Part 8b

Still in Tibet . . .

Tien dreamed. He was at a baseball game. It was dark, the only light came from oil lamps positioned in various places. He was standing beside the dugout for one of the teams, he wasn't sure which. The players all looked the same, but on one team, they had light brown hair, and on the other, they had black hair and scars on their faces. Both teams played as if their lives depended on them winning. Tien watched, not sure which team to root for. He could hear people cheering for both sides, but the stands were empty. He was the only spectator, as far as he could see. The teams switched sides, and as they did, the umpire removed his face mask. It was Chaotzu. He spoke but Tien could not heard what he said over the noise of the non-existent crowd. Just then, the crowd started chanting. They were chanting his name, he realized.

"Tien! Tien! Tien!" over and over, they shouted. The ground began to shake.

"Tien! Tien! Tien, wake up!"

"Huh? Wha?" Tien came to. Orin had his hands on Tien's shoulders, he had been shaking him, trying to wake him up.

"It's morning. That must have been some dream you were having, you're still sweating!" Orin commented. Tien sat up. His shirt was soaked with sweat, he wasn't just sweating, he was sweating buckets! He striped the wet garment off, and sat on the edge of the bed.

'Now I really need a shower! Or at least a good soak in a bath.' he thought. Orin had walked over to the dresser, and was now pulling some towels out of the bottom drawer.

"Here." he said, handing a towel to Tien. "Let's go." Orin left the room. Tien quickly got up and followed him.

"Wait a minute!" he said as he caught up. "Where are we going?"

"Hot springs." Orin stated simply.

"Oh." Tien followed him blindly, his eyes never leaving Orin's naked, and very muscular back. The sinuous movements of muscle moving underneath smooth flesh was hypnotic, and Tien almost didn't notice when Orin stopped.

"Here we are!" They had stopped in the door way to the room that held within it a naturally formed hot spring. It was rather large and took up most of the space. It was surprisingly well lit. Tien saw why when he looked to his right. There was no wall, just an opening to the outside. Benches lined the walls, and there where stools lined up along the 'window', where some men were already washing, the run off flowing down grooves in the stone floor, that ran outside. There were hooks up on the left wall, where various pieces of clothing and towels hung, here and there.

"Wow." Tien said, rather stunned, especially by the magnificent, though unexpected, view.

"You said it!" Orin placed a hand on Tien's shoulder. "Come on!" he ushered Tien inside.

"Ah, Tien! You made it through the night, I see!" Bob called out from within the pool. "Rule number one! Bathe! Everyday, if possible. More rules later, but for now, relax!" Bob said, before swimming back out into the middle of the pool.

"Come on, you can leave your clothes over here." Orin took Tien over to the hooks. They placed their towels on a bench, then started to remove their clothes. Tien had barely gotten his pants undone, when Orin had completely removed his boxers and placed them, and his towel, on an empty hook. Tien tried not to look as he removed his pants and then his own boxers, but he couldn't help but steal a glance every know and then. Orin waited for him patiently, as he sat on the bench with their towels. After placing his clothes on an empty hook, Tien turned around to find Orin handing a towel to him. Tien took it and placed it on the hook with his clothes.

"Let's get cleaned up, shall we? I'll scrub your back , if you scrub mine, kay?" Orin asked over his shoulder, as he lead Tien over to an area beside the 'window', where buckets, soap, and sponges sat. They picked up two buckets, two sponges, and one bar of soap, before heading to the stools. After finding a couple of vacant stools, Orin handed the soap and sponges to Tien and took the buckets.

"Wait here, I'll get some water." Orin walked over to the pool, and filled the two buckets with the hot water. He returned to find that Tien hadn't moved a muscle.

"He can sit down, you know." he teased. Tien sat on the stool closest to him, and Orin sat on the other. "Here, let me see the soap." Tien handed him the soap and watched as Orin plunged the soap into the water and began to make a thick lather, then plunged the soap back into the water and continued making lather. He repeated this till the water was very soapy. He then let the soap sink to the bottom of the bucket. He took the sponges and soaked them with the soapy water, then handed one to Tien.

"Here you go." he then began to run his sponge over his body, dipping into the soapy water every now and then. Tien did like wise, but mostly watched Orin, rather than what he was doing. He watched as Orin moved his sponge over his smooth muscles, over his arms, his chest, down the plain of his stomach, but when he got to his groin, Tien looked away, and concentrated on washing his feet.

"Ready for you back?" Orin asked after a while.

"Huh? Uh, yeah, sure." Tien turned his back to Orin so he could wash it. Orin dipped his sponge into the soapy water yet again, then began washing Tien's back, starting at the top. His touch was surprisingly gentle, the motions of the sponge relaxing. As he moved down Tien's back, he placed a hand on his shoulder for support. The lower the sponge went, the more Tien's spine tingled.

"Lean forward, let me get the rest of you." Orin told him. Tien obeyed, not thinking. So he was a bit surprised, to say the least, when he felt a wet, warm sponge caress his ass. Orin was quick about it, though. He didn't want Tien to be uncomfortable.

"Now you do me!" Orin said once he finished. His unfortunate chose of words make Tien's breath cath in his throat. He turned around to find Orin already had his back facing him. At some point, Orin had put his hair up. Tien hadn't noticed. He dipped his sponge into the soapy water, then began to timidly wash Orin's back, concentrating on not scrubbing to hard.

