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Welcome to VLG Unlimited version 2.0! ^^ Okay, it's just the first page that's different. I'll get to the others eventually! ^^;; This version is on a whole different server with *NO* ads! :D Not only that but there's more bandwidth and updates go up the instant I upload! (unlike the other server, which takes about a day to update -.-;;) Anyway, this will be the main site with the one on Animanga acting as a mirror. (kinda backwards, I know ^^;;)

New here? Read the warnings first before exploring the site. While there are plenty of things kid friendly here, alot are not. Heed the warnings and labels and you shouldn't have any problems. ^^

Parents, if you don't want your kids coming here then it's your responsibility that they don't, not mine. I'm not pandering to children, forcing anyone here nor pretending this site is something it's not. Your kid, your responsibility, your problem, not mine. Remember that.

Okay, now that THAT unpleasantness is done with, please enjoy your stay. ^^ Below is a detailed list of where you can go from here.

- Warnings: Where you can find the warnings for this site and it's contents
- Updates: Where you can find the latest update and update history (in case ya missed one ^_~)
- Journal: My web journal ^^
- Fic LiveJournal: My first (and forgotten until some time ago) livejournal where I'll occasionally post fics and stuff
- Pic LiveJournal: My second livejournal where I'll occasionally post pics and stuff. This one'll more likely have news about me. ^_~
- Terror Unkown Contest: Link to my baby, the Terror Unknown Contest! ^^ (definitely not for kids!)
- Links: Links to other sites :P

- Fan Fiction: My fan fiction from various anime and manga
- Original: My original works of fiction
- Guest: Other people's writing, whether fan or original (with permission)

- Commissions: Commssioned artwork that I've done and (soon) info on how to commission artwork from me
- Original: My original artwork
- Fan Art: My fan art from various anime and manga
- Guest: Other people's artwork, whether fan or original (with permission)
- Yaoi: My artwork involving male/male couples

- Deviant Art: My Deviant Art page
- Manga Workshop.net: My Manga Workshop.net page
- Media Miner.org: My Media Miner.org page (just fiction right now)
- Writing.com: My Writing.com portfolio

Guest Book:
- Read: Read my guest book
- Sign: Sign my guest book

Just a little poll. ^^ Right now you can tell me what you think of the site so far. ^_~

Toodles! ^^
Vegetaslovergirl (aka VLG aka P.A.N.)