Title:Five Saiyens and a Namek

Authors:Noa Chasson and Paco

Parings:Goku/Vegeta Goten/Trunks Gohan/Piccolo


Disclamer:I can wish with all my heart, but i will never own DragonBall Z

so there for don't sue me please.

"I guess we just weren't ment to be,Goten"ChiChi said

"Yes Goten,We just weren't,and i was gone so long that your mother is in love with some one else, So we have decided to go our seperat ways.I am moving out and I have been invited to go to Capsule Corp. to stay until I get my own place" Goku tried to explain 'they had to explane to Gohan and Expeshaly Goten.

"What?! Mom! No! You can't split up!" Goten cried out. The 13 year old started to cry.

"Gohan understands, Goten you will to sweetie" ChiChi said

"No I won't!!!" Goten yelled and let go of his mother and flew out the door.

"Goten! Come Back! GOOOTTTEN!" ChiChi yelled after him.

"Mom, don't worry, he's just gonna go over to Trunks' house." Gohan said

" I wonder how he & Vegeta are doing." Goku said. " Bulma died so sudden."

Bulma had died two days before giving birth to a second child. The baby died with her. They could have used the Dragonballs, but she had allways said, " When I die, that'll be it, don't revive me."

Trunks was horribaly said about his mother's death. Vegeta wasn't so sad though.

Goku moved out the next day. Gohan was helping his father, but Goten didn't understand why he was leaving and tried to keep them from packing.Then Gohan told Goten that he thought he heard Trunks yelling, and he better go to Capsule Corp. And Goten took off. Then Goku left and went to Capsule Corp.

"Here's your room, Goku." Trunks said, opening the door.

"Thanks, Trunks." Goku said as Trunks helped him put his belongings in the bedroom.

" How's Goten taking it?'' Goku asked.

" He's sad, of course, but he'll use it as an excuse to come here more." Trunks said laughing.

"Good morning, Vegeta!" Goku said when he got up one morning three years later.

" Hi, Kakarot." Vegeta answered. Vegeta had just recently got out of the shower and his hair was still wet and hanging limp. Vegeta yawned, still sleepy. Goku gazed at him wonderingly. Vegeta was wearing tight blue jeans, his tail hanging out, and was still wet. He had on a tight shirt which outlined every muscle of his stomach and chest, and he had a pendent that bore the saiyen insigna. Goku wiped his mouth, because he realized he was drooling and slapped himself in the forehead and thought, * I couldn't possibly fall for him. He's a prince, and he probley thinks I'm vapor. He probley hates me.* He proceded to eat his cereal, and picked up a newspaper and began reading a newspaper.

* I never realized how handsome Kakarot is............* Vegeta thought. Goku was wearing kakai shorts and tenis shoes. he had on a white tee-shirt with a Capsule Corp. insigna. Vegeta gazed longingly at Goku's face, the muscles of his chest and arms, legs and stomach. Then Vegeta realized something.* I'm falling for Kakarot........*

Vegeta was never the bonding type, and he didn't truely love Bulma. He thought of her as a female to have his son. But he was truely in love with Goku.

"And I thought we........ Vegeta? You listening?" Broke into his thoughts.

"Huh? What Kakarot? What did you say?" Vegeta asked. Goku groaned.

" I thought I never paid attention. I said, how about we, since we haven't anything to do, why don't we pack some food and a couple of sleeping bags and go away from everyone and train? It'd be great!'' Vegeta smiled. He rather liked that idea.

So the next morning Vegeta and Goku prepared their gear and were about to leave when Piccolo and Gohan came to see them.

" Hi Vegeta, hi dad!" Gohan said.

"What are you guys up to?" Piccolo asked.

"Nothing, Piccolo." Goku said.

Piccolo eyed him. Piccolo had been able to read Goku's thoughts for a while.

Piccolo half smiled. He gave Goku a look that said I won't tell.

Goku's face turned red and he looked at the floor.

"We are going to go and train, you nosy Namek. Understand?" Vegeta said.

"Hope you have fun, dad. See ya later." Gohan said and he and Piccolo left.

" Uh.. ready, Vegeta?" Goku asked. Vegeta nodded. They took off. And about three hours later they arrived at Goku's favorite training spot.

"Boy, I'm hungry." Goku said after they set their little camp up. Goku's favorite spot was near a river, cave and a forset. They's put up their sleeping bags and hammocks and gear up, and now Vegeta was preparing a fire.

"I think I'll go catch us some fish." Goku said and flew to the river. Vegeta finished the fire and thought he'd go and help Goku. Vegeta saw Goku stripping and Goku stopped when he got to his boxers.

" This tail gives excellent balence." Goku muttered. He turned around and saw Vegeta.

"Hey Vegeta! Wanna help?" Vegeta blushed and hid behind a tree. He had gotten hard.

