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Goku slowly wandered home after a sparring match with Vegeta, carrying his tattered shirt over his shoulder. They could have gone all day, but with the heat of the afternoon, they decided to call it quits. Or rather, Goku decided. Vegeta didn't want to stop for anything. One swift kick to his stomach and a Ki-filled power drive onto his back, and Vegeta was out for the count.

Goku wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand, noticing the sweat bands on his wrist were already soaked with perspiration. His sun tanned skin glistened in the early afternoon light. If the heat hadn't drained most of his energy, he would had just flown home, or, better yet, to the Himalayas!

It was while Goku was imagining snow cooling his skin as he burrowed into the cold flakes atop a mountain, that he heard it. The most beautiful sound in the world! Water. A lot of water--a river!

Goku ran in the direction the sound was coming from. After cresting the hill before him, he saw it. What a magnificent sight it was! A cool, clear, good sized . . . stream. River or stream, it simply didn't matter to Goku. It was water, it was wet, and by golly, it was cold! Goku was out of his clothes in a furious flash, a trail of fabric leading down the hill. He jumped in head first and . . . *THUNK* . . . hit the bottom of the stream bed, it being a mere three feet deep. The rest of his body fell into the water, then gradually floated to the surface. Goku rubbed his head, feeling a bump starting to form.

So much for swimming. He thought. Guess I'll just float, then. Having decided, Goku let his body relax and letting the stream current take him where it will, a lazy summer day smile upon his face.


Further down the stream, a lone figure stood under a tree's shade, watching the water flow by. He wore a grey tank top, loose blue-jean cutoffs, white sneakers, and a familiar orange bandanna tied around his neck. He took removed bandanna, bent down into the stream to momentarily soak the orange material in the water, then tied it back around his neck. He stood back up and leaned against the tree trunk, idly swatting at mosquitos.

I hate summer! I feel like I'm going to melt! And these damned bugs! He squashed a bug on his arm, then wiped the guts off his hand and onto his shorts. I hate this . . .

As if sensing something, he looked up the stream, almost expecting for trouble to come floating down on the water. Instead, he saw a very muscular, very wet, and very naked Goku float towards him. A smile spread across Juunana's face.

Perfect . . . he thought as he reached for the knapsack by his feet. From it, he pulled two vials and a syringe. He put one of the vials, the one marked antidote, back into the sack. He held the other upside down and jabbed the needle of the syringe through the cap. As he filled the syringe with the clear liquid, he checked on Goku. He appeared to be stuck in one spot, but he wasn't doing anything about it. Juunana smiled. This gave him more time. When the syringe filled, he put the empty bottle into his knapsack, then stepped into the stream. Goku had managed to get loose, and was now continuing down the water.

Juunana knew of Goku's fear of needles, and thus knew he had to get close enough to inject him without him knowing what was happening until it was too late. He waited for Goku to float to him.


Oblivious to the man with the needle waiting for him not too far up ahead, Goku was thoroughly enjoying himself. The sun's heat kept him from freezing in the cold water; the cold water kept him from burning up in the sun's rays. Life was good. He didn't even mind the bugs. It wasn't long, however, until his progress down the stream was impeded again. He felt something against his leg, almost as if it was being held. Suddenly . . .

"EEYAAAAA!!!!" Goku yelled as Juunana stabbed the syringe into the meat of Goku's thigh, emptying its contents. Before he could further react, the serum took affect and he fell into a deep sleep. Juunana quickly pulled the syringe out of his thigh and tossed it into his bag, then picked Goku up, laying him over his shoulder. Stepping out of the water, picked up his knapsack, and used the instant transmission technique he had somehow learned just by watching Goku to transport them to a remote island in the south Pacific.


