TITLE: My Enemy, My Lover

AUTHOR: Mia Skywalker

GENRE: Dragonball Z

PAIRING: Yamcha/Vegeta

*********WARNINGS: THIS IS YAOI WITH A LOT OF LEMON! THAT MEANS A MALE/MALE PAIRING! PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS IF THIS OFFENDS YOU, AND IF IT DOES, PLEASE DO *NOT* REVIEW THIS, BECAUSE I *DID* WARN YOU! Kami, is everyone in the world a flipping idiot? If you don't like what is termed "yaoi", or "slash", or male/male pairings, with a LOT of heavy sex, please DO NOT READ THIS! If you don't like this particular pairing, don't read it either! Got it? I'm being quite up front about who the pairing is about! I have no intention of offending you, and if you read this and tell me that I'm "sick" (I'm not the one that invented this pairing, I just wrote it up for her because she wanted to see it), then I'll just consider you one of the biggest idiots in the universe.

DEDICATION: To Jenn the Ice Raptoress, for wanting to see them "roll around together for awhile". ^_^

DISCLAIMER: I don't own these characters and I don't make any money off them. They're owned by FUNimation, Viz, and Toei, and created by Akira Toriyama, but if they ever go up for grabs, I want first dibs! On both of them!


Vegeta growled as he blasted a nearby boulder to oblivion. He could hear them arguing right now. He grinned, hearing her screech at the man. He loved hearing them fight, although he'd never admit it. He would always complain to the woman that he hated their shouting, and she'd get angry with him for eavesdropping. He loved fighting with her as well, but he would never admit that either, and he would never tell her why. Oh no. He was never going to let her know the truth about that, the truth about any of it.

He saw the man storm out of the house, looking absolutely furious. Vegeta hid a grin, turning his mouth up into an arrogant smirk instead, as he hovered in the air above where the man was standing. The tall, dark-haired man glared up at him, his hands on his hips. "You... you... you...!" The man seemed at a loss for words.

Vegeta continued to smirk, and then laughed contemptuously. "I know who I am," he said snidely. "But you haven't said my name. Is there something you wanted to say to me?"

The tall handsome man clenched his fists, his face darkening with fury. "*You* did this to her!" he shouted, enraged.

Vegeta laughed again. "And what is it that I'm supposed to have done?"

"You know what you've done! Don't deny it!"

"Oh, I'm not going to deny it." Vegeta continued to smirk. "Why should I?"

This served to infuriate the larger man, and he launched himself at Vegeta with a roar of challenge. The Saiyan Prince dodged him easily at the last minute, laughing derisively. "Did you really think you could hurt me?" he scoffed. "You're weak and pathetic, like all humans."

The taller man became even more furious, aiming blow after blow at the smaller man, who dodged him easily, barely seeming to move. His mocking laughter drove the larger man berserk, but no matter how hard he fought, he couldn't lay a hand on the Saiyan. He stopped abruptly, panting for breath, glaring at his opponent, who stood relaxed (at least, as relaxed as Vegeta ever got), his arms crossed over his chest, smirking mockingly at the other man.

Yamcha stared at him, as he continued to gasp for breath. "You're not even trying!" he accused. "Why won't you fight me?"

The smaller man laughed mockingly, shrugging. "It's not worth the effort."

Yamcha glowered. "I never even touched her!" he growled under his breath.

The smaller man sobered, and looked at him curiously. "I noticed that. Why didn't you?"

Yamcha jerked back, startled, not realizing that he'd spoken aloud. "I... I don't know," he admitted, subdued. Vegeta was no longer mocking him, and it confused him. He'd never seen Vegeta do anything except mock him. Every time they'd encountered one another, Vegeta had shown nothing but contempt and scorn for him. But right now the Saiyan was being positively... friendly. Yamcha was finding it slightly unnerving. "Why do you care?"

Vegeta shrugged. He wasn't going to tell the human male how glad he'd been when he'd found the woman untouched, but not quite for the reason that everyone might think. "Just curious," he replied nonchalantly, but his body remained tense as he waited for the other man's response. It was more important to him than he was willing to admit, even to himself. Especially to himself.

Yamcha blushed, looking down at the ground. His previous anger at the smaller man seemed forgotten temporarily. "I guess it just never seemed the right time." Vegeta studied him, still saying nothing, and Yamcha's blush deepened. "I guess it never felt like it was... right, or something," he mumbled.

Vegeta nodded, apparently satisfied with that answer. Yamcha suddenly looked up at him again, frowning. "She said it was only the one time. Was it?" he asked accusingly.

