Honor Thy Children

Song: The Eleventh Commandment

Sung by: Collin Raye

Written by: Karen Taylor-Good & Lisa Aschmann

Lyrics in Italics

Note: Some changes have been made to fit the fic

Warnings: Incest, rape, shota, abuse, death, dark, character bastardization, OOC-ness, and, of course, AU

Ten-year-old Trunks laid in his bed, his eyes closed, his breathing steady and deep, but he was wide awake. He had been trying to sleep for hours, the clock on his night stand read 1:47 AM. An uneasy feeling settled in the pit of his stomach earlier, when he was about to go to bed.


When he went into the living room to kiss his mother good-night, he was surprised to find Vegeta sitting on the couch, staring blankly at the television screen. He gulped, then quietly walked up to Bulma and kissed her check, telling her he was going to bed. As he left the room, he glanced at Vegeta, to see if he even noticed that he had entered the room. Vegeta looked right at him, a familiar look on his face, one Trunks did not like to see. He quickly ran upstairs and to his room, closing the door behind him. His heart pounded and a cold sweat covered his body.

-end flashback-

Trunks froze as his ears picked up a faint sound coming from down the hall. A door opening and closing. Heavy breathing . . .

(S)He hears his heavy breathing in the dark ~

Heavy footsteps, slightly muffled by the thick carpeting . . .

His footsteps coming closer down the hall ~

They stopped right outside his door. Trunks tried not to panic, tried to slow his breathing. He knew the lock wouldn't keep him out, so he kept it unlatched, so as to not make him angry. If he tried to escape or fight back, he'd only make things worse. So he laid still, hoping Vegeta would change his mind, but knowing he wouldn't.

The door opened slowly, quietly. Vegeta walked into the room, closing the door softly behind him. He walked to the bed and stood there watching Trunks breathe. He sat on the edge of the bed, his weight causing the mattress to lean to one side, and the coils to moan. He brushed a few loose strands of hair out of Trunks' face, caressing his cheek.

(S)He's so ashamed, (s)he's Daddy's secret love ~

"Open your eyes." Vegeta whispered, but with commanding tones. Trunks opened them, knowing better than to disobey. He noticed Vegeta was already naked, and rubbing himself. With his other hand, Vegeta pulled back the blanket. Trunks was wearing a pair of briefs and nothing else. Subconsciously, he knew having less on would make things go faster, and therefore end sooner.

Vegeta ran his hand up Trunks' exposed thigh and up to his crotch. He massaged the small bundle gently as Trunks bit his bottom lip. Vegeta grabbed the waistband, pulling it down. Trunks lifted his hips slightly, so that he could get them off easier. The garment removed, Vegeta shoved two fingers into his son's mouth. Trunks sucked on them, knowing that if he didn't, he'd only be hurting himself. Satisfied with the job done, Vegeta pulled them out. Trunks spread his legs, dreading what was coming. Vegeta slowly inserted one finger into his son, watching as Trunks tried not to move or cry out.

(S)He wants to cry, ~

Trunks bit into his arm, trying to distract himself from the pain. Tears stung his eyes as he tried to calm down, telling himself to relax. As his breathing deepened, he felt himself relaxing and the pain subsiding. That's when Vegeta added another finger. His muscles clenched again briefly, but began to relax again as Vegeta stretched him.

Vegeta removed his fingers, then climbed atop the bed, kneeling over his son. Trunks could tell he was getting impatient, and turned over, getting on his hands and knees. Vegeta grabbed his hips, pulling him close. Trunks took a deep breath, holding it as he waited for the pain. He wasn't disappointed. Vegeta slowly slipped into Trunks, savoring his son's tightness.

(S)He wants to die, ~

Vegeta didn't wait long before pulling back, then start thrusting with vigor. Trunks felt himself tearing inside, his blood lubricating his father's cock, as it slammed in and out of him relentlessly. Trunks bit his lip, causing it to bleed, to keep himself from crying out in pain, tears streaming down his cheeks. After what seemed like an eternity, Trunks felt Vegeta cum inside him, then slid out with a wet sound. Vegeta got off the bed, wiping himself off with the blanket. Trunks' arms and legs were shaking, blood and semen oozing out his ass. Vegeta tossed the blanket onto the mattress, then left the room, leaving Trunks to cry himself to sleep. Trunks collapsed, his limbs giving out, and passed out from the still present pain throbbing inside him.

But he can't get enough ~

Twelve-year-old Marron checked her reflection as she brushed her teeth. One eye was swollen shut, a large, dark bruise surrounding it. A long, purple bruise graced the bottom of her cheek. A particularly nasty bruise covered her right shoulder, running down her arm.

Momma sure packs a whollup. She thought as she washed her mouth out. Hurry home, Papa. I'm not sure how much more I of this can take. She quickly, though carefully, dressed, and gathered her school books.

The bruises on (his)her face will go away ~

Once in the kitchen, Marron fixed herself a bowl of cereal, eating it quickly, then grabbed some fruit for lunch. She quietly headed for the front door, hoping her mother was still asleep. She opened the door to find her standing on the porch, waiting for her.

