Part 8c

Stiiiiiill in Tibet . . .

Tien and Orin made their way back to their room. Tien wore his towel around his waist and carried his clothes in his hand. Orin also carried his boxers in his hand, but he was wearing his towel around his head, much like a turban. They chatted about everything and nothing like old friends. They continued to do so even as they dressed, Orin in his robe, and Tien in a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt.

"Now what?" Tien asked, not sure of the schedule they had.

"Now we go to the big room. We always meet before breakfast."

"The big room? That's what you call it?"

"Well, it is the biggest room in the place, what else should we call it?" Orin said, smiling. He unraveled the towel on his head, then began to dry his hair quickly. "Just let me brush my hair, and we'll go." He tossed the towel onto the pile of dirty clothes in the corner, then got his brush out of the top drawer of the desk. He pulled the brush through his damp hair, running into many tangles. He was soon muttering under his breath.

"Need a hand?" Tien offered.

"Or twelve! Would you mind?" Orin asked, hoping he wasn't imposing on his new friend too much.

"Here, give me the brush." Tien sat down behind Orin on his bed, and began to work on the stubborn knots in his hair. They sat there in silence as Tien worked, trying not to hurt him. After a few minutes, Tien set the brush aside and ran his fingers through Orin's silky brown hair, checking to make sure all the knots were out. They were, but Tien didn't stop for another minute.

"There you go." Tien stood up. "All done." he handed Orin his brush.

"Thanks." Orin put his brush back in the drawer, and took out a hair tie, then tied his hair back into a loose pony-tail. "Let's go!" he said, getting up and heading towards the door. Tien followed.

When they reached the big room, a lot of people were already milling about. They spotted Chaotzu sitting atop a very large, and bald, black man.

"Ah, there's Chaotzu and Joe!" Orin said.

"That's Joe?" Tien was a bit surprised.

"Yup! But before you meet him, there's a few things you should know. You see, Joe has the mind of a child. He came here a few years ago. From what I heard, the ways of the world were too much for him to understand, so he ran away and just stumble upon here."

"That's some stumble!"

"No kidding! There had been some speculation that something happened to him, something bad, that caused him to run, but he won't speak of anything before his coming here. Now, he had been sharing a room with a kindly old fellow, but he died not that long ago. We all miss the old codger, but it's been worse for Joe. He's been lonely and melancholy ever since. This is why I put Chaotzu with him. I was certain Chaotzu's spirit would lift Joe's, and bring him back to the living!"

"Apparently, it worked!" Tien observed. Joe and Chaotzu were both laughing, as if without a care in the world. Just then, Chaotzu spotted them and waved them over. They wound their way through the small crowd to where they were sitting, and sat beside them.

"Tien! Orin! Good morning!" Chaotzu said, perky as hell.

"'Morning. I see you made a new friend, Chaotzu." Tien said.

"I sure have! His name's Joe and he's a nice guy!"

"I'm sure! Nice to meet you, Joe!" Tien greeted the giant.

"So you're the Tien Chaotzu's been talking so much about! I'm glad to finally meet you!" Joe said, nearly as perky as Chaotzu. Before they could converse further, Bob started to speak.

"Alright, peeps, settle down!" he hollered over the din. Everyone quieted down.

"Now, as you know, we have two new brothers, Chaotzu and Tien. Chaotzu is the little guy sitting on Joe, and Tien is the bald guy with the third eye. " Tien sweat-dropped. "Boys, welcome to the Temple of Peace and Relaxation!" Everyone cheered. When they stopped, Bob continued.

"Now for the rules. You already know the first one, so let's move on. Everyone must contribute, whether gardening, cooking, sewing, cleaning, etc. The point is, you will have chores. But they're not that bad with all of us working together." A lot of people groaned at this point. "Quiet you!" he said with a smile and a wink. "Where was I? Oh, yes. Don't kill anyone. No fighting, if you can help it. Um, relax and have fun whenever possible. That's about it except for one. But this rule will only be told to you if it is felt necessary. It's kind of a touchy subject, but don't worry! Chances are, you won't need to know! So, that's basically it! We're pretty lax around here, so have fun! Just be sure to get your chores done!"

"Can we eat know?" someone shouted.

"Yes! Let's eat! To the kitchen!" Bob ordered, as if it were really necessary. Every one crowded into the rather large kitchen and began to pull food out of cupboards, drawers, and . . . a fridge? Yes, a fridge, and a large one at that! There was also a large freezer beside it, both hooked up to a generator.

"How the hell did you get those up here?" Tien asked, shocked.

"Hmm? Oh, we had them air lifted by copter. They were donated by a former brother. Remember the copter that flew by earlier? Well, they're the ones who brought them up for us, and for free! It seems that they remembered us from a previous passing." Orin explained, winking when he got to the last part.

