Title: Forgive and Forget

Authors: Desiree Chasson and Paco

Pairings: Goku/Vegeta, Goku/Vegeta/A-17, Piccolo/Gohan

Warnings: Lemon, Yaoi

Disclaimer: As much as I'd like to, I don't own DBZ, so please don't sue me.

Forgive and Forget

The androids were gone and everyone's life was back to normal. Well as normal as life could be. As a matter of fact, it had been rather boring since Cell had been killed, 18 wished back as a human, and 16 killed by Cell, and 17 agreeing to peace to all on Earth and then disappearing.

Gohan took back to studying, but was taking a break for a while. Without Chichi's permission. She couldn't do anything about it anyway. She was staying with Bulma at Capsule Corp. for awhile. The reason was she was pregnant and it was taking a toll on her.

So Goku and Gohan were staying by themselves for awhile.

They trained together, and Gohan continued to study some. He was due to graduate from school in a week. He graduated top of his class, youngest in his class, and valedictorian too. Everyone was proud of him the day he graduated. Everyone was there, including Vegeta.

"Congratulations, Gohan." Vegeta said to him. He had his little son on his shoulder.

"Thank you, Vegeta." Gohan said smiling.

"At least Chichi can't tell you to study anymore, kid." Vegeta whispered. He didn't want Gohan's mother to hear him say that. He didn't want her to get mad... again. He had to be careful at home, if he said the wrong thing when she was in the room she'd start crying.

Then he was in it with Bulma. So Vegeta wasn't hanging around much.

They had a party at Goku's. Everyone was there, except Chichi and Bulma. Goku got Piccolo to try vodka, a huge mistake!! He downed a whole bottle and got really drunk! Now that's a site. A drunk for the first time Namek. They had a kareoke machine and Piccolo grabbed the mike and sang along with Kung Fu Fighting. Even Vegeta laughed at that. By the time the party was over Gohan and Baby Trunks were the only sober ones. Because they were underage. He sat on the couch rocking the infant to sleep. Goku and Vegeta were asleep on the love seat. Vegeta was about to fall off. Master Roshi was sleeping on the floor. So was Yamcha, Tien, Oolong and Buar. Krillin, A-18 were asleep in Goku's Lazy-Boy chair. Piccolo was leaned up against Gohan, asleep. Gohan pushed the Namek over the other side of the couch and took Trunks to his bedroom and made the baby a bed and lined the sides with pillows so he wouldn't roll off. He fed, cleaned, and changed the baby. He put Trunks in the little bed and the baby went to sleep. Then Gohan climbed into his own bed, and went to sleep.

" God my head hurts." Was the first thing that came out of Vegeta's mouth. The next was all the liquor he consumed.

"That's gross Vegeta!" Piccolo exclaimed. He and Goku left the room and went into the kitchen. Gohan was making breakfast. Trunks was in his high chair, drinking a bottle of milk. Goku and the Namek sat down at the table. Gohan tossed his dad a bottle of Capsule Corp Brand pain reliever. He took 4 of them. Piccolo took 2.

" Vegeta lost his liquor a minute ago." Goku said. Gohan sighed.

"I'm not cleaning it up." Gohan said.

By the next day everyone was back to normal.

One day, Goku decided to go visit Vegeta. Of course he went to go see ChiChi first. But he was more eager to see Vegeta.

On his way to Vegeta's room Bulma's mom found him and made him have tea. But finally he was able to leave.

The raven-haired saiyen peeked into Vegeta's room. The saiyen prince was lieing on his bed, asleep. The Trunks' from the future sword was against the wall. When he died, Vegeta took the sword and had it fixed. Vegeta's room was simple. Blue wallpaper, darker blue carpet, a large dresser with a tv on it and a desk and chair, a couple of framed pictures and a closet.

Vegeta was lieing on his left side, on his pillow. His mouth was slightly parted. Goku imagined himself kissing those parted lips and it caused him to smile. Vegeta's dark hair was limp and plastered to his forehead and one of his hands was slightly closed into a fist and the other was above his head. He had a very relaxed look about his face.