"Mmm, that feels good! Now do the rest of my back." Orin said. Tien had been only washing his upper back, a bit nervous about washing the rest. He wondered if Orin wanted him to wash his ass as well. He moved the sponge slowly down Orin's back. When he got down to his ass, Orin leaned forward. After only a moments hesitation, Tien gently washed Orin's ass.

"Time to rinse off!" Orin said as he lifted the bucket of clean water and dumped the entire contents over Tien's head. As Tien sat there stunned, Orin took the bucket and got some more water.

"Still soapy?" he asked when he returned. Tien blinked.

"Uh, yeah. Here and there." Tien said.

"Stand up and let me get the rest of it." Tien stood and Orin slowly poured water over his body, making sure to get all the soap off.

"Could you hand me the other bucket?" Tien nodded and bent over to pick up the bucket behind him. With the last of the clean water, Orin splashed Tien's upturned ass. The shock made Tien snap up.

"Did you have to do that?!?"

"Yup! You were still soapy there, too!" Orin left Tien standing there as he got some more water. He came back and handed the bucket to Tien.

"Rinse me off, would ya?" Tien gave him a look that said 'alright but you'll regret it!' and started rinsing him off. When he just about finished, he ran out of water.

"I need more water, I'll be right back." While Tien fetched more water, Orin walked up to the edge, and leaned against one of the support pillars. The sun peeked between two mountains, it's light warming Orin's wet skin. Tien walked up beside him.

"That's some view." Tien commented.

"Mmm-hmm." Orin agreed. Tien looked down.

"Hey, what's that?" Tien asked, pointing down.

"Hmm? Where?"

"Down there. Can't you see it?"

"No, I don't see anything."

"Too bad. It's really something." Tien started to walk off. Determined to find out what he was pointing at, Orin got down on his hands and knees to get a better look.

"I still don't see . . ."


"I really should have seen that coming!" Orin stood and turned to find Tien grinning from ear to ear, with 'gottcha' written all over his face.

"Okay, I deserved that. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to wash my hair." he walked over to where the buckets and stuff was kept, shaking water from his legs like a wet cat. Tien went after him.

"You're not mad, are ya?" Tien asked.

"Me? Mad? Naw! It's all good." Orin said, picking up some shampoo. "To show you there are no hard feelings, you can wash my hair!" Orin smiled, handing Tien the bottle, then headed back to the stools.

"Alright, but only if you wash mine!" Tien joked. He then got some more water, since he still had the bucket, and joined Orin, who was taking his hair down. He shook his hair loose, running his fingers through the strands quickly. Tien set the bottle down beside him, then poured half of the water over Orin's head, soaking his hair. Setting down the bucket, Tien picked up the bottle. He opened it and poured a good amount of shampoo into his hand, then set the bottle down again. He smoothed the herbal mix over both his hands, then started in on Orin's hair. He worked up quite a bit of lather, working it into hair, starting at the roots and working his way down to the tips. Tien never imagine that washing someone's hair would be so interesting. The shampoo slick hairs created a strange sensation over his skin. He almost lost himself in the task. If it wasn't for the sudden buzzing sound, who knows when he would have stopped.

"What's that buzzing sound?" Tien asked.

"Well, every now and then, an airplane or helicopter will pass by here, and that's most likely what it is."

"Will they see us?"

"Depends on which way they're looking." Just then a helicopter passed by, then turned around and flew in closer. Most of the men in the room walked up to the opening, and waved at the helicopter, which kept making passes. Hooting and hollering could be heard from within the copter, making it evident that a bunch of women were aboard.

"Does this happen often?" Tien asked, a bit surprised by the other's actions.

"Not really. But the occurrences have been increasing lately." The copter made one more pass before leaving.

"Come back anytime!" someone shouted, as they waved goodbye. Tien thought it was Bob. Everyone went back to what they were doing after the copter disappeared from sight.

"Hmm. Lean back, if you don't want to get shampoo in your eyes." Tien warned. Orin leaned his head back and Tien supported his neck as he poured the rest of the water over his hair, rinsing out the shampoo.

"Thanks, baldy!" Orin rubbed Tien's head. "Race you to the pool?"

"The floor's wet! You could slip and hurt yourself! And it's not exactly far, either. So why race?"

"Thanks for my concern, but I can handle myself! Why not race? Afraid you'll lose?" he teased.

"Hardly." Tien stated.

"Then come on! Let's go!" Orin egged him on.

"Fine." Tien gave in, knowing that if Orin did slip, he could catch him before he hit the ground. And it was a short distance, he might not slip.

"Alright! Ready? Go!" Orin took off.

"Hey!" Tien shouted, then took off himself. Orin looked back briefly to see how far back Tien was, but he didn't see him. He looked back towards the pool, and saw Tien at it's edge, waving.

"How the hell?" he said, right before slipping halfway to the pool. Tien caught him in his arms as he fell forward. Tien helped him stand back up, then reluctantly let go.

"How the hell did you do that?" Orin asked, still not quite believing what he had seen. Tien shrugged.

"I just ran. Not like I flew, or anything." Tien said. Orin watched him in amazement as he walked back to the pool and jumped in.

'There's more to this guy than I figured! Not only is he incredibly fast, but he's got a great ass to boot!' Orin thought, as walked the rest of the way to the pool and climbed in.

A/N: I'm sure you can all see where *this* is going! ^_~ Anyway, can you tell I took a technical writing course before writing this? - -;; Hopefully, I'll get better at this writing stuff! ^_~

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