Feeding Ground

Youko Kurama tugged a leash, pulling a fuming Hiei behind him. He lead the trussed up fire demon to a secluded little clearing. Kurama's tail swished back and forth and his hips swayed as he picked his way through the underbrush. His smirk seemed to grow as they drew closer to the clearing.

Bound, gagged, and weakened to the point of human child, Hiei had no choice but to follow, stumbling more often than not. The collar around his neck was tight, biting into his skin with each tug and gulp. His clothes were ripped and torn, his feet bare and covered in scrapes and cuts. With his hands tied behind his back, he couldn't even catch himself if he fell. The few times he did, however, Kurama caught him, placing him back on his feet gently. This puzzled Hiei. The crazy fox and drugged him, tied him up, gagged him, then dragged him out into the middle of a forest. For what reason he had yet to decipher.

The clearing was no bigger than ten feet around, the trees standing close together on all sides, effectively shielding the area. There was one spot where one could get in, but it was obscured by a bush. Kurama knew this place well and had used the clearing often. It was dark inside, foliage blocked most of the light. The ground was thick with leaves, making a cushion under their feet. A thick scent permeated throughout the area, a scent tinted with red. Hiei pulled back, startled. It wasn't detectible outside the clearing, as if it had been sealed. Coming into the clearing was like walking into a wall of odor.

A large tree branch grew across the clearing, six feet off the ground. Kurama tied the leash to the branch, then untied Hiei's hands. They flew to his throat the instant they were free, clawing at the collar. Kurama grabbed his wrists and shook his head, his smirk never wavering. He tied Hiei's hands back together over the branch, pulling him up to do so. Hiei's toes barely reached the ground.

With his sharp claws, Kurama cut the gag from Hiei's mouth, and the silence was broken.


"Oh? Don't you know? I thought you would have figured it out by now, Hiei." Kurama caressed his cheek with the back of his hand. Hiei just stared at him. Kurama growled and slapped him hard, Hiei's head snapping back painfully.

"I can't believe you forgot!" Kurama stormed away. Hiei watched the kitsune fume a few feet away from him, arms crossed, shoulders hunched, and his tail stirring up the leaves with it's angry movements. Hiei snorted.

"Baka." Kurama turned at the retort, matching cold glare with cold glare.

"You really don't know, do you?" Hiei remained silent. Kurama laughed, walking back to his captive. He reached up and grasped Hiei's chin, his claw cutting a thin line under his lip. "Why, it is time, my beloved, to feed!"

Hiei's eyes widened, remembering now his monthly feedings. He had never been apart of them before and didn't know what, exactly, to expect. All he did know was that Kurama always came back covered in blood.

Kurama licked the blood from Hiei's chin. He noted Hiei's sudden fear, excited by it. He wrapped one arm around Hiei's slender waist, reaching down to cup his ass, pulling him close. He slipped one knee between his legs, nearly sitting Hiei on his thigh. With his other hand he pulled Hiei's head closer, then roughly kissed him, his teeth tearing at his lips.

Frightened, Hiei tried to pull away, but was caught between Kurama's strong hand and hungry kiss. Blood trickled down his chin form his torn lip and Kurama broke from the kiss to lap it up. Hiei panted for breath, his head hung back. Kurama licked down his neck, nipping every now and then. He ripped what was left of Hiei's shirt off and shifted him up higher, giving him better access to Hiei's now bare chest. Kurama's caresses left tiny cuts on bare skin, leaving blood for Kurama to lick up hungrily.

Hiei moaned despite himself, his cheeks flushed. His hands flexed awkwardly, clasping and unclasping. He was utterly helpless, completely at Kurama'smercy. The very thought would have appalled him if Kurama had let him think. His mind was over run with new and unfamiliar sensations, head swimming with fear, tension, and even excitement. Part of him twitched with longing and anticipation, which scared him more than Kurama's actions.

Kurama's own breath was heavy with wanting, his desire growing. He noticed Hiei's awkward submission and felt his hardness press against his stomach. Kurama smiled. He let go.

The branch groaned from the sudden weight, but held. Hiei bit back a whimper from the lost contact. Even if his feet could reach the ground, his legs would have been too weak to support him. He looked up at Kurama almost pleadingly, wondering why he had stopped. To his surprise, Kurama dropped to his knees in front of him, placing his hands on each side of Hiei's hips.

