Part 4

Goten and Piccolo watched Gohan leave. Piccolo had a forlorn look on his face, as if he might not see Gohan again. He got dressed, or rather, he materialized himself some shorts. He didn't feel like wearing much that day, and it was rather warm. He sat down on the cool grass, leaning back on his elbows. He glanced over at Goten, who was still staring at the spot where his big brother had disappeared, lost in thought, and looked him over, taking notice of what he was wearing. Piccolo smiled, or rather smirked or leered, depending on how you looked at it. 'It seems Goten takes after his brother in the looks department. I wonder . . .' he let his thoughts drift as he continued to gaze at the youth standing before him as his hand played idly with the waistband of his shorts.

"Hey, Piccolo, do you know . . ." Goten stopped when he noticed how Piccolo was looking at him. Piccolo, after realizing that Goten had spoken to him, snapped out of it, after tearing his gaze off his ass.

"Hmm? What was that, Goten?"

"Uuuh . . . Nothing! It's not important!" Goten said, rather disturbed by the Namek's sudden attentions.

"Oh." Piccolo paused. "You know . . . You remind me of Gohan when he was you age."

"I do?" Goten squeaked. Piccolo chuckled.

"You even squeak when you're nervous!" Goten blushed slightly. This only made him chuckle more.

"You're even cute when you blush!" Piccolo proclaimed. Goten blushed a deeper shade of red and looked away, fidgeting.

"I, uh, I have to go! See ya!" And with that, Goten flew off in the direction of Capsule Corp.

"Great. Now I have no one to play with!" Piccolo muttered to himself. He rolled over onto his stomach and plucked at the grass blades, bored out of his mind.

Switch to Goten . . .

'Man, that was weird! I better tell Gohan to keep his boyfriend on a shorter leash!' And with that thought, an image of Piccolo wearing a studded dog-collar and leash and nothing else flitted through his mind.

'Gah! Must think of something else! Must think of something else! Think of Dad. Why is he back? Who brought him back? Obviously not Mom or Zarbon. Nor Gohan or Piccolo.' The image flashed through his mind again when he thought 'Piccolo'.

'Gah! Who else? Who else? Let's see . . . Krillin? Nah, he's happy as can be with 18. Sure he wishes Dad could have been there, but he knew he would be heart-broken about Mom. Hmm . . . Yamcha? Not likely. Too busy catting around, even for his age! The man still gets around! Bulma? No, she wouldn't because of Mom. I know it's not Trunks and Bra didn't really know him that much. Tien? Chaotzu? I heard Tien was living with someone and Chaotzu's staying with Korin, and he wouldn't bring dad back either. Dende and Popo wouldn't either. 17? Possibly. I know he had a dragonball and could have used the earth's dragon to wish himself to New Namek and use their dragon to wish Dad back. But then, so could Vegeta. He also had a dragonball. But why would either of them want Dad back? To fight him? That hardly makes sense. Why go through all the trouble to get your butt kicked? Could they miss him? Is that it? Oh, that makes even less sense than the fight theory! Dang, I'm getting a headache! I'll ask Trunks, maybe he can think of a reason.' With that final thought, Goten landed on the lawn of Capsule Corp.

Cut to Capsule Corp. interior, outside the main bathroom's door . . .

Bra had had enough. She stood there with her arms crossed and her foot tapping angrily. He had been in there for over an hour already and she needed in there. She didn't understand why he didn't just use his own bathroom, it's not like it was in the middle of being remodeled like hers was. She would just use her Mom's bathroom, or even his, but all her stuff was in there, and she needed some of it to be ready for when Goten came to get Trunks.

"Grrr! Trunks! Get out of there! Why don't you use your own bathroom?" she shouted through the door.

"Because it's not big enough! What's your hurry, anyway? Got a hot date?" he teased.

"Do you? Is that why you're taking so long and need a bigger bathroom? What are you doing in there anyway? Shaving your legs?" she shot right back at him.

"No. And it's none of your business what I'm doing!" he said as he applied Bra's mascara to his eyelashes.

"Fine! As long as you're not using any of my stuff!" she leaned against the door.

'Oops. I'll buy her some more later.' he thought as he now made use of her eyeliner.