"Oh." Tien took a look around him. Everyone was making their own breakfast with the various items on the table in the center of the room. He picked some fruit to have for his first meal of the day. After everyone had eaten, they started to clean up after themselves, putting away the uneaten food and washing any dishes used.

"Before anyone leaves, let's decide the fate of our new brethren! Is there anything you boys are particularly good at?" Bob asked.

"Well, Chaotzu is a very good cook, maybe he could help with the meals? And I could handle just about anything that doesn't take a lot of skill." Tien offered.

"Alright! Boys, we've got ourselves a cook!" Bob joked. "Chaotzu, you will have KP duty! If you don't mind."

"Oh, I don't mind at all! I love to cook!" Chaotzu exclaimed excitedly.

"Splendid! Now, Tien. We could use your help in the garden, how bout it?"

"Sure. Whatever I can do to help." Tien agreed.

"Alright then! Brother Seph, you help Chaotzu become more familiar with kitchen. Brother Clay, you show Tien around the garden and set to work. Now let's all get our work done quickly, so we can play later on! Let's go!" Everyone scattered, heading to there assigned tasks.

The day passed quickly. Tien was given the task of plowing, with Orin. Tien steadied the plow as Orin lead the old plow horse, Sassy, around. After a while, they had to let Sassy rest, this gave Tien an idea. It wasn't long before Tien pulled the plow with Orin steading it from behind, yelling for Tien to slow down every now and then. This gave the rest of the garden grew a good laugh! By the end of the day, the plowing was completely done, the ground ready for planting, and Tien and Orin were covered head to toe with dirt and sweat, and grinning ear to ear. Chaotzu took over the kitchen rather quickly, fixing lunch and dinner mostly by himself. The others were glad, they didn't really like to cook, they were just better at it than the others. They were already calling the kitchen 'Chaotzu's'.

And so the days passed with Chaotzu commanding the kitchen and Tien working so fast, they had him take care of the animals after the second day, just so that he would have something to do. Months flew by and winter came all too soon. Everything seemed to slow down. For one, there wasn't that much to do. Tien still took care of the animals, but then so did a lot of others out of sheer boredom. Chaotzu wasn't affected by the winter low, as some called it, for he was always needed in 'his' kitchen. Tien, however, was bored to tears.

"This truly is the winter of discontent!" Tien exclaimed, whilst laying on his bed one afternoon.

"Bored, I take it." Orin walked into their room, then sat on his bed.

"Obviously. Where have you been?" Tien asked, not really caring, but hoping for some sort of stimulation.

"The library."

"There's a library?" Tien couldn't believe he was just now hearing about this, even more surprised he hadn't stumbled upon it himself.

"Yeah. Want me to show you?" Orin offered.

"Maybe later. I don't feel like reading right now." Tien rolled over onto his stomach, his head, resting on his arms, faced Orin's direction.

"Why don't you take a nap? It will make the time pass." Orin suggested.

"I've been trying. I'm too restless."

"I know how to fix that. How bout a massage? You'll be sleeping like a baby in no time!" Orin offered. An image of Orin leaning over him with his hands moving over his back, and down his back, and further down . . . flashed through Tien's mind, causing him to react in an embarrassing way.

"Uh, that's not necessary! I don't want to impose!" Tien stammered.

"It's no problem at all! Besides, it gives me something to do as well. Now relax!" Orin stood up and closed the door, locking it. Tien hadn't noticed, he was too busy trying to calm himself. Orin removed his robe and threw it across his bed.

"You're going to have to take off your shirt." Orin told him. Tien removed his shirt without getting up, which kind of surprise Orin.

"I'm not even gonna ask." he said to himself. Orin climbed atop of Tien's bed and straddled the taller man, resting on top of his ass.

"Comfy?" Tien nodded, not trusting his voice. He hadn't expected this, and it was sweet torture. Orin started at Tien's shoulder and neck muscles, eliciting a moan from Tien's lips. More soon followed. Tien found himself relaxing at the ministrations of Orin's skillful hands. Orin worked his way down Tien's back, backing up the further down he when. He felt himself grow harder with each muscle he caressed and each knot he loosened. When he reached the waistband of Tien's sweat pants, both were agonizingly hard. Orin tugged at the garment.

"Should I continue?" Orin purred.

A/N: Why the HELL did I stop there?? Oh, yeah! To build suspence! ^^;; Hehe! Anyway, as you might can guess, the next part contains a lemon, so don't read if you're underaged, not fond of sex scenes, or offeneded by such scenes. If you haven't caught on by now, it's going to be a yaoi lemon, as in male/male sex. If that offends, how did you get this far?? I mean, don't read it. ^^;; I will mark the beginning and the end so you won't miss anything *other* than the lemon.

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