"Where do you think you're going?" Juuhachi demanded, arms crossed over her chest, eyes ablaze.

Mom keeps (him)her home from school till they fade ~

"T-to school, Momma." Marron stuttered, as she held her book-bag to her chest, as if it were armor. Juuhachi walked up to her daughter.

"Not like that, you're not! Get back in the house right now!" She ordered, pointing towards the door. Marron backed up, stumbling over the threshold, and into the house. Juuhachi followed her in.

"It's your fault, you know. If it wasn't for you, he'd never go off on those trips. He only leaves to get away from you." Juuhachi stated with a cold calm.

"Momma, that's not true! Don't say things like that!" Marron cried as she backed away from her mother, who was slowly approaching her. "His job takes him away, he doesn't like to go!"

"Oh, no. That's what he wants us to think. But I know the truth! It's because of you, you little bitch! He can't stand you, and neither can I! I curse the day you were born!" Juuhachi now had her backed against a wall.

She's sorry (he)she was born and tells (him)her so ~

"That's not true! You can't mean that!" Marron sobbed, tears pouring down her still bruised cheeks.

"Oh, it is and I do! Every damn word of it! You've been nothing but a pain to me since you were born! You were always causing trouble and now you've caused him to leave! He's never coming back, and it's all your fault!" Juuhachi shouted, mere inches from Marron. Horror-stuck, Marron just stood there, eyes wide. Every word her mother just said echoed in her head. Everything began sinking in, and she closed her eye tightly as she began sobbing quietly, her head hung low.

(He)She takes it in, (he)she hangs her chin, ~

"And I'm going to make you pay!" Juuhachi said in a deep, low voice.

(He)She ducks another blow ~

Did God overlook it?~

What ought have been written~

The eleventh commandment~

Honor thy children~

On the second floor of the West Capitol Mercy Hospital, there is an infant in the maternity ward who had recently lost his mother, who died shortly after giving birth. His brother has come to see him, and is trying to quiet his crying.

He cries for hours, cries and never stops ~

Gohan talks to him, telling him of their mother. Little Goten just cries on.

"She was strong, she was always strong. After Dad died . . . again . . . she just became so depressed. I've never seen her like that before. She didn't know about you, though. If she had, I'm sure she would have been happy. And she would have . . ." Gohan choked on his own tears, not about to continue. He started shaking, his nose ran, and tears streamed down his cheeks. He wasn't the only one shaking.

He shakes so hard his little cradle rocks ~

Gohan pulls a blanket over his little brother, thinking he's cold.

"I'm afraid that won't do much good. He's not shaking from cold." A man said behind him. "Chances are, he won't be able to walk when he's older. Or even talk, for that matter." Gohan stared at the doctor, confusion on his face.

"What do you mean? Is there something wrong with Goten?" The doctor frowned worriedly.

"You didn't know?" He asked cautiously. Gohan shook his head, wondering what he meant.

He'll never have the chance to be brand new ~

He'll never walk, he'll never talk, ~

"Come with me, son. Let's talk about this someplace more private." The doctor lead Gohan to his office, then told Gohan the bitter truth.

After Goku's death, Chichi became very depressed, that Gohan knew. What he didn't know, was that she had turned to drugs to cope with her loss. Once she found out she was pregnant, she was too far gone. She tried to quit, but couldn't stay away form what made her feel so good. In the end, her addiction killed her. She had been weakened considerably, and the pain of childbirth was too much for her. She lived just long enough to name her baby.

He's addicted too ~

Did God overlook it? ~

What ought have been written ~

The eleventh commandment ~

Honor thy children ~

Thou shalt not kill ~

Thou shalt not steal ~

Thou shalt not take the Lord's name in vain ~

Thou shalt not cause thy children pain ~

"Trunks? Wake up, honey. It's time for school. Trunks?" Bulma called through Trunks' door. After a moment of silence, she opened the door, and what she saw chilled her to the bone. Trunks lay as he had fallen, blood caked to his skin. Bulma ran to his side.

"Trunks! Oh, dear kami! What happened to you?" Bulma cradled him in her arms, tears falling onto his head. She picked up the phone on a nearby table and called an ambulance. Soon they were racing down near empty streets towards the nearest hospital. Trunks still hadn't woken up.

Hours later, Bulma paced the waiting room floor, anxious to see Trunks again.

"Ms. Briefs? May I talk to you in my office?" The doctor asked.

"Where is he? Is he all right? What's wrong?" Bulma shot at the doctor frantically.

"He's resting now. He should be fine. Please come with me, Ms. Briefs. There's something I need to discuss with you." Bulma followed him to his office. Once settled, the doctor decided to just spit it out.

"I'm afraid your son has been raped."

"WHAT?!?!" Bulma yelled, shocked beyond reason.


"What do you mean, she's run away from home?!?" Krillin had just returned home to find a police car in the driveway. Juuhachi had reported Marron missing.