"Uh, no Kakarot..... '' Then thought, *stupid!! GO DAMMIT!!* Vegeta sighed and took off his shirt. He stepped out from the tree and began to take off his jeans. Goku grinned and dived in. He was really happy that Vegeta decided to join him. *Now maybe I can find out how Vegeta feels about me.* Goku swam back to shallow water and stoodup.

"Wha!" Goku exclaimed and sat in the water. * Damn, I never got hard that quick with Chichi before. this is new.*

" What's wrong, Kakarot? Aren't we gonna catch some fish? Aren't you hungry?"

Vegeta asked. Goku licked his lips.

"Uh, yeah." Goku said, then thought *In more ways than one.*

Vegeta stepped into the water and dived in. He and Goku caught many fish. But then all the sudden...

"AHHHH!!" Goku screamed and was pulled underwater.

"Kakarot!!!!!!" Vegeta yelled. Goku's body floated up to the surface. Vegeta gasped and swam to him. As he got closer, he realized that Goku had someting wrapped around his neck! Vegeta ripped it off and when he did, Goku's blood splurted everywhere! The creature, which looked like a huge eel, had bored into Goku's neck. Vegeta franticaly checked Goku's pulse to make sure he was alive. He was, so Vegeta, nearly in tears, ripped his shirt into pieces and wrapped them around Goku's bleeding neck. Vegeta picked Goku up as if he was as light as a feather, even though Goku weighed alot more, and carried him to the cave. At the base of the cave, Goku slowly opened his eyes. By that time Vegeta had tears running down his face at the thought of losing Goku.

"Are y-you c-crying for me, Vegeta?'' He weakly asked. Then Goku passed out. Vegeta held Goku close and let the tears flow.

Vegeta stayed up all night with Goku. When Goku woke the next morning, Vegeta was finally asleep on the ground below him. Goku reached at his neck and removed part of the bandage and blood had soaked through the first few layers. Small waves of pain went through Goku as he pulled the bandage off. It had begun to scab over, and the bandage ripped some of the scab off. Goku reached to the left side pocket of his camping bag and pulled out the sensu bean he brought for just such an emergency as this. It was painful, but he would swallow it anyway so he could get well. The painful grunts that Goku had when he opened his mouth was enough to wake Vegeta.Vegeta looked up, and his tired, tear streaked face brightened up. Goku swallowed the sensu bean.

"Kakarot!" Vegeta exclaimed. " You saiyen son of a bitch, why didn't you tell me you had that?!" Goku grinned his usual smart-ass grin.

"There was a huge hole in my throat?" He replied cheerfully.

"You know your a damn smart-ass, Kakarot?" Vegeta stated.

" Yeah, but you know you gota love me for it." That line caught Vegeta by suprize, causing him to blush brightly. His eyes dropped to his feet. He could hardly breathe.

"I uh, uh,........... do Kakarot." Vegeta murmered quietly.

*I must have heard wrong.* Passed through Goku's mind.

" Uh, what did you say, Vegeta? Was it what I thought you said?" Goku asked." Because your the last person who I thought would say what I thought you said.''

Vegeta couldn't think straight. His head was all fuzzy and he was tingly all over, so he darted from the cave.

"VEGETAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Goku yelled and ran to the cave mouth. He could barely make out Vegeta's form in the distance.Without one thought Goku flew after Vegeta.

* My god, I can't belive I said that* Vegeta thought and looked behind him. There was no one in site. All the sudden, a hand grabbed his shoulder. Vegeta screamed and punched his attacker in the jaw!

"Dammit dad!! That hurt!!! His angry son yelled in his ear. Vegeta froze.

"My god! Are you ok, Trunks? I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to hit you!" Vegeta apologeticly said. Trunks rubbed his jaw.

"It's ok, dad. No real harm done. Anyway, where are you headed to so fast?" Trunks asked. *Should I tell him what I did?* Ran up and down Vegeta's mind.*No! Don't!*Was the answer. Vegeta sighed.

"Nothin son. I uh, just felt like flying fast." Vegeta said.

"Ok, I'll see ya later, but where are you going?"

"I'll think that I'll go to the place where I go to think." Vegeta replied.

"By the waterfall?" Trunks asked. Vegeta nodded and flew off.

Trunks smiled and flew to where Goku was waiting. " He's going to his thinking spot near Capsule Corp. So what do I have to do to get Goten to like me?" Trunks eagerly asked. " Uh, he kinda allready does." Goku said. " I caught him moaning your name in his sleep, but don't tell him I told you." Goku said quitely while Trunks blushed cherry tomato red. ".........." Trunks showed a small shy smile and thanked Goku and took off to where he knew Goten was training. Goku took off to find his love himself.

Vegeta was sitting in a tree, thinking and crying sliently. A hand reached into the tree without Vegeta noticing and grabbed Vegeta's tail and squeezed until Vegeta couldn't move. Vegeta groaned in between hicups. Pure pain/pleasure ripped through Vegeta.