Vegeta shrugged. "That's all that was necessary," he replied cryptically.

Yamcha scowled at him. "And what the hell is THAT supposed to mean?" he shouted at the smaller warrior.

Vegeta grinned wickedly. He would tell the human warrior, but not yet... not quite yet. "You want to know? Follow me!" He took off like a shot, not waiting for a response, knowing that either Yamcha would follow him... or he wouldn't. The Saiyan warrior hoped the human warrior would follow him, but if he didn't... well, Vegeta just hoped he would. Although he was never going to admit that, not to anyone.

Yamcha launched himself after Vegeta, frustrated at the smaller man's refusal to answer a question directly. ::What's with him, anyway? Why is he being so confusing? What's on his mind?:: He was curious, and for some reason he didn't think the Saiyan was planning on just dragging him out to the middle of nowhere to kill him, or even to beat him bloody. There was just something different about the way the Saiyan was acting that piqued Yamcha's curiosity.

The two of them flew for a while, Yamcha slightly behind the Saiyan warrior, watching him. ::Bulma's right, he does have a cute butt:: he thought to himself, and then blushed in embarrassment. He couldn't believe he'd even thought that! Bulma had thrown that in his face when he'd asked her what she could possibly have seen about the Saiyan that was at all attractive. She'd been angry, and that was one of the things that had come up. ::I shouldn't even be noticing something like that! He's a man, and he's not even human!::

Vegeta grinned, unseen by Yamcha. Apparently the human warrior either didn't know or had forgotten about Saiyan telepathy. ::So he likes my butt, does he? That's a start. I do believe I was right about this one.::

He stopped abruptly in mid-flight, so suddenly that Yamcha, who was unable to tear his eyes away from Vegeta's posterior, tumbled into him. Vegeta grinned, apparently not bothered by the other man's proximity, which for some reason made the larger man blush. "Come on," Vegeta said with a grin. "Down here." He pointed to an island nestled comfortably in the ocean below them.

Yamcha looked at it in surprise. He'd been too busy concentrating on the back end of Vegeta that he hadn't noticed it, and he felt a little embarrassed about it. "Ah... I see." He put one hand behind his head in embarrassment. "And what's down there?"

Vegeta just grinned wickedly, and shot down towards the land like a missile out of control. With a curse Yamcha followed him, wondering what kind of game Vegeta was leading him on. It was irritating him, and yet he found that he was drawn to Vegeta regardless.

The Saiyan had landed on the beach, and grinned wickedly at the larger man when he landed next to him. "Now what?" Yamcha asked irritably. Vegeta simply pointed into the jungle, then shot off again. Yamcha cursed again. What *was* the Saiyan thinking? Why was he leading him here? What was 'here' that was so fascinating, so intriguing?

He found out sooner than he might have wanted to, as the two abruptly burst upon a rampaging tyrannosaurus. Yamcha saw a feral grin spread across Vegeta's face. He gave a roar as he charged towards the beast.

"Kuso!" Yamcha swore. What the hell was the Saiyan thinking? "What the hell are you doing?" he shouted at the smaller warrior.

Vegeta gave him a fierce grin. "The hunt!" he shouted, as he dove behind it, blasting at the back of its head. The creature swung its tail around instinctively, and Vegeta dodged it, causing the appendage to narrowly miss him. "Come on! The hunt!"

"Shimatta!" Yamcha swore again, and then dove after him, flanking the beast, as they barraged it with ki blasts. Yamcha realized that Vegeta was just playing with the beast; he could have killed it quickly if he'd wanted to. The creature lunged after them, snapping at Vegeta, and it managed to catch his leg in its jaws. Yamcha didn't know if it could really harm the Saiyan, but he didn't want to take any chances, and instinctively let loose a ki blast, distracting the beast and making it drop the Saiyan.

"Didn't you know that's no way to treat royalty?" taunted the Saiyan Prince with a grin. "I'm going to have to teach you a lesson. BIG BANG ATTACK!" An enormous ki blast directed itself at the reptile's head, causing it to explode rather decisively. Vegeta grinned ferociously at the other man, as they watched the giant dinosaur topple to the ground. "A good kill!"

Yamcha watched in amazement as the Saiyan warrior swooped down to the beast, started tearing off pieces of meat with his bare hands, and was eating the meat raw. "Come!" the Saiyan ordered the other warrior, and he landed lightly next to him.

