I Came Back From the Dead For This?

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Disclaimer: I don't own DragonBall Z/GT, as much as I want to. But this fic is mine.

Warnings: This is AU. If you don't like AU fics, then don't read this. This also contains yaoi and shonen ai. Again, if you don't like that, then don't read. This might also have lemons, I'm not sure yet. If you are not mature enough to handle that, then don't read the lemons, if any. Okies?

Spoilers: Probly not. Though, be careful with the flashbacks. And I haven't actually seen DBGT, so don't expect it to follow it, at all! ^^;; Read at your own risk!


A dark figure stood before the enormous dragon of New Namek. He motioned to the Namekian who had agreed to translate his wishes to the eternal dragon.

"Are you sure this will work? I don't want to waste any wishes." He asked, the slight tremble in his voice barely detectable. Ocarina smiled at him, knowing the reason for his unease.

"I see no reason why it shouldn't." Ocarina assured him.

"Then get on with it!" He snapped, irritated by the delay. Ocarina turned to Purunga, sighing softly.

"This bozo wishes that the one called Goku be brought back to life." Ocarina said the Namekian language.

"Your wish is granted. You have two more wishes. Make them now, so I can get back to my nap!" Purunga said.

"We wish the one called Goku and this bozo" Ocarina pointed to the dark figure, "back to Earth."

"This will take both wishes." Purunga warned.

"Then so be it." Ocarina gave the go ahead. With a flash of light, the dark figure found himself standing atop a hill in a forest not far from where Goku used to live. But Goku was nowhere to be found.

"Damnit! Where is he? He better not have . . . " he stopped in his tracks. "No! He did! Kuso!" He made a beeline for Goku's current position. 'It's not suppose to happen this way!' he thought angrily, and a little scared.

A/N: Short, wasn't it? ^^;; It gets better, or so I've been told. ^^