The other hand came up and started to play with the small hairs on Vegeta's neck. Then moved to his shoulder and gently pulled him out of the tree and slowly realsed the grip on his tail, but not enough to where Vegeta could move.

" I didn't get to finish talking, YOU saiyen son of a bitch." Goku's voice said.

He grabbed Vegeta by the waist and pulled him up to him, and started planting kisses on his neck. "I've been in love with you for so long, Vegeta and I can't live without you. I love you with all my heart and soul, and I want to be with you forever." Goku said and released the grip on Vegeta's tail. He put his arms around Vegeta's upper body and he continued to kiss his neck.

* This must be another dream, this can't be happening.* Vegeta thought.

" No, Vegeta, this isn't another dream, because in mine, your usually on top." Goku said grinning. A gasp caught in Vegeta's throat and he blushed, either at the thought of Goku reading his mind, or at his comment.

"Well, I have been on top a number times in my dreams too. " Vegeta said and Goku halfly choked. Then Vegeta turned around and aggressively kissed Goku on the lips.

"We're gonna be sore in the morning." Goku said, forcing Vegeta to break the kiss.

" Do you hear me complaining, Kakarot?" Vegeta asked, staring into Goku's dark eyes.

Goku laughed spite himself and they kissed once again. Vegeta ran his fingers through Goku's raven hair. Pleasure was ripping through the two saiyens. Vegeta ripped Goku's shirt off, and he started to kiss down Goku's neck and continued down to his chest. Goku moaned as Vegeta sucked on one of Goku's small nipples. Goku was now offically quite hard. Goku made Vegeta stop so he could take Vegeta's muscle shirt off, and Goku procceded to pleasure Vegeta the same way he had done him, and without Vegeta realizing, Goku removed the rest of his and Vegeta's clothing.Vegeta kissed Goku on the mouth and his hand went between Goku's legs and started briskly stroking Goku's hard member.

"Oh god, Vegeta!" Goku yelled into Vegeta's mouth. Vegeta stopped kissing Goku and he pushed Goku back and took Goku's cock into his mouth and started slowly sucking on it. "Vegeta!!!!" Goku screamed in pleasure. Vegeta's tongue darted back and forth and Goku put his hands on the back of Vegeta's head and pushed farther into his mouth and Vegeta sucked harder and Goku moaned more and grabbed Vegeta's shoulders and pushed him more. Vegeta gave it one last lick and pushed Goku back.

"No more?" Goku asked whimpingly. Vegeta smiled. " I had to get you wet, because I didn't bring any lubrication." He said. "Oh............Okay." Goku said and grinned.

"So I'm on top, Vegeta?" Goku asked and put his arms around Vegeta's neck and kissed him roughly on the lips and his tongue darted into Vegeta's mouth and pushed him down on the soft grass. Vegeta moaned as Goku's tongue tantilizingly licked the area behind the ear. That spot is really sensitive on saiyens. Vegeta groaned deep in pleasure when Goku's hand slowly masaged Vegeta's pulsating member. " Are you ready, Vegeta?" Goku whispered into Vegeta's ear. "Just do it,Kakarot." Vegeta replied.

"Turn over." Goku demanded in a sexually tantalizing voice that Vegeta could not refuse.

So Vegeta did, and Goku layed on top of him and kissed his neck and muscley shoulder blades. Goku's tongue darted over Vegeta's earlobe and then inserted a finger into him. He felt Vegeta tense up. "Relax, Vegeta, relax." He soothed and reached his free hand under Vegeta's stomach and started to massage his member. Then Vegeta started to relax and Goku inserted another finger into him and this time he didn't tense up, so he slowly and carefully stretched Vegeta enough and then pumped into him. As he did, they both moaned in the greatest of pleasures, and then Vegeta screamed in pure pleasure so loud, that they could probley hear it at Capsule Corp. " Faster Kakarot!" Vegeta moaned to Goku and Goku did, making the two moan more. Finally Goku came and exploded his seed into Vegeta. Goku rolled off of him and lay panting, exhausted in the grass. Vegeta slowly rolled over and placed his head on Goku's sweat ridden chest. They were very exhausted and were on the brink of asleep. The two were sticky with sweat, saliva, and cum.

"I love you, Kakarot." Vegeta whispered and held tighter to Goku.

Goku smiled and kissed Vegeta's forehead." I love you, too, Vegeta." He said and they both slipped into sleep. They slept through the rest of the day, two new found loves, with the clouds over head.

Part 2

* I could ask Goku, but he's going to be busy with my dad...* Trunks thought. The youth with purple hair and blue-green eyes, and his perfect saiyen body thought intently.

" Well, he wasn't at his training spot, not at their house, he couldn't find Chichi.....

Wait! That's it!" he exclaimed. Chichi was getting remarried today, that's why he couldn't find Goten or anyone.