"What...?" Yamcha asked in confusion, and Vegeta handed him a piece of the meat, red and dripping with blood. He looked at it with revulsion. "I can't eat this!" he stated in disgust.

Vegeta's face darkened. "It's the hunt. Eat." There was an intensity in Vegeta's expression that Yamcha didn't understand. "Eat!" he commanded the other warrior again.

Yamcha stared at the smaller Saiyan, and then looked at the meat again. ::I guess it wouldn't be so bad to eat it like this just once. What does he want?:: He nibbled a little of the meat, and was rewarded with Vegeta's feral smile. To his surprise he found that the hot, sweet blood of the meat trickled down his throat in an odd, almost sensual way, awakening something primal within him. He stared at Vegeta, and it was almost as though he was seeing the warrior for the first time. He saw very clearly the smaller Saiyan warrior, but at the same time....

Vegeta dropped the meat he was eating, realizing that what he had been seeking was happening. If it hadn't been right, it wouldn't have happened, but it did, so he'd chosen correctly. He held his hand out to the other man, and Yamcha automatically took it. The Saiyan warrior was wearing gloves, as usual, but even through the material Yamcha could feel the heat of the Saiyan's skin. For some strange reason holding the other man's hand felt neither awkward nor wrong; he simply followed Vegeta until he led him to an open area, where a waterfall collected into a peaceful lagoon. He stared at Vegeta in surprise. "What...?"

The other warrior just grinned at him, and then quickly divested himself of his clothing. "Come!" he commanded again, once again taking the other warrior's hand. To Yamcha's surprise the Saiyan's hands were soft and smooth, not hard and calloused like he might have expected of another warrior. Vegeta's skin was also warm, warmer than another human's, almost hot to the touch. Yamcha tried very hard not to stare at the unabashedly nude Vegeta; he kept his eyes going everywhere but at the other warrior. He couldn't move from the spot where he was standing if his life depended upon it; however, he also didn't release Vegeta's hand.

The Saiyan grinned, realizing that Yamcha was hesitant, not because of a lack of desire, but because of a lack of experience. He released the other man's hand. "Let me help you," he murmured huskily. He moved behind the taller man, and ran his hands under the man's shirt. "You need to take this off. You don't really want to get your clothes all wet, do you?" He slid his hands up the man's back, and then around his torso, so they rested on Yamcha's belly.

Yamcha groaned, and closed his eyes, as he trembled under Vegeta's touch. ::What is he doing?:: he thought wildly. ::What's going on?:: The feelings of desire that shot through him were confusing him. He felt himself become aroused under the other man's touch, and it both bewildered and alarmed him. ::What is happening to me?::

Vegeta heard his thoughts, and grinned wickedly. He knew exactly what he was doing, and was using the younger man's inexperience against him. He trailed his fingers lightly over the other man's washboard stomach, and then moved them upwards and gently tweaked Yamcha's nipples. The taller man moaned, arching his back forward, unable to control the shudders that wracked through him. "Let's get this off you, shall we?" Vegeta whispered, levitating himself so that his breath was in Yamcha's ear. He felt the other man shudder at his breath, so close to his ear, and Vegeta couldn't resist; he leaned forward slightly and licked the other man's earlobe.

Yamcha's hands clenched at his sides, and he arched his neck backwards, allowing Vegeta better access. The Saiyan warrior leaned forward, his breath in the other man's ear making him jump slightly, and he nibbled Yamcha's earlobe, making him shiver and groan. He slid the man's shirt up gently, running his hands over Yamcha's chest as he did so, using it as an excuse to touch every sensitive spot of his torso. He was rewarded by the flushed desire in Yamcha's face, as he was too aroused to do anything other than stand there, trembling, as Vegeta lifted his shirt over his head.

"You're still wearing too much clothing, human," the Saiyan Prince growled. "You can't bathe this way." He turned the unresisting warrior around, and untied the band holding his gi pants up. They slipped down his legs, revealing his underclothing. Vegeta grinned, shaking his head. "You humans and your modesty. I'll never understand it." He lowered himself to the ground, and gently inserted his hands in the band of the man's underpants, sliding them slowly down Yamcha's legs. He paused when he got to the other man's quite obvious arousal, and slid the underpants carefully over the tip of it, making sure it wouldn't catch. He continued to slide the underpants gently down the warrior, rubbing against the man's erection, and watched as it sprang forward, announcing itself to the smaller man. Vegeta grinned wickedly, seeing it, and Yamcha stood helplessly, unable to do more than stare at the Prince. "I see our friend here agrees with me," he murmured, and then lowered his mouth to the other man's arousal.