"A sleeping angel." Goku whispered. He stood in Vegeta's door and gazed at the sexy saiyen. To Goku's surprize Vegeta began to talk.

"Oh..............Kakkarot... Yes! Do that again!" Then he moaned and rolled over to his other side. He had a slight grin on his face. Goku couldn't belive his ears! Vegeta was dreaming of him? And aparently a nasty dream! Goku was begining to like that thought. He walked over to his bed. The room was cool, so Goku lifted a blanket and spread it over the prince. Then he left to let sleeping saiyens lie.

"I could have sworn I saw him. Android 17." Piccolo said. They were at Master Roshi's house. Gohan turned around when heard his father's footsteps on the porch.

"Hey, dad! How's Vegeta?" Gohan asked. Goku shrugged.

"Didn't get to talk to him, he was asleep." Goku said. "Vegeta is so peaceful when he sleeps." A light tinge came to his cheeks. He looked at the floor hoping no one noticed. Piccolo had.

"Hey, dad. How's mom?'' Gohan asked. Goku laughed.

"Well, still fat!" He exclaimed and caused everyone to laugh.

"I'm glad you guys are having fun." Vegeta said. Everyone turned around. Vegeta was standing there, leaned against the doorjam. He was wearing a light blue shirt. (Sort of like his pink 'Badman' shirt.) The first 3 buttons were undone and revealed the top of his chest. Tight blue jeans and nike sneakers completed the outfit. Thoughts ran through Goku's saiyen brain. * Very sexy* Came several times. (And I agree.)

"Hey, Vegeta! What's goin on?" Gohan asked. Vegeta lifted one hand causaly and let it drop down.

"Come in, Vegeta. Unless you intend to destoy us." Master Roshi said.

Genuine laughter bubbled through Vegeta's lips.

"No, I'm not." He said and came into the room. Goku suddenly got an idea.

" Hey Vegeta, what are you doing today?" He asked. Vegeta shook his head. "Nothin." He replied.

"Goku, where are we going?" Piccolo asked.

"Never mind, Piccolo." Goku said.

Goku took him to his favorite amusment park. Piccolo, Gohan, and Vegeta.

"I smell popcorn and carmel apples." Gohan said .

"And I hear carnival music." Piccolo said. " And it's annoying."

"Hey Vegeta, let's go on a ride." Goku said.

"Uhhhhh........ Ok, but Kakkarot I've never been on one before." Vegeta said. Goku grinned. He was gonna have fun with this!

" This ride is called Deathscythe and for good reason." The ticketmaster said. " I hope you make it back.... alive."

(Deathscythe is an actual ride to be made in the year 2002 in

Six Flags in Japan.)

Goku and Vegeta climbed into the ride. Goku glanced over to another section of the park and seen his son dragging a struggling Piccolo towards the Tunnel of Love. His efficent saiyen hearing aloud him to hear the conversation they had going on.

"Gohan, everyone will see us. We agreed not to do it in public." Piccolo said.

"No one will see us once we get inside." Gohan whined." Please Piccolo? Pretty please?" Gohan gave Piccolo the 'puppy dog' look.

" I hate when you do that, you know I can't say no to that, Gohan." Piccolo sighed and climbed into the swanboat.

" You'll pay for this later, Gohan." Gohan grinned.

" I thought I'd pay for it now, Piccolo." Gohan said and placed his hand down in Piccolo's lap. Piccolo blushed wildly. He was suprised at his little saiyen lover's eagerness.

" Gohan, stop that! Wait till we get in there, there is people watching!" Piccolo warned.

" I don't wanna!" Gohan exclaimed and grabbed Piccolo by the antena and pulled him down for a kiss as the boat entered the darkness.

The Deathscthye ride started.

" What's so special about these contraptions, Kakkarot?" Vegeta asked.

"You'll see, Vegeta." Goku said and poked him in the ribs. Vegeta flinched. Then the ride started.

" Oh God I was wrong!!" Vegeta screamed. The ride was scary! Goku had been on it many times, and knew what to expect, but acted afraid just to get closer to Vegeta. ( I would too!)