Trunks went home, took quick a shower, went to his closet, put on a white tux.

He arrived at the wedding with a few minutes to spare. Goten spotted him immediately.

"Trunks!" Goten yelled over the loud crowd. Trunks looked up and saw his friend and went to him. He was standing with Gohan. The two brothers were wearing matching white tuxes.

" Hi, Goten, hello, Gohan." Trunks said.

"I'm glad you could make it, Trunks." Gohan said. Goten could only stand there and smile. For a long time, when even he was near Trunks, his stomach went into pretzel knots. He couldn't figure out why. He had also been having some unusual dreams.

He couldn't exactly remember those dreams, but after having them he woke up very sweaty and sticky, but the thing is, he seemed to enjoy these dreams. Some dreams he could see who was in it. He always found a very naked, and very horny Trunks in his bed.

Goten got a dumb grin on his face and went into lala land, thinking about what he and Trunks did in those wonderful dreams. But that's what they are, *dreams*.

*Trunks would probley be discusted at the idea of it, and I don't want to risk our friendship.* Goten thought and didn't notice that Trunks layed his hand on his shoulder, he tensed and blushed at Trunks' touch.

"Huh? What did you say?" Goten asked, coming back to reality. Trunks grinned.

" I said it's time for the wedding.'' Trunks told him. As Goten turned around, Trunks noticed the small bulge in his pants. A mischevious smile came across the youth's face.

* Hmmmm.... I wonder what he's thinking about, maybe he doesn't have those dreams just at night..* Trunks thought. The wedding started and Trunks took a seat next to Goten. He notices a certain Namek sitting in a tree, not too far from the wedding, intently

watching a certain saiyen sparing partner of his.

A few minutes later, because of bordom, Trunks fell asleep and slumped over into Goten's lap. Goten left him there because one: they were in the back row, and two: he relished the feeling of Trunks *there*. And that'd probley be the only chance he'd have to have him *there*. Goten absentmindedly started to play with the long strands of Trunks' purple hair. * So soft.... like silk, or velvet. * Goten thought as he continued to play with those wonderful silky strands and didn't even notice that the wedding was over, and everyone had left for the reciption and he was all alone with Trunks. The church bell rang and woke Trunks up, and noticed that position he was in on a certain saiyen's lap that he really, really liked. Goten didn't notice that he was awake and debated to himself about if he should wake him and continued fondling with his hair.

* Oh my god!! Ohmygod!!! I am in Goten's lap!!!! An-and he is touching ME!* Went through Trunks' mind over and over.

"He is so beautiful.'' Goten whispered to himself so softly that if Trunks wasn't a saiyen, he never would have heard it. " So are you." Trunks couldn't stop himself from saying.

Goten was so startled that he shot up and Trunks pulmeted to the ground with a soft thud.

" I woun't be so beautiful much longer if I keep recieving such abuse!" Trunks whined sarcasticly.

" Trunks! I um.. uh.. sorry.. didn't mean to, uh, um yeah." Goten babaled. He helped Trunks off the cold pavilon floor, face redder than a cherry tomato.

* How long was he awake?* Goten thought he said to himself, but actually said out loud.

Trunks grinned."Long enough for you to throughly inspect every strand of my hair." He replied. " I'm sorry, Trunks, I'm sorry if I offended you.." Goten murrmered. He looked ashamdedly at the ground. Trunks felt his sadness and gently grabbed his hand.

" I would have told you to stop if I didn't like it, Goten." Trunks said and started carressing Goten's long fingers on his hand.

Part- 2b

Goten tensed at Trunks' sudden touch. He blushed a light red and looked at the ground and happened to glance at his watch.

" Oh no I'm gonna be late for the reseption! Mom's gonna kill me!! I gota go!" he exclaimed and took off, yelling goodbye to Trunks.

That evening Goten had the house to himself. The house didn't have it's usual noises, yelling of his mom telling Gohan to not go spar with Piccolo and to study, she telling Goten to study and so on. About 11:30 Goten fell asleep. A certain saiyen was perched in a tree near his room watching him sleep.

"He's so beautiful." Trunks said to himself. He watched the rise and fall of Goten's chest. Goten was only in blue silk boxers, and his hair was sweaty and toulsed. " He looks like a little sweet baby." Trunks murmered. He fell asleep a few minutes later.

Far away, Goten's brother was fast asleep in a mighty Namic's arms. They were sitting by a campfire and Gohan was slightly snoring. A cold wind blew, and Gohan shivered, so Piccolo grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around the saiyen and held him in his arms tighter. He kissed the top of Gohan's head. Then snuggled closer to him and fell asleep himself.

A loud crash woke the sleeping saiyen Goten. He jumped out of bed and looked out the window and saw Trunks lying limply on the ground. Goten went outsid. Turns out, when he fell out of the tree he wasn't supposed to be in, he hit his head on the large rock at the base of the tree.