Yamcha practically jumped out of his skin when Vegeta's lips encircled the tip of his manhood, and he couldn't hold back a cry when the Saiyan's tongue traced patterns on the head, as his lips continued to make their way down his shaft. Vegeta brought a hand up and gently cupped the other man's balls, as his other hand continued to slide the underpants off. When they were out of the way, his free hand slid around the other man's buttocks, cupping them gently, and then proceeded to roam its way towards his opening. He very gently inserted one finger inside of the other warrior, and felt the man squeeze tightly around his finger. He moved the finger in and out, as he continued to suck on him, stroking him gently in a way that Yamcha had never even considered before.

Shudders wracked the other man's body, and Vegeta could feel Yamcha bursting with the need for release. Vegeta felt his own arousal getting towards the exploding point, but he tried to control it. He knew that the other warrior had never had a sexual experience before, either with a male or a female. If he'd had it with a male, Vegeta would have smelled it on him, and he knew that he'd never been with a female, because Bulma had been untouched. That meant that he was an innocent, and Vegeta was not going to make his first time be anything other than something he would want to remember forever, and want to experience again.

He continued to suck gently, as he fondled and stroked, and when the other man was on the breaking point, he stood up and rubbed his own arousal against the taller man's, as he held Yamcha tightly to him. At the feel of the two of them pushing against each other, Yamcha let out a shout, and released abruptly, spilling on the other man. Vegeta felt himself trembling as well, but managed with difficulty to restrain himself.

He pulled back from the larger man with a wicked grin, and Yamcha, seeing the smile on the smaller man's face, blushed in embarrassment, assuming that the Saiyan had been trying to belittle him in some manner. "Why did you do that?" he grumbled, feeling humiliated.

Vegeta looked at him, an eyebrow arched in surprise. "Why do you *think* I did that, you baka? Because I wanted to!"

Yamcha reached down to pull up his pants, much to Vegeta's surprise... and dismay. "You didn't have to ridicule me that way," he complained quietly.

Vegeta moved faster than the human warrior could follow, stopping him from putting his pants back on. "What are you doing, you baka? And what do you mean, ridiculing you!" He scowled up at the taller man. "I was no more ridiculing you than I was ridiculing myself! I did that because I *wanted* to, because it gave both of us pleasure!" He continued to scowl up at Yamcha. "What do you take me for?"

Yamcha stared down at the ground, no longer trying to get dressed. "I don't... I don't understand. You slept with Bulma. You got her pregnant. If you wanted her, then... why me?"

Vegeta grinned wickedly. "Oh, the woman? Is that what you think? No, you baka. I slept with her, because she's female. Vegeta-sei is destroyed, so there are no gene-banks for me to use to reproduce, to have an heir. I needed to find a female and...." The Saiyan shrugged. "Despite her loud mouth and rude manners, the woman is strong, and intelligent. I can have strong children with her." He looked wickedly at the taller man. "The woman is simply for breeding; you I chose for pleasure." He didn't tell the taller warrior that he'd also chosen Bulma specifically because he knew it would drive a wedge between them; he'd wanted Yamcha, and if he could do something to drive Yamcha and Bulma apart, it would suit his purposes further.

"Pleasure?" Yamcha looked at Vegeta with dumbfounded amazement, too surprised and shocked to be angry. "You wanted... me? But I'm a man, and you're a man...." He blushed again, in confusion.

Vegeta shook his head. "You humans are so strange. Why you humans think that one must always be with someone of the opposite sex. On Vegeta-sei we choose a mate that is strong, gender is irrelevant with the gene-banks." He grinned again. "One chooses a mate for strength, for pleasure, not procreation. I would not have chosen the woman for anything other than giving me children."

Yamcha blinked. "But... how could you have known that you would have gotten her pregnant so quickly? It could have taken more than the one time, couldn't it?"

The Saiyan laughed mockingly. "Saiyans can control when we get a female pregnant. It only took the one time to get her so. I will only mate with her again when I want or need another child." He shook his head. "You I will mate with far more than that." He gave Yamcha a look of smoldering intensity, which made the younger man flush with pleasure and anticipation.

"Now," said the Saiyan Prince impatiently, "weren't we about to take a bath?" He led the larger man to the lake in the middle of the clearing, and when they were up to their waists in the water, began washing the other warrior gently with the crystal clear water.

Yamcha remained still under the Saiyan warrior's ministrations, before he could contain his curiosity no longer. "Vegeta, why are we here? Why are you insisting on this bath?"