"Calm down, sir. She'll probably come back in a few hours. If she doesn't, just give us a call, and well put out an APB on her. In the meanwhile, I suggest that at least one of you stay home in case she shows up." A female officer told him, trying to keep him calm. "We've got all we need for now, so we'll be going. You have our number."

"Yeah, yeah. Thanks anyway." Krillin calmed down, seeing the officers out the door. He then turned to his wife.

"What?" She asked indignantly.

"What happened this time?" Krillin asked.

"I don't know what you're talking about." She turned away, heading for the kitchen.

"Fine." Krillin left the house, intent on finding his daughter.

An hour later, he found her in the park, crying her eyes out. He sat beside her, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. She flinched away, not knowing who it was.

"Marron, it's me!" He then noticed her black eye and bruises. "What happened?"

"Oh, Daddy! It was awful!" She cried as she hugged him. She then began telling him the whole ordeal.

God does not overlook it ~

What ought have been written ~

Vegeta woke late into the morning to find no one around. Shrugging it off as some silly human holiday, he took a quick shower before heading for the gravity chamber. Once inside, the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end, as if something were off. Just then, the video screen came to life, depicting a very large image of Bulma.

"Vegeta, I thought I'd let you know that I made a few modifications. You should have more of a challenge now." She said, just barely able to act normal.

"Where is everyone, woman?" Vegeta asked nonchalantly.

"If you must know, I gave everyone the day off since they've been working so hard. Now turn the damn machine on so I can see if everything works right!" Bulma started to lose her composure. Vegeta flipped the switched and began to set configurations. Before he finished, however, he was flattened to the floor.

"What the hell?" Vegeta was barely able to speak.

"Oh, that's right! The new modifications not only increase the gravity, but also drain ki! And all with the flip of a switch!" Bulma stated, a malicious smirk on her face.

"Why?" Vegeta struggled to breath.

"Next time, think twice before you f*ck with my family! Trunks is barely alive, thanks to you! Where do you get off raping my son?!?" Bulma was seething with rage.

" . . ."

"You could have killed him! You nearly did kill him! And for that" She held up a remote. "You will die." She pushed a button, causing the machine to go into overdrive. With his ki effectively drained from his body, Vegeta's body was crushed to a pulp from the gravity, right before the machine exploded.


After hearing Marron's tale of woe, Krillin flew them both home to face Juuhachi. Once there, Krillin told Marron to go to her room and stay there 'til it was safe. He found his wife in the kitchen, calmly sipping tea and flipping through a magazine.

"Did you find her?" She asked without looking up.

"Yes." Krillin answered.

"Where is she?"

"In her room."

"I'll go talk to her." Juuhachi began to get up.

"No. You won't." Krillin told her.

"What?" She looked at him, confused.

"You're not going anywhere near her, understand?"

"Krillin, you're not making sense. Why not?"

"I want you out. Right now." Krillin demanded.

"Why? This is my house. Why should I leave?" She asked, indignantly.

"I will not have you hurting Marron anymore, Juuhachi! I want you out of my house now! And I don't want to see you ever again! You hear me? You so much as touch on hair on Marron's head, and I will kill you!" The malice in his voice struck deep in Juuhachi.

"But . . ."

"I mean it!" Juuhachi's eyes began to water, though she hid it.

"Fine! I don't need this shit! You want me gone? Well, I'm out of here, babe!" She stood up and headed for the door. "I have plenty of others to choose from, so don't think this is even an inconvenience to me!" She yelled, her voice quavering slightly, tears starting to fall as she flew out the door. She stopped at the top of a cliff.

"Who needs you . . ." She muttered, her nose running and eyes blurry from crying. She pulled a photo out of her back pocket, a picture from her wedding day. Her finger lightly traced Krillin's features.

"I'm sorry . . ." She whispered, as she clutched the photograph to her chest. She stepped off the cliff.

The eleventh commandment ~

Honor thy children ~

Gohan watched as a couple left with his little brother. He had been adopted by a family who could better care for him. Gohan was happy Goten would be taken care of, but he was sad to see him go. Now he didn't have any family left. He flew home in tears, barely able to see where he was going. Once there, he didn't know what to do with himself. He wasn't hungry, the house was clean, he didn't feel like studying . . . He sat on the couch in a daze. Memories flashed through his mind, good ones, bad ones, every kind. He soon began crying again when he remembered he would never have any more memories with his family. His shoulders heaved as he sobbed quietly in the empty house.

After a while, someone came to the house, though Gohan didn't notice. He let himself in and walked up to Gohan quietly. He gently laid his hand on his shoulder and sat beside him. Gohan turned to him, surprised anyone else was there. Seeing who it was, he wrapped his arms around his waist, and cried into his chest. Piccolo held him close, caressing his hair.

Honor thy children ~

A/N: . . . I have NO explaination for this. - -;; I did cry while writing this, course, it didn't help that I had the song playing while I was writing! ^^;;