" Did my love fall from the sky? Or was it just this tree?" Goten muttered to himself as he picked up the saiyen of his dreams and brought him in the house.

"Uhhhhhhhh...." Trunks grogily muttered. He couldn't remember where he was. His head was a bit fuzzy. But he could hear familer voices in the next room. And the wonderful smell of food. He hadn't eaten in quite a while. He slowly stood up and went into the next room.

" Open wide, Vegeta...." Goku said , " Here comes the birdy!" Goku's hand, which had a fork with blueberry pancakes drenched in warm maple syrup. Vegeta gave a discusted look and said, " Those are too fattening, Kakarot. The prince of the saiyens would not eat such...'' Vegeta gasped as Goku's tail traveled up his inner thigh. Goku used this oppertunity to push the fork into his suprised lover's mouth. Vegeta chewed and swallowed the pancakes and said, " If your gonna make me eat cake, you better give me more than that, and I don't mean the cake." And Vegeta leaned towards Goku and stole a kiss. Goku was about to lick the syrup off the other saiyen's lips but he remembered that his young son was in the room and backed off. Vegeta whimpered lighty and then Goku locked eyes with him and nodded towards Goten, who was flipping another pancake.

" I see you found him, Goku." Trunks said as he walked in rubbing his eyes." By the way, uh, how did I get here?" Vegeta smiled and said," And in your boxers? Nonetheless, son?" Trunks looked down and discovered was in a pair of Salior Moon boxers! Goten smiled and said, " Only ones I had clean, my mom forgot to do laundry before she left."

Trunks turned a bright red as he realized what Goten had just said. Goten must had changed him!! * Oh my god!! Ohmygod!* Trunks thought as sly smiles went on Goku and Vegeta's lips. " Trunks, did what I tell you help?" Goku said wickedly and Vegeta fought back an outburst of laughter. "Did you tell my son naughty stuff, Kakarot? I'm gonna have to give you a spanking later. " Vegeta said and gave Goku a pat on the rear. Goten gave them all blank looks as he finished making the meal.

" Hungry, Trunks?" Goten asked the saiyen standing in the door. Trunks nodded and went and sat at the table away from his dad and his dad's lover. Goten sat a big pile of pancakes in front of him and sat down at his own pile of the cakes. Trunks started eating, and then nearly choked in suprize as a sock covered foot started rubbing up and down his bare leg. The foot climbed higher until it reached the edge of his boxers. Then the foot went back down and left his leg. A few minutes later Goku and Vegeta stood up.

"Sorry to leave you with all the dishes guys, but we're gonna go *train* in Vegeta's gravity room." Goku said. Vegeta looked at him with fire in his eyes. " I didn't say you could touch my gravit- oh! Yeah, in the gravity room, sure thang, Kakarot." Vegeta said and Goku put an arm around his shoulder and they left the room, but before they were out of earshot Goku called out," Your mom told me to tell you to go to school!"

Goten groaned. He hated school. He was allways getting sent home because *bad behavior*. He wished that he could stay home and train with the others.

" Dammit, I'm not going to school! I've been almost every day, I can miss a few now." Goten said. "What's so important to miss school for?" Trunks asked. He stuffed the last bite of pancake into his mouth and swallowed. This time Goten was the one to be intruded, but it wasn't a foot, it was a tail.

* Interesting.* Trunks thought as a wave of pleasure went through Goten's face.

* I played with Trunks and now he's playing with me. What a great day! Maybe we can do 'something' before the day is over.* Goten thought and a mischevious grin came across his face.

* God, if I only knew how he feels about me I'd be in a lot less than these boxers and have Goten on the floor.....* Trunks thought.

" Or better yet, on the table..." Goten finished the sentance and he and Trunks gasped. Goten looked at the floor and turned a bright red. Trunks' cheeks rose a bright pink and he smiled. Goten took a deep breath and said, " Trunks I have something to tell you. I um, uh...... " He stood up and started to pace back and forth. He tried to tell Trunks again, but tripped on a pair of shoes and Trunks leaped out and caught him. Goten looked up into Trunks' blue-green eyes. Trunks smiled and started playing with the small of Goten's back. Goten relaxed and his hand trailed up Trunks' chest and around to the back of his neck and he played with the short hair on his neck. Trunks kissed him vigerously on the lips. Goten parted his lips and Trunks' tongue slipped in his mouth and their tongues clashed together and Goten softly moaned.

" Does this say what you were gonna say ?" Trunks asked, breaking the kiss.

" Uh, yeah. Trunks, I love you." He said and he jumped on Trunks, causing him to fall to the floor. They started to kiss again, but Trunks quickly pulled away and Goten started to whimper.

" Why did you stop?" He asked biting his lip. Trunks sighed.

" I realized we are too young for this, and uh........ Our dads are standing in the door."

Goten quickly turned around, and his dad and Vegeta were standing in the door.