Vegeta continued to wash the other warrior, as he spoke carefully, like one not sure how his words will be received. "When a Saiyan chooses a mate, one for permanent, not just a one-time thing, there is a ritual. The two must share a hunt, a bath," he looked smolderingly at the larger man again, making Yamcha blush, "and a 'bed' together under the stars. We have shared the hunt, now it is time for the bath, and then we shall share time together under the stars." He continued to look smolderingly at Yamcha. "You don't think we've finished that yet, do you? There is still so much more I want to do to you." He indicated his own unreleased arousal. "I will show you pleasures you have never dreamed of before."

Yamcha swallowed, staring down at the other warrior. This was a side of Vegeta that he would never have imagined. He was unable to move, and Vegeta laughed softly. "I think it's time to show you those other pleasures, isn't it?"

He led the human warrior to a soft, grassy knoll, which had some soft heather with furs wrapped around it set up for them to lie on, making a comfortable bed. Yamcha wondered how long Vegeta had been planning it. ::Maybe not 'planning', maybe 'hoping':: he thought wonderingly, still surprised that the other warrior had desired *him* of all people.

He lay down next to Vegeta, so they were facing each other. Vegeta began exploring his lover's body with his hands, evoking responses and awakening feelings that Yamcha had never dreamed of before. Vegeta teased the other man's nipples with his thumbs, and then reached over and licked one, running his tongue around the aureole, then nipping lightly at the nub. Yamcha moaned, as his hands entangled in Vegeta's hair, and he drew the smaller man closer to him, begging without words for something of which he wasn't certain.

As Vegeta continued to tease the other man's nipple with his lips and tongue, his hand drifted down the other man's belly, and touched lightly the tip of Yamcha's erection. He smiled against Yamcha's chest when he felt the wetness beading the tip of it, and he gently ran that wetness down the shaft, slicking it, making the motions he was now doing with his hand more arousing to the other man. He cupped the sacs under the penis, kneading them lightly, and then drew his hand up over the shaft again, taking it in his hand and squeezing it gently. Yamcha could feel his pleasure and arousal increasing again, reaching a peak even higher than before, as Vegeta continued to minister him with his hand this time.

Then Vegeta abruptly turned the larger warrior around, so he was facing the ground on his hands and knees, and Vegeta got astride him. "Open up," the Saiyan said hoarsely, and the human warrior automatically opened his legs for the smaller man. Vegeta gently spread the other man's ass cheeks and entered him slowly, using the lubrication from his own arousal to make the passage go easier. He was controlling his arousal so that there was more lubrication for the other man; he had no intention of hurting him, but only wanted to give both of them pleasure. He reached one hand down to the larger man's manhood as he inserted himself, cupping the erection in his hand, giving him friction so that Yamcha was thrusting as Vegeta thrust into him. Yamcha cried out, amazed at the pleasure that was shooting through him at the smaller man's touch, at the feel of him inside of him and around him.

Vegeta felt the tightness of the other man around him, and groaned in pleasure. Although he'd gained pleasure with the woman, it had been a purely physical pleasure; with Yamcha he was feeling a more emotional connection. As they made love, he could feel the bond forming between them, their thoughts and minds merging with one another. ::The stronger the prey, the stronger the bond:: The old Saiyan saying ran through his head. He knew that the bond was going to be strong with this one.

He continued to pump gently into the other man, as he pumped the other man's manhood at the same rate. Yamcha's head dropped and he groaned, still on his hands and knees, helpless under the pleasurable ministrations of the Saiyan. He could feel something building, and a strange sense of completion filled him as well. It was when he recognized Vegeta's thought's in his own at the moment of climax, as his pleasure peaked and he felt himself spilling into the other man's hand, that he remembered that Saiyans were telepaths. He felt their minds and thoughts merging, melting into one as they both climaxed together. The Saiyans hot seed inside of him intensified his own climax, and he cried out, unable to restrain himself.

Vegeta leaned forward, releasing the other man's manhood, and wrapped his arms around the other man's waist, remaining still inside of him. He ran his hands up and down the front of the other man, making Yamcha moan again with pleasure. Vegeta knew, though, that the two of them were temporarily spent; it would be a little while before either of them would be ready for anything further. Still, he enjoyed the feel of the other man's skin, and he knew that Yamcha was enjoying his touches.

Vegeta gently withdrew from the other man, then lay next to him, and drew Yamcha into a tight embrace. "Sleep well, my mate," he murmured softly, as the two of them fell asleep in each other's arms.