"When's Goten coming to get you, anyway?" Bra asked, twirling a few strands of her hair around her finger.

"Oh, so that's it! You've got a crush on Goten, don't you?" Trunks teased.

"No! Well, not really. Maybe. Okay, I do! But don't you dare tell him or anyone, got it?" Bra denied, broke down, admitted, and demanded.

"Ooh, Sis has a crush on Goten! Who should I tell first?" he mercilessly teased her.

"Trunks, don't you dare!" Bra shouted through the door, wide-eyed and frantic that her secret might be revealed.

"Trunks! Goten is here!" Bulma shouted up the stairs.

"Kuso! Already? We weren't suppose to meet till this afternoon! Kuso!" Trunks hurried to finish getting ready and put back what he had 'borrowed' from Bra, hoping she won't notice.

"Hey, Bra-chan!" Goten walked up the stairs. "How's my favorite girl?" He leaned down and kissed her on the cheek, causing her to blush and giggle.

"Goten, are you making my sister giggle again?" Trunks called out from inside the bathroom.

"Oh, shut up, Trunks!" she admonished him. "So, Goten-san. How are you today?" she leaned against the banister and batted her eyelashes, obviously flirting. Obvious, that is, to everyone but Goten. At that moment, Trunks emerged from the bathroom, wearing only a small bath towel, held closed by his hand.

"A bit early today, aren'tcha? I'm not even dressed yet!" Trunks said. Goten looked him over.

"No kidding! You planning to get dressed anytime soon?" Goten was hoping it wouldn't be too soon!

"Weren't you wearing clothes when you went in there?" Bra asked.

"Yeah, but they went down the laundry shoot. That a problem, sis?"

"No, just curious."

"Good! Come on, Goten." Trunks motioned for Goten to follow him as he headed down the hall.

"Hey! Where ya going?" Bra asked, upset that Trunks was taking a very sexy Goten form her.

"To my room so I can get dressed! You can come too, if you really want to see your brother naked, that is!" Trunks joked.

"Oh, you're impossible! I don't see how Goten can stand to be around you!"

"Thought not!" Trunks laughed and they continued on.

"You know, she might just take you up on that offer one of . . ." Goten started but was interrupted by a familiar voice.

"On second thought, I think I'll join you!" Bra said, walking up behind the two stunned boys. "Is that a problem, bro?" she mimicked his earlier words.

"No. Not with me. How bout you?"

"Goten, you're not helping!"

"Great! Let's go, boys!" Bra said, taking the lead.

"Thanks a lot!"

"Hey, it was your offer! You should know better!" Goten smiled, even though he had been wanting be alone with Trunks. A very *naked* Trunks.

'Kuso! I was so close to getting him alone! And he looks so hot! I could have told him and we could have . . . Ah, who am I kidding? I would have chickened out. He probably doesn't even think of me that way! ' They reached Trunks' room, where Bra sat on the bed and motioned for Goten to sit beside her. Which he did, which only irked Trunks more. He closed the door and dropped his towel onto the pile of dirty laundry in the corner. Bra and Goten just sat there, wide-eyed and blinking.

'Oh . . . my . . . stars! Are all guys that big? Is Goten?" Bra thought.

'Wow!' was the only thing that went through Goten's mind besides very vivid images of himself and the now completely naked Trunks standing before him. Sure, he had seen him naked before, but they were just little kids since the last time. Trunks had grown since then. And quite a bit, to say the least!

Trunks paid no attention to them as he took a pair of underwear and some socks out of his drawer. After he had slipped the underwear on, Bra and Goten snapped out of it. Bra stared at her feet, blushing with embarrassment for staring so blatantly at her brother. Goten wiped the drool from his mouth discreetly and crossed his legs, as if bored, but for a different reason all together. Trunks sat down beside Goten to put his socks on.

"So. What's new?" Trunks asked.

"Oh, not much. Dad's back, he made Mom cry, I think Piccolo made a pass at me, and I haven't had breakfast yet. What's new with you?"

A/N: Kuso means . . . um, damn, I think ^^;; Well, it's a cuss word, anyway. Oh, and Bra (or Bura) didn't notice Trunks' use of her make-up because of Goten's presence. ^_~

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