"Another thing. Goten, you two are too young for that." Goku said. Vegeta nodded and added," Yeah. And Trunks, you have to go to school too. Starts in 20 minutes. Now get going."

Goten stood up and started walking to his room. At the door way he said,

" Gohan does it too." Vegeta fought to kill a laugh, and Goku said,

" I'll pretend I didn't hear that, Goten."

About 15 minutes later Goten and Trunks were sitting down in their classes, much very bored. Goten about fell asleep as his history teacher went on and on about ancient Egypt. Trunks was hardly paying to the trig class he was in. Mostly because he was bored, but mostly he didn't need to pay any attention. He knew this stuff since he was a little kid.

Trunks started doodling on a piece of paper. Nothing big, just little squiggely lines and shapes.

"Goten!!! Goten!!!" Someone yelled at a sleeping Goten. A paperball hit him in the head and he groggily looked up.

" Huh?" He asked. HIs teacher was standing above him with a very angry look on her face.

" Goten!!! How many times to I have to tell you? DON'T FALL ASLEEP DURING CLASS!!!!" She yelled at him. He looked at his desk. * Way to go, Goten. Get in trouble.*

He thought. "Get out of here! Go to the office now!!" His teacher yelled.

Goten stood up, shrugged his shoulders and silently left the room. He went to the office.

" Goten, are you in trouble again?'' The secetary in the office asked. Goten shrugged and said, " All I did was fall asleep, and the teacher flipped out." The secetary sighed. The princpal came into the office.

" We don't know what to do with you, Goten. Your allways getting in trouble. But your not one who just comes to school to make trouble. Your grades show that. You have some of the highest grades in school." the princpal said.

" What should we do with him?"

"Well, I think he needs to go home for the day. Come back when you get enough sleep."

So Goten left the office. Then the bell rang. Goten went to his locker, stuffed his books in and was walking to the exit when he saw a sexy saiyen.

" Goten, where are you going?" Trunks asked him." Home. I fell asleep during class, so their sending me home." Goten replied.

" Ok, uh, I'll see you later?" Trunks asked with a whimper.

"Sure." Goten said and smiled. Then he left.

Part 3

"Masanko!!!!!" Gohan yelled and fired it at Piccolo. Piccolo counter blocked it back to the saiyen and said, " You'll have to do better than that!"

The blast hit Gohan in the shoulder and Gohan fell to the ground, gripping his shoulder. The blast had completely shreded his shirt he was wearing and a little blood seeped through where Gohan had his hand. Piccolo went to him.

" Gohan, are you allright? I didn't mean for it to hit you...." He said. Gohan grinned and lifted his hand. He had a squished packet of fake blood in his palm. Piccolo's mouth dropped as Gohan burst out laughing.

" Ha ha Gohan, very funny. I so forgot to laugh." Piccolo said. Gohan stood up, wiping tears of laughter out of his eyes and went to the nearby river and washed the fake blood off.

" That blast did kinda sting, Piccolo. " Gohan said still laughing a bit. Seeing the Namek looked hurt, Gohan went to him.

"I'm sorry if I scared you, Piccolo. I didn't mean to." Gohan said and nuzzled his nose against Piccolo's neck. The Namek smiled at his lover and wrapped his arms around him.

" It's okay, Gohan. You didn't scare me, you just suprized me." Piccolo said and pressed his lips to Gohan's and the saiyen parted his and Piccolo's tongue slipped into his mouth. Their tongues fought for dominance over each other and finally, after a long and breath-taking kiss, Gohan broke it so he could breathe. He and Piccolo panted, holding each other in their arms. As soon as he gained his breath, Gohan leaned and began to kiss Piccolo's sensitive neck. Piccolo moaned and ran his fingers up and down Gohan's back, causing him to moan loudly. Gohan grabbed the front of Piccolo's gi shirt and ripped it off. Piccolo laughed and said," That's the 5th one you've ruined this week."

Gohan answered that by nibbling on Piccolo's ear and he slipped his hand into the Namek's pants. Piccolo moaned as Gohan began to seductivly rub his hard member. Gohan grinned and slipped the rest of his shirt off and gently removed Piccolo's gi pants. The saiyen dispersed with the rest of his own clothing and Piccolo began to lick down from Gohan's neck to his chest and to between his legs. Gohan moaned as Piccolo took his hard length into his mouth and began to slowly suck, nibble, and lick Gohan's manhood.