"Kakkarot!!" Vegeta yelled. Goku yelled to match his and grabbed Vegeta around the waist and screamed loud. Vegeta pressed his head against the nape of Goku's neck. Goku was pleased and let his hand slide down to Vegeta's lap. Vegeta didn't notice until Goku began to careess him. Vegeta's eyes went wide. He looked down at his lap and watched Goku fondle him.

''Kakkarot? Whu.. what are you doing?" He asked. Goku gave him a little squeeze. Just then they hit a sharp turn and Vegeta jumped ( could have been both the turn and the 'squeeze'.) Can you guess where he landed? Square in Goku's lap! Vegeta was skinny enough to slide between Goku and the bar, but now it was rather tight between the two.

Goku slid his hand around Vegeta's waist. His other hand slid around Vegeta's chest and pulled him closer to him. He licked the tip of his ear and whispered, " You talk alot in your sleep, Vegeta."

Vegeta gasped. Then turned a very bright shade of red.

" Why were you spying on me, Kakkarot?" Vegeta asked.

" It's not everyday you get to see an angel sleep." Goku replied and began to kiss his neck.

" Me? An angel?" Vegeta asked. Then he got an idea. He used his ki energy to short circut the Deathscythe on top of the top of the highest mountain of the ride.

" Why did you go and do that?" Goku asked.

Before he could answer a man yelled up,

" Don't panic! Our crews are working on the Deathscyhe and we will have it fixed in a few hours! DON'T PANIC! Stay calm!"

Goku grinned and yelled, "Ok!"

Vegeta grinned and whinned to Goku,

" A few hours? That's all we get?"

Vegeta leaned his head back on Goku's shoulder and the two saiyens kissed passionately. Goku at the same time moves the bar forward a bit, ya know, just for some room.

Vegeta breaks the kiss and leaves a trail of kisses from Goku's mouth to his neck. Goku slid Vegeta slowly down to the seat with one hand and unbuttoned his shirt with the other while his tail sliped down Vegeta's pants. Vegeta moaned against Goku's mouth as the other saiyen's tail began to do breathtaking things to him.

Goku finished unbuttoning the shirt and ran his hands over Vegeta's flat stomach. Then ran his hand through Vegeta's hair. He smiled and kissed him on the tip of the nose. Vegeta laughed and placed his arms around Goku's neck.

" You have beautiful eyes. Has anyone told you that?" Vegeta asked. Goku didn't answer but the kiss he gave Vegeta answered that. Then he said,

" If you don't let me go, then how am I supposed to do anything, Veggie?" Vegeta looked surprized for a second, then let him go. Goku removed his tail. His hands slid down to the snap of the prince's jeans and undid it. Then he bent over adn pulled the zipper down with his teeth. Then he couldn't help but laugh. Vegeta, the all mighty prince of saiyens was wearing boxers with little bunnies all over them!

" Well, at least their clean." Goku said giggling.

" Kakkarot, you giggle like a schoolgirl." Vegeta said. Goku smiled and kissed the prince. Vegeta arched his mouth against Goku's and gave into the kiss. His tongue reasped against Goku's tongue and roof of Goku's mouth. Goku leaned forward farther and deepened the kiss.

After a few minutes of the breathtaking kiss Vegeta pushed Goku away. Goku looked surprized.

" Veggie, what's wrong?" He asked. Vegeta didn't say anything. He looked at Goku, then smiled.

" Kakkarot, is that the only thing you can do with your mouth?" He asked. Goku laughed.

" Hmmmm....... Well, let's see. Shall we?" He asked. Vegeta lay back down on the seat as Goku pulled the prince's jeans down.

Goku noticed how hard Vegeta was.

" Did I do that?" He asked.

" All I have to do is look at you and I get as hard as an oak tree." Vegeta said. Goku grinned and leaned forward and kissed Vegeta's stomach. He ran his tongue over it as his dispersed Vegeta of clothing.

Goku rubbed Vegeta's hard membe causing the prince to moan. Then Goku slid his mouth over Vegeta's cock, sucking slowly. His tongue darted over the head and Vegeta's moaning increased.