Hours later, Goku awoke to find himself in a dimly lit room, the only illumination being several lit candles here and there on shelves and tables. The room was small, though larger than his own bedroom, and appeared to be made out of some type of metal. As he laid there adjusting to his new surroundings, he could faintly hear the sound of waves crashing on a not too distant shore. The scent of sea water mingled with that of hot wax and . . . roses? Goku realized he was lying on a rather large bed, his legs and arms spread apart. Trying to sit up, he found he couldn't move them, save to wiggle and squirm. He tugged at his bonds to no avail. Wondering what could possibly hold him down, Goku looked at one of the shackles. A thick metal band encircled his wrist, which was attached to a short, thick chain out of the same, slightly shiny material. The chain appeared to meld with the bedframe, as if it was all one piece. Goku didn't recognize the metal, which didn't surprise him. He could barely make out an inscription of sorts on the cuff. Ki-resistant Gundanium Bonds (TM) . . .

"You're awake." Goku turned his head to see Juunana standing at the end of the bed. "Good. The antidote worked." He walked to a nearby table that held his knapsack. With his back to Goku, he began rummaging through its contents.

"The serum I injected you with was made to hamper your ability to effectively use Ki, therefore rendering you helpless. It's also a powerful sedative. The antidote nullifies the effect of the serum, but it takes time to completely restore you to normal, which will be in about a day, maybe less. Those bonds contain a special alloy that absorbs Ki and uses it against you, but overload them, and they will melt. In your current state, however, that's not possible. As of this moment, you are completely at my will." Juunana explained, still searching through his bag. A bottle rolled out and fell to the floor, landing right between his feet. He bent over and picked it up, causing quite a reaction in Goku. Juunana did not know this, however, and continued his search.

"What, ah, what's in them?" Goku asked between breaths.

"Oh, just some herbs and plants I found lying around the planet. Though, I did have to substitute one of the ingredients in the antidote with something called 'horny goat weed'. Why do you ask?" Juunana turned around and saw his answer. Standing straight up from the black nest of hair at Goku's groin was what could only be described as a painful, throbbing erection. Twelve inches in length, five centimeters in diameter . . . Juunana absentmindedly calculated. He could feel heat coming off it even from where he stood. Goku's eyes were closed tight, as he bit into his bottom lip, causing it to bleed. A fine sheen of sweat covered his body, his musk filling the air. Goku squirmed about, a pitiful whimper escaping his lips.

"Well, what a pleasant side effect!" Juunana said, as he picked up what he had been searching for. "I'll have to remember that. Shall we begin?" He sauntered over to Goku, placing the object, a key, on a table by the bed. Goku was unsure of what Juunana had in mind. He soon found out.

Juunana backed up a bit, then stripped of his shirt, revealing his slender torso and hardened nipples. He watched Goku's reactions as he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly. Goku was breathing hard and trying not to look. And failing. Juunana smirked. He slipped his shorts off slowly, revealing his own growing erection, inch by inch. By the sharp intake of breath, Juunana could tell Goku was impressed by his own 'meager' 11 3/4 inch long, 4 centimeter thick cock. He stepped out of his shorts towards Goku, standing there in all his naked splendor. There did not appear to be any hair on his body, save his head. His skin was as pale and soft as moonlight. Goku felt an animalistic urge deep within him, just from the sight. His own erection, dripping with wetness, leaned closer to the hills and plains of his well-sculpted abdomen.

Juunana climbed onto Goku, avoiding the one area Goku desperately wanted to be touched, and sat on his chest. The head of his dick was poised right in front of Goku's mouth, his warm breath causing it to quake. Goku looked up at Juunana, looking into his cat-like eyes.

"Are these . . ." Goku tugged at his bonds, " . . . really necessary?"

"You tell me. Can I trust you?" He replied, almost purring.

"Most people do." Goku smiled.

"True, but I'm not most people, am I?" Juunana teased, an evil grin gracing his lips. Goku almost thought he was going to leave him chained up, when Juunana reached for the key. He unlocked the cuffs holding Goku's wrists first, pausing to kiss and gently rub the red marks encircling them. Then, he turned around, his ass in Goku's face, then crawled down the bed to free his ankles. Just as the last shackle fell loose, Goku grabbed Juunana from behind.