"Ahhhhhh........ Oh Piccolo!" Gohan exclaimed and grabbed Piccolo's head and forced his head to go on his length more. Piccolo sucked more vigerously and before they knew it, Gohan came. Piccolo swallowed every salty-sweet drop of his seed. Gohan panted, pretty tired, but proceeded to pleasure Piccolo. Gohan pushed the Namek down on his back and kissed him on the mouth. His tongue slid into Piccolo's mouth and teasingly pleasured him. Gohan broke the kiss and positioned himself around Piccolo's back. His hands went to his lover's hard member and slowly started pumping him. Piccolo started to moan quietly at first, but his moans of pleasure increased as Gohan began to fondle his member harder and faster. Piccolo didn't even feel any pain as Gohan entered him. One of the saiyen's hands left Piccolo and held on to his chest and slowly started rocking against him. A few minutes later Piccolo came, his seed exploded all over his stomach and Gohan's hand. The two colapsed on the soft green grass, panting softly, clinging to each other. They drifted slowly into a dreamless sleep, in each others arms.

A few hours later, Piccolo awoke, his precious saiyen lover still slept soundly. Piccolo's fingertips traced over the hard muscles of Gohan's chest, shoulders, and hard, flat stomach. He ran his fingers through the great saiya-man's dark hair. He circled his thumb around Gohan's cheek. Gohan smiled in his sleep and slowly his eyes opened sleepily. He smiled. " Hi, my beautiful lover." Piccolo said with a slight smile on his lips. Gohan leened up and his tongue traced a path around Piccolo's lips.

A minute later, Gohan and Piccolo slowly stood up and clinged to each other and went to the river and washed the sticky seed and sweat off each the two lovers. Gohan and Piccolo slipped back on their clothing, Gohan brought Piccolo a new gi top, and one for himself. They shared another long and lingering kiss and then flew to Gohan's baby brother's place.

Goten was asleep on the couch, his arm over his eyes, his mouth partly hanging open, and was snoring lightly. Piccolo and Gohan saw this through the window and couldn't resist. Gohan snuck in through the window and Piccolo followed. Gohan sneaked into Chichi's room and grabbed her make-up case. Goten is a really hard sleeper, so they put makeup all over Goten's face! They made him look like a girl! With dark-blue eyeshadow, hot-pink lipstick, light pink blush, black lip-liner, purple nail polish, and they put butterfly clippies in the boy's hair!

They had just finished when they heard someone coming. Piccolo and Gohan hid in a closet and left the door open a crack.

" GOTEN!!!!!!" Trunks yelled and knocked loudly on the door. " I can come in here

whenever I want, so just go in, Trunks." Goku said. So he, Trunks, and Vegeta came through the door. Goten was awake by now and sat up on the couch.

As soon as they saw the young saiyen their jaws dropped. Vegeta tilted his head and rested it on Goku's shoulder.

" What strange hobbies your son has, Kakarot." Vegeta said. "Huh?'' Goten asked and wiped his hand across his face. He looked at his hand. Black, hot-pink, and blue colors were swirled across it. Gohan couldn't stand it anymore. He grabbed a camera that was hanging in the closet, and left the closet. The other four saiyens jerked their heads towards the other person in the room. Gohan pulled the camera to his face and took a picture, saying, " Now this is a true Kodak moment!"

Right after the picture Goku realized what Gohan had done to his youngest son and burst out laughing. Piccolo, who followed Gohan out of the closet, and Gohan and Vegeta joined in Goku's laughter. Goten still didn't get what was going on. He glanced at Trunks. Trunks had a smile on his face, trying to hold back laughter. Goten stood up and went to a mirror in the hallway. His eyes bulged as he stared at his girly apperence.

" What in the hell did you guys do to me?! I'm not some damn onna!!!" He exclaimed.

"Well, you do look rather attractive." Trunks said. Trunks blushed feriously after realizing what he said. Goten would be blushing, if he hadn't had make-up on his face. Goten was really embarressed now. Gohan smiled.

" This picture is going on the front page of the newspaper!" He exclaimed. Goten grabbed

the picture from Gohan and Gohan tried to get the picture back, but Trunks jumped forward and snatched it up. " I think I'll be keeping this." He said it with the cocky smile he aquired from his father, and put it in his left jeans pocket. " Hey give that back!" Goten said. Trunks grinned. " Get it." He said seductively like.

"This is screwed up. Trunks, stop flirting with Kakarot's cross dressing son." Vegeta said.

Goku looked at his lover with mischief in his eyes and grabs Vegeta's tail.

Vegeta saw THAT look in Goku's eyes.

" Oh, no, Kakarot, don't be getting any ideas." Vegeta said. Goku just smiled and pulled the saiyen prince through the door and flew off with him.

"Shall we go have fun ourselves?" Piccolo asked Gohan. Gohan grinned and kissed his Namekian lover.

" Is it just me, or does it seem that saiyens always seem horny?" Goten asked as Piccolo and Goten's brother left.

" Yeah, and we just happen to be saiyens." Trunks finshed. "

And that just proves my point even more." Goten replied. Goten looked at his make-up stained hands.

"I'm gonna go take a shower." He said and walked through the bathroom door and said,

" Your welcome to join me." Then shut the door. Trunks smiled seductively for the second time today." Maybe I will."

Part 4

*Did he really mean that?* Trunks thought as he heard the shower turn on.