Vegeta grabbed the back of Goku's head and pushed against it.

Goku got the drift. He took Vegeta's length farther into his mouth and sucked faster. His long tongue ran up and down the length as he continued to pleasure the saiyen prince.

Goku was glad they were up high so no one would hear Vegeta's moan's of extacy.

A few minutes later Vegeta couldn't take it and came, spilling his sticky seed in Goku's mouth. Goku drank every last drop. Then gave Vegeta's head one last lick and sat up.

All the sudden the ride started moving! Goku helped Vegeta quickly put his clothing on and had his shoes tied a few seconds before the ride stopped.

" I'm sorry it took so long." The ticket master apologized.

" We couldn't figure out what was wrong. But finally we did."

Goku shook his head.

" Hey don't worry about it, it's ok," Goku told the man.

"Come on Veggie, let's go find Gohan and Piccolo."

Gohan and Piccolo stepped out of the swan, kissing.

The ticketwoman looked strangely at them then asked,

" Why is there a white liquid mess all over the seat?"

" Uh, Piccolo get's sea sick. Or something like that." Gohan said.

And without another word he and the namek walked off.

"There they are." Goku told Vegeta. " Hey Gohan, Piccolo!" He yelled. The saiyen and his lover saw the two and went to them.

" Have fun on your ride?" Goku asked. Gohan didn't say anything, so Piccolo did.

" The ride was lousy, but the sights were ok. Anyway, what have you and Vegeta been up to?" Goku shrugged.

" Not much. I think we are gonna go. I really want to.. Never mind. Anyway see you later." He and Vegeta flew off.

" So Veggie, my place or yours?" Goku asked as the two flew, side by side.

"Well, I really don't want to go to your place, Gohan and Piccolo might interupt. Hey, I know a place we can go. My gravity room." Vegeta said.

" Uh.... Veggie wouldn't it make it harder, ya know to work?" Goku asked. Vegeta smiled.

" The gravity can be turned off and negetive gravity can be turned on. Ya know, easier to work. Come on let's go." He said.

So the two flew off to Capsule Corp.

"You go in, I need to get something." Vegeta said and walked into the house. Goku went into the gravity room.

" Why don't I train in a room as big as this.." Goku asked himself. All the sudden, Goku felt his Ki leaving him!

" What the hell? Why is my Ki leaving?!!" He exclaimed. Someone tripped Goku and landed on his back. Goku struggled, but couldn't move.

" Easier than I thought.. Goku. Or should I call you Kakkarot, like Prince Vegeta?" A voice said.

" Android 17!!" Goku exclaimed. The android climbed off of Goku. Goku jumped up and retreated to the wall. Android 17 looked the same except his hair was about an inch longer.

" What are you doing here?!" Goku demanded.

" My new weapon. It makes the person I effect feel as if they've lost their Ki. And now I've come, to do something , special about you saiyen menace." 17 said. He walked over to Goku. Goku's eyes went wide as 17 placed his hand on Goku's thigh.

" Wha.. what are you doing, 17?" Goku asked.

17 didn't say anything, but planted a kiss on Goku's lips. Guess what then happened?

Vegeta walked in!

" Ahhhh!! 17 what are you doing, get away from him!" Vegeta exclaimed, dropped the little box he held and jumped at 17, but the Ki weapon got Vegeta like Goku and Vegeta landed on the floor. Goku ran to him.

" Veggie! Are you ok?" He asked as he helped the saiyen prince off the floor.

" I'm glad you decided to join, Prince Vegeta." 17 said. Goku and Vegeta huddled against the wall. Vegeta's lower lip was bleeding. Goku held on to Vegeta and licked the blood off his lip. 17 chuckled sarcasticly. Vegeta glared at him.

" You stay away from Kakkarot. He's mine! He's been mine forever!" Vegeta told him.

" I know that. You two had the hots for each other even before Cell came. But now you are at my disclosure, because you are as helpless as puppies. So I can make you do anything I want you to, do anything to you I want to." 17 said. " Yes.. My little saiyen slaves." 17 said smiling.

