Part 1

Goku flew to within 50 feet of his house and landed on the soft green grass.

'There it is, my home! I can't wait to see Chichi again! I bet the boys will be glad to see me! I can't wait to see them and the others. . .' Goku thought, taking in the peaceful surroundings of his former home. 'If I can't wait, why am I waiting?!?' With that thought, Goku all but ran to the front porch, where he slowed his pace, somewhat anxious and scared of seeing his family again. It had been 5 years since he last saw them. Things will be different and awkward, and he wasn't sure how he'd handle the changes. He walked up to the door and, with one last deep breath, he silently slipped inside. The house was dark and quiet.

'They must still be asleep. I'll wait for them in the kitchen, and while I'm there, I might as well get something to eat!' He silently made his way to the kitchen, but as he got closer, he could hear some faint sounds, water running, chopping, humming . . .

'Humming? Oh, it must be Chichi! But she only hums after . . . nah! She must be humming for another reason! I've been dead, after all! She must know I was coming back and she's fixing me something to eat! Yeah, that must be it!' he slipped into the kitchen unnoticed by the occupants. Chichi stood at a counter, chopping some vegetables. She wore an oversized men's blue pajama top and her black hair was cascading down her back, early morning sun-light making it shine.

Goku leaned up against the wall as he lost himself in the vision before him. He didn't even notice that the fridge door was open. He did, however, notice when it was shut, revealing Zarbon, wearing only loosely fitting blue pajama bottoms, that matched Chichi's shirt perfectly. This fact didn't register in Goku's mind, not until much later.

Zarbon carried a carton of milk, eggs, and cheese over to the counter where Chichi was chopping. After placing the items on the counter, he placed his hand on Chichi's shoulder and whispered something in her ears. Goku just watched with a confused look on his face, wondering why Chichi hadn't thrown him out the window by now. Chichi giggled.

'Why is she letting him touch her? And why is she giggling?!? Something's not right here! If any guy besides me were doing that, he would be black and blue by now! Has she changed that much? What's going on here?' Rather than voicing his questions, he just stood there and watched.

Chichi put her arm around Zarbon's waist and rested her head on his shoulder, saying something about the boys being up soon, and that they'd better get dressed. Zarbon ran his fingers through her hair, the sunlight streaming through the windows catching in the silky strands.

"Or," Zarbon started "we could go upstairs and lock ourselves in the bedroom!" he finished, taking her into his arms.

"Oh, Zarbon!" Chichi giggled. "We did that yesterday! What would the boys think?" she said, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"I don't know, but it would most likely be accurate!" By this point, Goku's eye were wide open, his mouth ajar, and shaking his head slowly in disbelief. He didn't hear what was said next, for the sound of his heart beating in his ears was too loud. His pulse was racing, his mind was reeling, and the floor seemed to move beneath him. With his eyes squeezed shut and his fist and teeth clenched, it took all of his control not to throttle the green alien with his own braid. His own instincts were wagging a war within him against his feelings.

"Oh, Zarbon! I love it when you do that! Goku never did that to me!" Those words stopped his heart cold, causing it to shatter into as many pieces as there are stars in the heavens. The war over, tears started flowing down his cheeks, his anguish clear upon his face.

"No . . ." he whispered, backing to the door. This caught the lovebirds' attention. Thinking it was one of the boys, Chichi hid behind Zarbon, embarrassed to have one of her sons to see her in nothing but a pajama top. Zarbon turned to see who it was, and was faced with quite a surprise.

"Goku? Is that really you?" Upon hearing Goku's name, Chichi peeked around Zarbon shoulder.

"Goku! You're back! How? When? Why? Who? Oh, Goku!" She rushed to him, tears in her eyes, but he backed away, looking back and forth between her and Zarbon.

"Oh. Listen, Goku. You've been dead for years, and our vows said 'to death do us part' and you've been dead so many times and . . . we didn't think you'd be coming back, and . . . well, I got lonely and . . ." Chichi babbled.

"And we got married." Zarbon finished for her, stepping behind her and placing a reassuring hand on her shoulder, which she covered with her own hand. Goku turned to the door, his back to them, and with three last words said with as much vehemence as he could muster in his current state, he flew blindly out of the house that used to be his, tears flowing down his face, blurring his vision. He headed in no particular direction, he just wanted to get away from what he was so eager to get back to just moments ago.

"How could I, Goku? How could I not!" Chichi broke down in tears, sinking to the floor. Zarbon cradled her in his arms, rocking her back and forth, and stroking her hair, whispering comforting words.

A/N: I know what you're thinking . . . 'What the hell is Zarbon doing there??' Weeell . . . in this particular universe, Zarbon didn't die on Namek, and when everyone except Goku and Frieza were sent to earth, he opted to stay. On earth, that is. ^^;; In fact, he stayed at the Son house. But that's another story. ^_~ At least now you know, right? ^^

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