Pulling him forward, Kurama kissed the spot right above Hiei's pants, alternately nipping, licking, and sucking, bringing blood to the surface without breaking the skin.

Hiei bit his already abused lip, trying not to moan. If he could have, he would have leaned into the touch, eager for more yet angry for needing it. Kurama stopped again, and this time Hiei did whimper. This wasn't enough. He wanted more and he wasn't going to get it hanging from a tree!

Kurama sense his frustration and savored the taste of it. He teased Hiei further by slowly removing his two white belts, one at a time, and unfastening his pants even though he could have just ripped the material off his body. The offending garment slid down Hiei's lithe form, leaving him completely bare. His need rose freely, dripping with bitter excitement.

Kurama fairly ooh-ed at this new toy to play with, mischief dancing in his eyes. Gripping Hiei's hips once more, he blew gently on the heated skin, watching as the muscle quivered before him and his hips jerk. Kurama licked his lips, trying to decide on the best way to enjoy this. Feeling his own desires in overdrive, he decided to plunge right in.

Hiei gasped, his head snapping back as Kurama engulfed him. His head swam as wave upon wave of pleasure enveloped him. His whole body shivered as Kurama continued, using the best techniques he'd learned over the centuries.

Hiei screamed. Stars filled his vision as pleasure exploded throughout his body . . .

. . . and into Kurama's mouth. He drank it up, letting none escape, as hungry for it as he was for blood.

Hiei's body hung limply, no strength left to even speak. His eyelids drooped, consciousness slipping.

Standing, Kurama pick Hiei up again, holding him to his chest. He reached up and freed his hands and untied the leash. By then, Hiei had fallen asleep, arms wrapped around Kurama's shoulders. Kurama gently carried him home.

The next day, Hiei woke up in Kurama's bed, or rather Shuichi's bed. He was alone and the room empty. His strength had yet to return and he found himself unable to move under the heavy comforter. He was about to fall asleep again when he heard voices outside the door. He was sure one belong to Kurama, but he sounded . . . nervous? The others . . . they were familiar but his head was still a bit too foggy to place them.

Suddenly, the door flew open and Yuusuke burst into the room. Kuwabara and Kurama close behind.

"Good! You're awake! Listen, we've got a . . . What happened to you?!? You look like hell!" Yuusuke said, finally noticing Hiei's current state.

"Yeah, you sick or sumthin'?" Kuwabara interjected. Figuring the less they knew, the better, he kept it simple.

"I can't move."

"Oh! I'm sorry, let me help sit up!" Kurama rushed to his side, helping into a sitting position, momentarily forgetting that Hiei was without any clothing. The comforter slipped to his waist, exposing the numerous cuts and scratches covering his torso.

"Yeowch!" Yuusuke cringed. "What happen? Get in a fight with a cat and lose?" Hiei shot him a nasty glare with a promise for worse, as it was all he could do until his strength returned.

"Hey, what's that?" Kuwabara pointed at Hiei's stomach.

"What?" Hiei looked down and noticed a large red spot on his belly.

"Is that . . . is that a hickey?!?" Yuusuke nearly shouted, stuck betweendisbelief and laughter. "No wonder you didn't recognize it, Kuwabara!" Yuusuke laughed.

"No way! How would he get one *there*?" Kuwabara said, not believing it could be a hickey.

"What's a 'hickey'?" Hiei looked puzzled. He looked to Kurama for an answer,but he had a hand over his mouth and an arm across his stomach. He lookedlike he was laughing, but it was hard to tell. His question made Yuusuke laugh harder and Kuwabara's face to redden.

"WELL?!?" Finally Kurama leaned over and whispered in his ear what he'd been wanting to know. Hiei blinked, then blushed.

"Whoa! It *is* a hickey! Alright, Hiei! Dish! We want the whole story!"Yuusuke and Kuwabara crowded around the fire demon while Kurama moved out of range.

"Ask him, he's the one who put it there!" Hiei snarled, pointing at their treating form.

"KURAMA?!?" Yuusuke and Kuwabara shouted in unison, shocked, turning in his direction.

"Oh, I think I hear my mother calling, bye!" Kurama ran from the room, the two others chasing after him, demanding an explanation.

Hiei sighed, slipping back under the covers. He smiled as he fell, once more, into slumber. Revenge is sweet indeed.