked, reaching his hand back behind him, cupping Tien's ass.

"But I already have!" he began nibbling on Orin's earlobe.

"Aaah! So you have!" he said between gasps. "Have you done this before?" Tien stopped grazing Orin's neck and shoulder.

"Uh, no. I haven't." A blush crept along Tien's face. Orin turned in his arms, wrapping his own around Tien's neck.

"Don't worry, I know everything we need to know. Trust me!" Tien captured Orin's lips with his own, showing just how much he trusted him. Their kiss deepened, their tongues warring for dominance. Their hands roamed over each others bodies, finding spots that elicited moans and groans from each other. And as their erections grew, they sank.

"I think we should move to a shallower area before we drown!" Orin said after breaking the kiss. "This way!" He swam away from Tien to the furthest end of the pool away from the doors. Tien swam after him and caught up with him quickly. Tien reached the end before Orin, and sat watching Orin's muscular form swimming towards him, his erection throbbing at the sight. Orin swam right up to him and gave him a tender kiss, but pulled away before it could deepen.

"Wait here. I forgot something." he said as he started to pull away.

"Huh? What?" Tien was confused.



"Yeah, soap. It makes it easier." Orin winked.

"In that case, you wait here, and I'll get the soap. Just close your eyes." Tien said, stopping Orin from going any further.

"Huh? Alright, but I don't see . . ." he started to say as he closed his eyes. At that instant Tien flew over to the soap, grabbed a bar, and flew back. ". . . what difference it makes." Orin finished.

"You can open your eyes now. I'm back with the soap." Orin opened his eyes, look at Tien, then at the soap in his hand, over to the alcove where the soap was kept, which is waaaaaaay down at the other end of the room, then back to Tien, the soap, the alcove, Tien, soap, alcove . . .

"How the hell did you manage that?" Orin asked, amazed and perplexed. Tien chuckled.

"Trade secret! Does it really matter?" Tien moved closer to Orin, taking him in his arms again.

"Not in the least! But one of these days, you'll have to tell me what trade enables you to do that! I just hope you're not that fast when it comes to making love!" Orin smiled, taking the soap from Tien, and set it on the ground behind him. He wrapped his arms around Tien's neck once again, and they kissed, swapped spit, tongue wrestled, tonsil tangoed, you get the idea.

They stood on their knees in the shallow water, their erections peeking above the surface. Orin took hold of Tien's cock and started pumping the stiff shaft. He spread his legs and guided Tien's hand to his, uh, entrance. Tien stopped, not sure what to do.

"You need to stretch me first. Use on finger first, then add more when you think I'm ready, and don't be afraid to go deep!" Orin instructed him. Not wanting to hurt him, Tien grabbed the soap and quickly made a thick lather, coating his hands. When he was sure he was slick enough, he put the soap aside and inserted one finger into Orin. The water removed most of the soap, though, so Tien made sure he took it slow. Orin gasped as he felt Tien's finger within him, moving all too slow for him to stand. Orin took his hand and shoved his finger in as far as it would go. This caused Tien's finger to brush against his prostate, sending shivers up his spine and making his impossibly hard cock quiver.

"Aaaaaah! O-h more! Add another finger!" Orin gasped. Tien did as directed, but found it hard to concentrate with the death grip Orin had on his cock.

"Now! I'm ready!" Orin gasped as he grabbed the soap, getting ready to slick up Tien's throbbing cock.

"Not in the water." Tien gasped, a bit breathless. "The soap will wash away!" Tien then sat on the edge of the pool, letting Orin know what he had in mind.

"I love the way you think!" he said, applying the lather he had worked up to Tien's steaming cock. Once done, he got out of the water and positioned himself over Tien's soap covered head, and with Tien helping, he slowly sat onto Tien's lap, impaling himself. Both moaned at the sensation. Once firmly seated, Orin wrapped his legs around Tien, pausing to adjust to the fullness he felt. After what seemed like an eternity to Tien, Orin started to move. Tien placed his hands on either side of Orin's waist and helped him move, bringing him up untill only the head remained, then letting him fall back down. Orin held onto Tien's shoulders and leaned back as he came down, changing the angle so that his 'magic spot' was hit directly, causing stars to appear in his vision. Their pace quickened, their moans echoing off the walls. Tien leaned back, laying down, giving Orin more room to ride. He reached up and started stroking Orin's cock, previously left unattended. He pumped him hard, and after a few strokes and a cry of ecstasy, Orin came, his seed spilling over Tien's chest and stomach. Orin's muscles clamped around Tien, making him come inside of him, with what sounded much like a battle cry. Orin collapsed onto Tien's sticky wet chest. The two laid there for awhile, both exhausted.

****End of Lemon****

A/N: . . . Well, it was my first yaoi lemon, what'd you expect? ^^;; Moving on . . .

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