" Now, Goku, why don't you and your boy-toy get rid of your clothing?" 17 said. So they did, all the while giving 17 evil looks. Nudity didn't embaress the two, but their reaction to each others' close proxemity did.

" Very endowed, I see." 17 said chuckling. He thought for a second and said,

"Vegeta, prince, give Kakkarot, as you call him, a.... hmmm.. How bout a bj, Vegeta."

* What kind of a torcher is he? Vegeta does that all the time. Can't he think of anything better?* Goku asked himself. Vegeta was laughing.

" Ok, 17. Sure thing." He said. Vegeta could hardly contain his laughter.

" You think this is only the begining, don't you? Well it will get worse. Believe me, it will." 17 warned them. Goku sat down on sat down on a chair. Vegeta knelt and put his head between Goku's legs. Vegeta slowly took Goku's head into his mouth and sucked slowly. Goku moaned and pushed against Vegeta. Vegeta took it farther in his mouth and continued to suck, but harder. 17 sat down on another chair to watch. Vegeta licked up and down Goku's hard length and pleasured in hearing Goku moan.

17 stopped Vegeta a minute later.

" It's not fair for you to do all the work, Vegeta. You shouldn't be so selfish Goku." Vegeta gave him one last lingering suck and stood up.

" 17, your pointless. If you wanted to join us you could have just asked." Vegeta said.

" Yeah, " Goku agreed. " Come on." Goku pushed Vegeta down on the cool floor and kissed him. 17 looked very surprised.

* What? Join them? * He thought. He just stood there as Goku and Vegeta made out on the gravity room's floor.

" Turn over, Vegeta." Goku said and hopped off of the saiyan. Vegeta didn't turn over, but stood up himself and picked up the little box off the floor and got something out of it and laid the box back down. He walked back to Goku.

" Kakkarrot, is he going to stand there all day?" Vegeta wondered and gazed at 17. Goku shrugged and motioned for 17 to come over.

17 finally gave in and turned the Ki weapon off. He walked to the two saiyans. He quickly slid his clothing off.

" And you say we're endowed, 17" Goku said with a laugh.

" Have you ever done it with a saiyen,17? Trust me, you won't be disappointed." Vegeta said. 17 started laughing.

" Come on, let's get started." 17 said. He leaned up to the taller saiyan and the two kissed.

" So 17, take or be taken?" Vegeta asked. Goku grinned.

" How bout both?" Goku asked. 17 nodded in agreement.

" Sure." He said. Goku grabbed Vegeta's tail.

" Now do as I said, Vegeta. Lay on your stomach." Goku said again.

So Goku let go of the Prince's tail and the prince did as he was told.

" Don't be shy." Goku told 17.

" Yeah, I don't mind." Vegeta agreed. 17 kneeled by Vegeta and ran his hand over Vegeta's naked muscular back. He lay atop of the Prince and kissed his neck.

''Here,17." Goku said and handed him the tube that Vegeta had gave him. 17 opened the tube and used the lub and gave it back to Goku. 17's hand went under Vegeta's chest and ran his hand over Vegeta's muscular chest and flat stomach. Then he fondled Vegeta's hard member and with a quick thrust plunged into the Prince causing Vegeta to scream loudly in pain/pleasure.

" NOT SO HARD,17!!" He screamed really loud.

" Don't kill him, 17!" Goku agreed. 17 went slower, not much, but a little slower, so Vegeta could relax.

A few seconds later Goku rocked against 17 in the same way that the android had done Vegeta and plunged deeply into him, causing 17 to scream louder than the Prince had. Goku immediately slowed his pace to stop 17's screaming.

The next few minutes all you could hear was moans of pleasures from the saiyans and the android.

" I never known it could be like this.'' 17 said in between moans and ragged breathing.

" You' d be surprised, 17. " Vegeta said.

" Yeah, " Goku added." Maybe you'd like to join us again sometime."

17 smiled. " That prospect is very interesting.." 17 said. " You saiyans are very unusual. You just ' forgive and forget.'"