It was a sultry summer night when I finally gave in to my hunger. I began my journey to my love's room just after midnight, when I knew everyone else would be asleep. I climbed outside my window, and quietly moved around the building, close to the ground. I was outside his window within minutes, anxious to be near him, to taste him. I paused a moment outside, listening. All was quiet. Everything was going according to plan.

Stealthily, I moved closer to my love's bedroom window and peeked inside. The curtains were open, and I could see him clearly. He's sleeping soundly. I watched his chest rise and fall with each breath he took. A faint sheen covered his bare skin from the summer heat. A single sheet covered him from his waist, to just above his knees. I was certain he wasn't wearing anything underneath.

His head turned toward me, a look of innocence upon his face. He looks rather angelic when he's asleep, so serene so . . . delicious . . . I licked my lips as I quietly climbed through the open window. He stirred, causing the sheet to fall to the floor. He was indeed bare. My eyes devoured every inch of his god-like physique.

Slowly, I walked over to him, his scent overpowering from that distance. I watched him. I watched as sweat formed on his body and glistened in the faint light from outside. I watched as he squirmed in his sleep. I watched as his luscious lips formed my name. And I watched as he woke up, sensing my presence.

He looked at me, eyes wide with questions. His eyes . . oh, I could drown in those eyes! They're so deep and shine like fine jewels . . . a treasure that only I could claim! I knelt beside his bed, and cupped his cheek in my hand. He started to speak, but I silenced his lips with my own. I ravished his mouth as I had been longing to do for too long. He moaned under my assault, yielding to me as he never would before.

After pulling away from our soul-searing kiss, I began to rain kisses down his neck, down his well sculpted chest, pausing only to pay homage to each nipple, sucking on then twirling my tongue around each nub, hardening them even as I nipped at them each in turn.

He laid back down, a moan issuing from his lips, caused by my oral ministrations. My lips and tongue traveled further south, exploring each crevice and curve, committing them to memory. His shaft, already hot and throbbing, begged for my attention, as I nuzzled the soft fur surrounding it. I moved back, my mouth pausing directly over the head, my cool breath causing him to shiver beneath me as his hips bucked forward.

I climbed onto the bed, straddling his legs. I placed my hands on his hips, holding him down. I leaned forward, my face mere inches from his throbbing need. I licked the tip, tasting his salty-sweet skin, savoring the texture and flavor. A faint whimper escapes him as his control starts to waiver. And I'd only just begun! I began licking his shaft, up and down, over and crossways, gauging his reactions by his mewling. He yelped as I gently nipped at the base of his cock, a few drops of salty-sweetness appearing at the tip. I lapped it up greedily, sucking on the head without relent, in the hopes of getting more.

My love covered his mouth to muffle his moaning, a few tears fell down his cheeks from my torture. Without further hesitation, I plunged his erection deep into my mouth, sucking and lavishing his cock with my tongue. He bit into his hand to keep from crying aloud, whimpering and moaning from the wet warmth encasing him and my tongues manipulation as it tantalized his nerve endings. I pinched the base of his cock with one hand, as the other massaged his balls. He writhed beneath me, gasping for air, no longer able to make any other sounds. I felt his hand grab my head, his fingers in my hair, as he quickened my pace. I reached up, slipping my fingers into his mouth. Slick with saliva, I trailed them down his chest, over his taut abs, and down to the tight entrance of his ass. I slipped a finger in as I continued working on his cock. I felt him tense around my digit briefly, before relaxing with pleasure. I probed deeper, searching for the right spot. A sharp intake of breath from above told me I had found it. Another finger soon followed. Soon his body locked up, every muscle clenching as he filled my mouth with his essence. I drank it up hungrily, finally getting my fill of the bitter-sweat fluid. His limp dick slid out of my mouth as I sat up.

He looked at me with weary eyes, asking me to stay without a word. I answered by undressing. After picking up the sheet, I lied down beside him. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders as I rested my head on his chest. He reached for my face with his free hand. It was still bleeding from when he had bit it. I took his hand and licked up the blood, savoring the metallic taste. I got desert after all. He fell asleep first, snoring softly, and I soon followed.