"Why, Goku. You read my mind." Juunana winked at him over his milky-smooth shoulder. Holding onto his hips, Goku spread Juunana's cheeks with his thumbs, bringing a puckered little hole into view. Goku licked the area around it, teasing the opening. Juunana's breathing became heavier and he reached down to stroke himself.

"Don't be shy. Plunge right in, Goku." Juunana coaxed. Goku needed no further invitation and slid his tongue slowly into the small orifice. Juunana gasped above him, his breathing shallow and his heart racing. Sweat glistened on his skin, and his brow furrowed as he adjusted to the sensation. Soon, Goku began moving his tongue in and out, twisting and twirling, reaching for the right spot. Juunana pushed back against his tongue, pushing it further inside. A moan, deep within his throat, grew only to escaped his tightly closed lips, as the tip of Goku's questing muscle brushed against his sweet spot. Juunana's eyes rolled back as he began gasping for breath.

Goku bucked his hips, his yearning growing stronger, gaining Juunana's attention. Casting a quick glance at Goku over his shoulder, Juunana licked his lips and reached for Goku's quivering mass. Goku gasped as Juunana began to roughly pump his shaft, his hands clenching around Juunana's flesh as his head pulled back. Juunana slowed his pace. After he felt Goku return to his previous ministrations, Juunana bent down and encased his salty flesh within his mouth. Goku paused again, as he felt the hot, moist tissue cover and caress his hardened shaft. He moaned into Juunana's ass as he sucked and massaged Goku's cock, gently rubbing the base and his balls.

Juunana held him down as best he could, lest he choke. But this was becoming increasingly difficult as Goku's power rose, turning his hair gold. Goku sat up, flipping Juunana over, and pinned him to the mattress. Juunana wrapped his legs around Goku's waist and his arms around his neck. The ravenous glint in Juunana's eyes told Goku he was more than ready for him. Goku positioned himself at Juunana's still slick opening, then looked at Juunana, as if making sure it was all right, a bit of worry in his expression.

"Just shove it in, Goku. I'm not fragile." Juunana assured him, nipping his nose. Goku thrust into him, though carefully. Goku's eyes crossed as he bit his lip, the sensations Juunana's muscles caused were quite different from anything else he had felt before.

Juunana writhed beneath him, anxious for more. His legs clenched around Goku's waist, pushing Goku further in. Goku grunted, trying not to lose control, beads of sweat covering his skin. "Don't hold back, Goku! I want you to screw me hard!" Juunana said between ragged breaths, his words echoing in Goku's ears, reaching his primal urge.

Goku pulled back quickly, barely leaving his head in, then thrust hard into Juunana, whose moans increased in pitch and frequency. Goku continued impaling the lithe body beneath him, his own breathing erratic. Juunana matched his pace as his fingers raked across Goku's broad back, leaving red trails behind. This only seemed to heighten Goku's pleasure, as he nearly howled in ecstacy.

Sweat poured, muscles flexed, flesh burned, nerves overloaded, moans increased, tears flowed as the pair quickened their pace, heat flowing from their bodies. Goku took Juunana's cock into his hand, pumping it to their rhythm, a few drops already forming on the tip. With a few more deep thrusts, Goku climaxed with a feral growl. Feeling the hot liquid exploding within him, Juunana's ecstacy reached it's peak; his muscles clenched spasmodically, and his rapture erupted from his cock, covering Goku and himself. Goku collapsed on top of Juunana, his power dropping, a sleepy, yet elated, look gracing his features. Juunana gently ran his fingers through Goku's unruly hair, brushing stray strands out of his face.

"Dear, sweet Goku. You can't sleep yet. We've only just begun." Juunana stated, a wicked grin upon his face.

"Wha? But I'm tired! I couldn't possible continue without a nap first." Goku wondered just how long Juunana wanted him to stay.

"I've got something better than a mere nap." Juunana turned Goku onto his back. "I've got senzu beans, Goku. Lots of senzu beans!" Goku gulped, panic evident in his features.