*Or was he being sarcastic?* Trunks heard a loud laugh.

" Um... no, I'm not being sarcastic, Trunks!" Goten called out. Trunks grinned.

He stripped his shirt off and his shoes, and opened the door to the bathroom without a sound.

Goten was standing by a sink, rubbing the runny makeup out of his eyes. He was only in his tight black boxers. Trunks ran his eyes up and down Goten's skinny, but muscely form.

He could barely contain his laughter as Goten started singing,

'' Cause I'm Slim Shady, yes I'm the real Slim Shady, all you other Shadys are just imatating, so won't the real Slim Shady please stand up? Please stand up?" And he continued on with the song. He stopped when Trunks wrapped his arms around Goten's chest.

Goten started to breathe hard when Trunks began to lick the sensitive places on his neck. Goten reached up and took the clippies out of his hair. He had almost all the makeup

off his face, but not quite all of it. The turned around to Trunks. Trunks gazed into Goten's eyes and ran his fingers over Goten's chest. Goten wrapped his arms around Trunks and

lifted him up. Trunks wrapped his long legs around the other saiyen. He proceeded to lean forward to kiss Goten. Goten felt Trunks' tongue part his lips and slip in his mouth. Goten answered with a more forceful kiss that left the two breathless.

Goten, breathless carried his and Trunks' weight to the large shower. Trunks reached and turned on the water. The cool liquid splashed the two and Goten removed their clothes.

"I thought you said we were too young for this." Goten said to Trunks, refering to their earylier encounter when their fathers intervened.

" Do you want me to stop?'' Trunks asked with a hint of a smile on his lips.

" Not on your life." Goten replied. Trunks wiped the rest of the makeup off Goten's face and asked, " Want me to shampoo your hair for you?" Goten nodded, so he let go of Trunks and the purple haired saiyen slipped behind him. Trunks reached up and grabbed Goten's bottle of Herbal Essences shampoo. He squeezed some of it out and lathered it into * his* little saiyen's raven hair. One of Trunks' hands went down Goten's back and slid to his front and grabbed his hard pulsating member."Boy, You're eager, aren't you, Trunks?"

Goten asked then moaned as the purpled haired saiyen began pumping his hard member.

"Hummmm...Eager?Good thought."Trunks said then started doing breath taking things to his ear. "Uh, Trunks, I'm not one to complain, But I don't want my first time with you to be in a cramped shower."Goten said.Trunks took one last lick at his ear and nodded "So where to?" He asked, Goten thought intently got a second, then glanced at the window.

The sun had set a few minutes ago, and the first stars had begun to twinkle in the dark, cloudless night sky. "Beautiful night,Trunks."Goten breathed into Trunks ear. Trunks Grinned."The posibillities are endless,eh Goten?"

he asked as the two happed put the of the bathroom window.

Trunks lowerd Goten to the soft grass and kissed him senseless.Goten fingertips lingered in the sensitive hollow formed by his collarbone, then making Trunks break their kiss,treked upward until his thumb followed the naturl curve of his bottom lip. His lips parted, letting him fell his life's breath.

Fog, Nature's Blanket of privacy,enclosed the yard, suring their privacy from prying eyes.

Trunks lay on top of Goten and Pressed his lips to his, and Goten's parted & Trunks tongue Slipped in his mouth and the two kissed a deep, passionate kiss that left the two with ragged breath.

Trunks kissed Goten's neck and continued down to the saiyen's chest, and Goten moaned

as he went down and took his long lenght into his mouth.

"Ohhh! God, Trunks!!!!" Goten Exclamied as the son of Vegeta licked, nibbled, and vigerously sucked his pulsating member, A minute later Goten Came, and Trunks egarly swallowed every drop of his seed.

Trunks rolled him over on his stomach and pulled him up on the raven-haired saiyen, Trunks gently stretched the saiyen and then with one great stroke, started pumping into him, The two groaned and moaned in provocitive pleasure, Goten grabben the grass & moved himself with Trunks's pace.Trunks pace was fast,but long as he rocked against Goten . His Right hand slipped down to goten's wet member & started stroking with the same pace, Goten screamed as pleasure ripped thought min

" I'm Gonna Cum Again!" he Exclamied loudly.

"Not before me!!" Was the reply, &then Trunks came, buting his seed deep into Goten. A split second later Goten canme, the mess went all over his chest and stomach and trunks hand

Trunks rolled off Goten ,and Goten cuddled against him. The two looked east, as a low Growl of thunder pierced the air

a few seconds later , it begain to poor,cleansing the mess off the two.

"Covinunt,eh?" Trunks said

"Ya,Come on my love,lets go find a warm bed." Goten said.Trunks nodded and the two helped each other up and into the house out of the drippy rain, They colaused into Goten's bed and pulled the covers up and clinged to each other and shared one more lingering kiss before they both fell in to a peaceful sleep in each others arms.