Part 2

Goten stretched as he sat up in his bed and yawned, shaking his head to clear the sleep from his mind. He leisurely scratched various places of his body, clad only in a pair of pale blue boxers.

'Hmm? Dad? No, that can't be Dad! It's probably just Gohan again.' Goten thought after noticing the large power level leaving the house.

'I must still be dreaming if I thought it was Dad.' Yawning again, he got up and shuffled over to his dresser. Randomly pulling a pair of jeans and a sweat shirt out of the drawers, he made his way to the bathroom. He emerged a minute later, clean and clothed, in a pair of tight blue jeans and a loose fitting yellow sweatshirt. Looking himself over in the full-length mirror in his closet, he ran his fingers through his short, still damp hair.

'What am I doing today? Oh, yeah! I'm sparring with Trunks today! How could I forget! Well, this won't do!' He pulled of the sweatshirt, flinging it onto his unmade bed. He unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, then pulled them off, nearly taking his boxers with them. After a little consideration, he yanked those off too. He kicked the discarded garments over to his bed.

'Now, what to wear . . . I will need something for maximum movement . . . and sexy! Definitely sexy!' he thought, with a devilish smirk on his face. Burrowing through his dresser draws, he found what he was looking for; a black tank top and a pair of short, tight, denim cutoffs. So short, in fact, that if he bent over too far, they would ride up and reveal some of his cheeks.

"Perfect! Now what to wear underneath?" He rummaged through his underwear drawer, looking for the right garment. Then he found it, or rather the box it was in. The 'anonymous' gag gift Trunks gave him for his Birthday last year. An assortment of g-strings! Most of them were ridiculous and far too tacky, but there was one in particular that he liked. It was silk with red and black tiger stripes. That was the real present! The rest were just filler. Goten reached to the bottom of the box and lifted it out. He ran his fingers over the silky smooth fabric, wondering what it would feel like wearing it. He slipped it on. The cool silk created an interesting sensation against his warm crotch. The string would take some getting used to, though. It was a perfect fit. Goten couldn't help but wonder if Trunks had tried it on himself to make sure it would fit. The thought of wearing something that had previously caressed Trunks' naked crotch that now covered his own, made him start to grow hard.

'Ooh, boy! Snap out of it, Goten! You can't go down stair with a hard-on!' he admonished himself, giving his face a few quick slaps. 'What would Mom think?' That seemed to do the trick, but now he was hyperventilating, not only by what she would think, but by what she would also say and do!

'Calm down! It won't do any good to pass out only to be found, in a g-string, by your mother!' Closing his eyes, he took a few deep breaths and steadied himself against the dresser. After a moment, he calmed down enough to finish dressing. He slipped on the tank top, which seemed to have shrunk since he had last worn it. It barely reached below his waist and the fabric clung to his muscles. He wiggled into his tight shorts and tucked in his tank top as much as he could. He rummaged through his closet and found an old, soft, denim shirt. He slipped it on and rolled up the sleeves to just past his elbows. Checking his refection again, he noticed that the shirt came down below the end of his shorts, giving the appearance that he wasn't wearing any pants, at least from the back and the sides.

'I better tuck it in or Mom will have a fit!' Without buttoning the shirt, he tucked the end into his waistband, which was all he could get in anyway. The result gave his shirt a rather puffed and relaxed look, and combined with the tight tank and short shorts, he looked very sexy indeed! He looked himself over once more and proclaimed "It'll do." He grabbed his wallet off the dresser top and put it in his shirt pocket and made his way down stairs.

Half way down the stairs, he realized that someone, his mother, was crying. He flew down the stairs and followed the sound to the kitchen. He rushed in to find his mother on the floor, sobbing in Zarbon's embrace.

"Mom! What's wrong? What happened?" he exclaimed as he rushed to her side.

"Your father's back! I don't know how, or why, or even who did it! I just know he's back and he knows!" Chichi started sobbing anew, fresh tears streaming down her face. A torrent of emotions tore through Goten, as was evident on his face as he held his mother close. He felt happy that Goku was back, but upset because Chichi was crying, and thoroughly confused about everything. He was mad, and surprised, that his father would say or do something that would hurt his mother in anyway, but he also felt for him, as he could imagine what he must be going through. Coming back from the dead and finding your wife had remarried is not something one can deal with easily, even Goku. He must feel betrayed and hurt.

"Don't worry, Mom. Everything will be alright. I'll go get Gohan and we'll go after him. I'm sure after he thinks things through, he'll understand. It will be okay." He gently away from her and stood. Chichi's crying had subsided to a gentle sobbing and a bit of hiccuping.

"Be ca-careful! He seemed awfully mad when h-he left!" she warned.

"Don't worry. We will." with that, he leapt up the stairs and bounded into Gohan's room. Gohan's empty room. Gohan's empty and clean room. Which means he hadn't come home yesterday.

"Great. You guys have perfect timing!" he muttered under his breath. He walked over to the window and opened it quietly. 'No need for Mom to know about this.' He slipped out and flew in the general direction of Piccolo's waterfall, hoping that that's where they would be.

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